0.4 Look at the Sparkles

Alright well…I’m going to be uploading sims for download soon. Dizzy and her children. Gerard will not be available since he is a townie from Hidden Spring. He’s an awesome townie, but still just a townie.
Screenshot-3We start off with little Cedric screaming his head off about wanting to be put to bed and everyone just staring at him. Dizzy finally decided that putting your screaming son to bed is probably a good thing.

Dizzy: Having less children is a good thing

Oh shut up you, you’re hormonal.

Screenshot-5After Dizzy put the screaming little one to bed, its back to the chess board for Gerard. He’s pretty good at just focusing on that. In fact, all his skills are at the level they should be or above for his promotion. I’m pretty proud of this guy.

Screenshot-7Max: Rawr goes the dragon!

You are too cute. Really.

Max: So I’m the heir?

No, probably not. Sorry!

Max: Unfair D:

Screenshot-8Look at Monica, the little cutie she is! I wish she at least had the pink hair. Only one baby with pink hair so far…

Screenshot-9Still being a super dad. And now he’s reading his son that murder book. You’re a cop Gerard!

Gerard: I’m teaching him to solve crime, not commit it

You better hope he doesn’t roll evil or something now!

Screenshot-11After his dad reading him a bedtime story in his parent’s bed, he then goes to his bed to lay down and sleep. Good boy. No fainting for you.

Screenshot-13Dizzy bonds with Cedric.

Dizzy: Can you say Jellyfish?

Cedric: Dinner!

Oh, no. You don’t eat jellyfish Cedric! D:



Gerard breaks the toilet and then Max uses it right after him, causing it to overflow. Ah…They’re very alike, despite Max looking more like his mother.

Screenshot-17But he really does love his daughter. How about your second son. You love Cedric too right, Gerard?

Gerard: Cedric? I don’t think a Cedric lives here…

Screenshot-18Max: And I decree for family bonding time!

Screenshot-19Max’s decree must have worked because Gerard went and picked Cedric up. Yay, bonding!

Screenshot-23And then he put him down right away and Cedric went to bond with his baby sister. They look alike. They could be twins if one didn’t know better.

Screenshot-27Dizzy finally gets around to fixing the toilet..in her bikini nonetheless…

Screenshot-26And Gerard educates his oldest son about weather patterns.

Gerard: Don’t go outside when its raining. You could get sick

Max: Does this mean I can skip school on rainy days?

Gerard: I just said not to go out in the rain right?

Ah…Okay, no. Max you have to go to school. Actually, Max is doing well in school. He’s got like a solid B and he even usually does his homework.

Screenshot-30And skip to the next day because its birthday party time! Cedric’s turn to become a little boy!

Screenshot-31Blow out those candles sweetie! Happy birthday!

Screenshot-33Cedric: Oooh! Look at the sparkles!

Screenshot-34And aw, he looks cute! Still lacking the pink hair to become heir though, but I’m sure he’ll make someone happy! As a side note, he might not because he gained the Slob trait.


And then we have a family clog to get to the cake. I think that’s the only real part they like about birthday parties; free cake. Well free to them a least. Someone’s gotta buy it.

Screenshot-37With Cedric a little boy, Dizzy can now focus on teaching life skills to Monica so she can age up well.

Dizzy: Can you say Clown?

Monica: Why would I want to?

Screenshot-38Ugh…They all try to use the bathroom at once. It’s very annoying and we’re going to end up with some accidents soon if I don’t do something…

Screenshot-39Boom! Another bathroom. Use this, guys! And stop fighting over the toilet and shower!

Screenshot-41Cedric: As the youngest son, I demand the title of heir!

You don’t know you’re the youngest son yet. Your mother could be having another boy.

Cedric: As the middle child, I demand the title of heir!

You’re probably not getting it so shush. Maybe someone out there will download you and love you forever if you show your best colors.

Screenshot-44Max: Its candy bunny time! Candy bunny! Woof! Woof!

Uh…Max are you okay?

Screenshot-45Max: Woof!

Okay then.

Screenshot-46And then he sat on the toilet. He wasn’t using it, he was just sitting there. I guess it is called the throne for a reason.

Screenshot-49Hey Dizzy, what’s with that face.

Dizzy: Baby. Coming. Men. Won’t. Shut. Up.



Screenshot-53Ah I see what you mean.

Screenshot-56But its okay, Gerard stopped yelling soon enough and he was the first to realize our new “guest”. Somehow, we have this gnome. I don’t know why he appeared, but he did and Gerard went to kick him straight in the face. Nice. The gnome’s name is Jerry apparently by the way.

Screenshot-58Meanwhile, Dizzy gave birth to her third son, Tobi. He is Insane and Excitable.

Screenshot-59Things are now calm again in the Dewdrop household; Gerard returns to skilling.

Screenshot-60Max does his homework

Screenshot-62Dizzy returns to painting. See, very peaceful, normal household, right? They can be normal sometimes, despite the fact that they’re all insane.

Screenshot-63Of course, that’s before Dizzy once again gets hungry for faces and Gerard wishes for a pile of money. I hope this doesn’t mean another little one will soon be on the way. Of course, they already have four babies. One more and they’ve met their goal of five.

Alright, so I’m ending this here. I know it was a little shorter than usual but it’s what I have.

Self Wetting (-5): 0
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 4×5 = 20
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 0
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 0
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 20 Points

I’m still doing good in the points. I figure if I have lots of bathrooms and beds, there will be fewer mistakes? Maybe? Anyway, see you next time 😀


0.3 Elephant in the Room

Just so everyone knows, this chapter is going to be heavy on the baby spam. Yay, babies! Onward!

Screenshot-122Time for Max’s birthday! What will our sweet Max look like?

Dizzy: Awesome. That’s all you need to know

You’re just excited for cake.


And because my cat distracted me, I missed the whole birthday scene -_- But I did catch Dizzy and little Max in the nursery. ISN’T HE CUTE?

Dizzy: His eyes are kinda funny…

They are, aren’t they…Hmm…


Well anyway, Dizzy got busy potty training..

Screenshot-128And teaching this little guy to walk.

Screenshot-129Can I have him? Like really, he’s SO cute!

Screenshot-130Gerard decided that his wife totally had the parenthood thing so he decided to go and read a book about murder. I hope you’re not plotting anything there Gerard.

Screenshot-131Seriously though, best dad ever. He loves his son.

Gerard: Whose a cute little boy? You are! You are!

Hes a boy, not a dog Gerard. Seriously, man.

Screenshot-133Also, I decided that I will collect these because they’re so sweet. I love them. Romantic selfies. Go Sims.


Screenshot-135Sometime the next morning, the house ddescendedinto utter chaos and Dizzy started getting stressed out about it. Gerard was working out, so he was no help. I love that he skills, but help with the housework, Gerard!

Screenshot-136So I decided both Dizzy and Max needed to get out of the house. Here they are. Look at that huge tummy!

Dizzy: Yes, send the heavily pregnant lady on a walk. How smart.

You are not very nice Dizzy.

Screenshot-137Shot of mommy and her baby boy. Some clipping going on there. I guess Max’s new brother or sister is hungry for legs.

Screenshot-138Dizzy tried to make a new friend, but this lady hates children. And pregnant women.

Screenshot-140Dizzy: Pfft what a tool.

Max: I know, right mommy?

Screenshot-141Aw! Gerard did you miss your wife?

Gerard: Dizzy you were gone so long!

Dizzy: Only a few hours, but aw, Gerard you’re so romantic!

Screenshot-142Gerard: Now shake it out!

Dizzy: Radical!

These two, I swear *facepalm*


Max: They’ll never find me if I hide hehe

Screenshot-145Gerard: Found you! And here comes the CLAW!

Screenshot-146Gerard…are you teaching your son to talk? ALL BY YOURSELF?

Gerard: Can you say “Spazz”? Say “Spazz”, Max!

Max: The Voice!

Gerard: Close enough.

-_- Ugh.

Screenshot-149Oh Dizzy, are you in labor again?

Dizzy: I must be giving birth to an elephant.

I don’t think so. Let me get Gerard.

Screenshot-150Theres a surprise. it is after nine…

Screenshot-148Dizzy: Is he coming?

Nope. You’re on your own again.

Screenshot-151But everything turned out alright. Welcome baby Cedric!

Cedric rolled Good and of course Insane. I love the snuggle picture I got for Dizzy and Cedric. They’re so cute!


Screenshot-153After he late night, Dizzy was in no mood to handle Max in the morning so good daddy Gerard did it for her. What a nice guy. I know I sometimes get mad at you for silly things, but you are a treasure. Let me clone you.

Screenshot-155Gerard skills

Screenshot-156Dizzy teaches Max to talk.

It works out I think.

Screenshot-158Hey…HEY. Max, what the crabcake are you doing?

Max: Sculptingg

You’re doing it wrong. Gerard, discipline your child!

Gerard: Ah-ha! I’m a genius!



Gerard: Can’t hear you over how much of a genius I am.

Screenshot-163Thank you Max for doing something else.

Screenshot-166Meanwhile, we have this random lady outside…


I can’t move the mailbox.

Lady: Why you keep me out with this thing?

Screenshot-169I would also like to point out for all of you to be jealous of that Gerard has made it to level 5 of his career without my help.

Gerard: I be ambitious.

Screenshot-171And he’s still a great dad.

Seriously guys, he’s a townie in Hidden Springs. If anyone wants him, go find him and nab him for yourself!

Screenshot-173Aww…Oh my gosh Gerard, that is the sweetest.

But you know, I don’t think he’s even held Cedric yet.

Gerard: Whose Cedric?

Screenshot-174Dizzy: My belly feels funny again.

Yay for more babies! 😀

Screenshot-176The next morning, Gerard once more tries to cook for his wife

Screenshot-177And Dizzy checks the stove afterwards, scared that he forgot to turn it off and that the whole house might catch on fire. Good idea, Dizzy.

Screenshot-178Time to age up Cedric! 😀

Screenshot-180He looks just like his daddy! Isn’t he sweet?

Screenshot-181Dizzy why are you digging through your own trash?

Dizzy: The gnomes told me to.

Ah..um…No…We don’t have gnomes.


Screenshot-186I love you Cedric ;o;

Screenshot-187Hehe, he’s so cute. Look at that little sailor’s suit!

Screenshot-189Birthday time! Let’s see if Max keeps his charm!

Screenshot-191Well he’s pretty cute. I couldn’t get a better picture because Dizzy won’t move her fat butt out of the way. Also, as a side note, he rolled perceptive.

Screenshot-192For now, Max gets his own room off of the nusery. It’s large because all of the children will be rooming here in the future.

Screenshot-193Max: Hello peasants!

Max, why are you wearing long purple gloves?

Max: Good question, peasant. No extra rations for you, but germs! Germs are everywhere!

Screenshot-197Max: Now I shall magically banish them!

Alrighty there…

Screenshot-199Max: This decoration is so disgusting I might puke.

Its a plant.

Max: Its disgusting.

Go to bed.

Screenshot-200But as he went into the main room to ask his mother for a goodnight story, this happened.

Dizzy: Another elephant?

No, another baby.

Screenshot-201Max: Gross mom! Don’t give birth to an elephant in the living room!

Screenshot-202Max: Dad, is the elephant going to look like you?

Gerard: Probably.

Screenshot-205Gerard: I mean I never seen an elephant before, but I imagine this one should look similar too me.

Max: Dad, you know everything.

Screenshot-206I moved Dizzy into the nursery and away from her family because they kept talking about silly things.

Screenshot-207Gerard read Max a bedtime story

Screenshot-208And Dizzy gave birth to her first daughter! Welcome baby Monica! She rolled Friendly and Insane.

Screenshot-211With two little ones in the house once more, it creates tension in the nursery. Both of them want to stop Monica from screaming, but Dizzy got there first.

Screenshot-212But with Monica tended to, Dizzy once again gets hungry for faces.

Screenshot-214The shower is their favorite spot. Seriously, I don’t think they’ve ever used their bed…



Screenshot-219Super dad and husband go!

Gerard: Someone needs to take care of the house!

Screenshot-220I finally got the painting replacement mod. I do not regret. These paintings…


Screenshot-224Max clearly inherited his greatness from his father.

Screenshot-226Max: I ccommandth thee. Do my homework!

Screenshot-227Gerard: Or you could do it yourself.

Max: *slouches* Aw, dad…

Screenshot-229More fighting over Monica…

Screenshot-230Bikini birthday time! Hurrah!

Screenshot-2Monica Dewdrop, everyone!

Screenshot-232Oh Dizzy…you’re not…

And we’ll end it here. And for the first time, I’ll put my scoreboard here! And try to remember every chapter after, haha.

Self Wetting (-5): 0
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 3×5 = 15
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 0
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 0
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 15 Points

0.2 The Logically Insane

So as a note; I’ve been very busy and I’m hoping to get two chapters out today, but I might only get one. Ho-hum. Dizzy and her family have been entertaining me greatly though, so at least I have that. Hopefully I can find a spouse for generation two soon too. I’ll be stalking other blogs for potential spouses, though I still don’t know who will get it. Just gonna say…they’re an interesting bunch and I can’t wait for you all to meet them. Anyway, onward!

As a second note, I didn’t like the large pictures in the first chapter so I’m using smaller ones. Herpdepderp.Screenshot-57

What are you doing Dizzy?

Dizzy: What’s it look like stupid creator, I’m making money.

Humph, you have plenty.

Dizzy: I want a large family, so I need more.

Fine then. What’s Gerard doing?

Screenshot-58Sweet honey badgers, are you still skilling on your own?!

Gerard: Of course. I told you, I want to get promotions

Seriously, when I check his rolls, they’re usually “Get a Promotion” or “Get to level whatever in this skill”. This guy really does do alot. It’s kind of nice actually.


And then Dizzy does stuff like break the toilet. So I make her fix it. I’m almost surprised that Gerard doesn’t do that too. He cooks, cleans and skills. He’s always in bed by 9…You could learn something from him Dizzy. Like, not fixing broken toilets in your bikini.

Dizzy: Bite me.

Okay then…How about something fun to do? Get out of the house?


Dizzy: Hey honey, wanna go on a date with me?

Gerard: Sure. I’m almost level four in logic anyway, I deserve a break. Say, want to go to the gym?

Um…No. No gym. You two are going to the movies and then having dinner.

Gerard: As long as it’s not a stupid romantic comedy, I’ll be cool with it.

Screenshot-62What a loving couple, they go in different doors. Also, the movie they went to see was entitled “Love Struck” or something like that. Ha! Romantic Comedy it was.

Worse part is, Dizzy hated it and Gerard loved it. Ah…These two. They ran right out of the movie theater and I couldn’t get a picture of their faces. Dizzy must have been hungry.

Screenshot-64Dizzy: Hurry up Gerard! I want to eat some stuffed turkey!

Gerard: But it’s raining!

He took forever to get over to the fancy diner place because he kept shouting about the rain. He finally got out a magical umbrella and ran over to join Dizzy. He was making me pretty mad and I almost had her just go in alone. Stupid man, probably wanting to protect his shinny red shoes.

Gerard: These were expensive!


And straight after dinner, he said goodbye and went straight home, climbing into bed without Dizzy. I mean, I like that he’s not up all night, but still, I wish he would a least give her a kiss goodnight, sheesh.

Screenshot-68The next morning, when Dizzy did get up, she felt very strange. Gerard was already gone, having gone to work on time like a good boy and she walked through the house, in a terrible mood. I don’t think she realizes yet what has happened to her.

Screenshot-69After her shower, I broke the news.

Hey Dizzy, you’re expecting a baby.

Dizzy: What.


Dizzy: Haha voice, very funny. You think you’re so wise. If I’m expecting a baby, why am I still in my bikini?

Because you can be. And you are. Don’t you remember throwing up?

Screenshot-72Dizzy: What the heck, voice? I don’t want a baby!

Yes you do. You’ve been wishing for a child for days now. Congrats. What do you want, a boy or girl?

Dizzy: You. Are. The. Worst.


So after Gerard got home for work, Dizzy lured him into the bathroom and broke the news to him as well.

Dizzy: The voices tell me I’m pregnant!

Gerard: Fascinating

Screenshot-75.Gerard: I mean, yay! Baby time!

Screenshot-76He then began feeling up her belly. Wow, maybe he’ll be a good daddy too. I really like my choice of spouse. Fingers crossed to every single one of them being as awesome as him. I know I’ve said that before, but I really want to clone him.

Screenshot-77Because look at this guy! As soon as Dizzy walked out to do whatever Dizzy does, he began cleaning the shower! Good guy Gerard!

Screenshot-78A few hours after, I found him outside playing on his phone…Texting his boss over and over again, like a teenager in love. Good thing his boss is a dude else I’d begin to suspect things.

Hey, Gerard, shouldn’t you and Dizzy get married now that you’re expecting your first?

Gerard: I guess…wait, he just texted me back. LOL!

Le sigh…



Screenshot-81I had Dizzy move in for the kill and seal the deal. He is now Gerard Dewdrop! I’m sure he’s proud of his new name and title. He will now be the breadwinner forever and then…I’m not sure. He seems happy at least. Just wait until the household is full of screaming children!

Screenshot-85Dizzy keeps expanding. I think she’s due soon. She likes to watch Gerard sleep though. It’s kinda creepy.

Dizzy: He looks so cute when he’s sleeping though!

Alrighty, then.


Screenshot-87Look at super husband go!

Gerard: I think Dizzy would love some waffles for breakfast. 😀

Screenshot-88Maybe not burnt ones…

Gerard: Darn my lack of cooking skills D:

Screenshot-89Gerard: Leftover salad for breakfast then.

Well at least they’re eating the leftovers in the fridge.

Screenshot-91Dizzy you’re getting huge.

Dizzy: I’m having a baby.

You have some logic despite being insane.

Screenshot-92I LOVE THIS MAN *Spazzes*

Screenshot-93Dizzy: Um…what was I doing? Your spazzing made me forget.

I’m not sure, I wasn’t watching you.

Dizzy: You’re great voice. Have I ever told you that?

I sense sarcasm.

Screenshot-96So later that night, during the mysterious full moon, Dizzy went into labor.

Dizzy: Is this labor? This hurts more than I thought it would! Oof!

Screenshot-98Gerard: What do I do? My wife is in labor and my phone is ringing!

Dizzy: How about you shut up!

And he literally then walked off to answer his phone. His phone was more important than his wife giving birth to his first child.

Screenshot-100Then this was what he did. Right into bed. What a great guy. I’m so proud of you right now Gerard.

Gerard: You don’t have to be so sarcastic. Dizzy’s got this.


Screenshot-102Welcome to the family, Max! The theme of the generation is names from a video game called Dark Cloud 2. I was playing it right before I started playing Sims so, I got in the hankering for using their names for my sims.

Max was born Clumsy and Insane and…Oh…Oh dear…

Dizzy: What is it?

Oh…oh nothing. Your little Max is special though.

Dizzy:  Of course he is.

Uh-huh…just wait until he’s a toddler.

Screenshot-103So here is the nursery I added to the edge of their home. I plan on adding a bedroom next to it soon and maybe another bathroom, depending on future needs.

Screenshot-106Super dad! The moment he got up, he was in the nursery, playing with Max. He’s already nearly friends with the little guy.

Screenshot-109Look at that bonding. Aww…

Screenshot-111And back to the skilling. What a good man.

Screenshot-113Hey Dizzy…What’s with that face?

Dizzy: Oh, my stomach…

Screenshot-114Ho-hum….looks like you’re in for a bumpy ride, Dizzy. And for goodness sakes, why is your puke blue?

Screenshot-117Dizzy cares for Max in her best dress.

Screenshot-118I mean really though, look at his dress. Isn’t it beautiful?

Dizzy: And not covered with baby puke! 😀

Thank you Dizzy…


Oh hmm…Dizzy I think you’re expecting again.

Dizzy: Hmm…you might be right voice. Another minion for me…

Oh dear.

And I guess that’ll do it for this chapter. Tune in next time to see what Max looks like, what the next baby looks like and if Dizzy ever stops being so sarcastic towards me. Thanks for reading. Bai-bye!

0.1 And So It Begins…

Note: So…Hi! I’m Dizzy and this is my story. I’m still working on the layout but I wanted to get a chapter out at least. So…here we go.


So this is Dizzy Dewdrop, the founder of our challenge

Dizzy: And I’m hungry, just so you know.

No you’re not, you were just created. Don’t start backsassing me already.

Dizzy’s traits have been modified to fit the challenge and they are as followed: Coward, Family-Oriented, Insane, Neurotic, and finally, Over Emotional. She wishes to be Surrounded by Family. Doesn’t she sound like the family type? It was the first one to choose though so I went with it.


Dizzy: Hey, miss creator! How the heck am I suppose to start a family, when I don’t have a house?

Aren’t you getting too big for your simulated brain? You have a home.


Dizzy: Excuse me, I see no home here! HOME. NOW. PLEASE.

Oh, well I suppose you have a point. Close your eyes and count to three.

Dizzy: It better be a nice home…


There. Will that do?

Dizzy: It looks…small. I don’t know if I like it.

It is small. You don’t have much money. Moving to Hidden Springs used all of it.

Dizzy: Not my fault. We should have stayed in Riverview.


Also as a side note, this is currently the inside. Ha, I ran out of money because I wanted it to be roomy and have windows. It was windows or a bed. I chose windows. I guess she better find a husband now huh?


Dizzy: You are the worst creator, ever.

I resent that. I’m doing alot better for you than most of my other sims. I usually kill them, maim them, send them into the ocean with a bunch of fish in their inventory so they get attacked by sharks. I’m only slighting you some semi-important objects.

Dizzy: Semi? Where am I supposed to sleep? Ugh! Fine, let’s just find someone who I can mug.

Uh…No Dizzy. Marry, the term you want is marry. 


So anyway, I sent Dizzy to this cute little cafe in Hidden Springs. I’ve met a many a spouse here in previous saved files, so I figured she had a pretty good chance.

Dizzy: I’m still hungry.

No you’re not. Just get in there and scope out the place already. Sheesh.


Its super cute in here. I’m going to model a room after it in the legacy home once they make some more money. It sort of reminds me of this cute cafe near my own house. Maybe I’ll make a room in my house inspired by that as well.


Anyway, it wasn’t long until this dude showed up, looking all adorable. Of course, he’s glaring at the chairs for some reason, but lets not count him out yet! Dizzy, what do you think?

Dizzy: He’s okay. Red is a shade of pink and if he likes that, he can’t be so bad.


But after greeting him…I realized he was yet a teen.

Dizzy: So? He’s cute.

You’re not getting arrested on your first day in town Dizzy. Keep your trousers tied up, I have another plan.

Dizzy: Do I still get to talk to this cutie?

No, we’re leaving. Call a taxi woman.


To the Salon!

Dizzy: To get me a haircut? I like my braid.

No, to get you a man. I’ve found that there is usually a high chance of a marryable man being at the Salon for some reason. So, you’re finding yourself a quickie husband.

Dizzy: If I must…



This fine gentleman is named Gerard Merritt. I guess he’s a townie but hes decent looking. He’s not the best, but he’ll do for generation one.


I of course had Dizzy go up and greet him right away.

Dizzy: Hi, I’m being told to be friendly to you and not alert you to my inner crazy just yet.

Gerard: Its okay, I’m not all together either because I think you’re extremely sexy.

Seriously, they got the attracted moodlet right away. I was so happy that they found each other attractive.


Dizzy: So I hear voices and they tell me to do things. One I call the Creator and she’s pretty mean to me.

Gerard: Sounds like my mom.

But…you don’t have a mom. You don’t have anyone in your family tree…Gah, maybe they’re a match made in Simulation.


Dizzy: So I know we’ve only known each other like two hours but I’m going to flirt with you because we’re already friends.

Gerard: You have pretty eyes.

Oh dear. They really are. Seriously, he only seemed to look at her eyes or chest when they were flirting. I guess we know what he wants…


Annnnnd First Kiss! Yes!

Don’t they look adorable together? I think this is the beginning of a long and happy relationship!


And then she went straight to trying to eat his face. Which is okay, because he seems to be enjoying it at the very least.


Dizzy: So we’ve bumped up our friendship to knowing each other for six hours. I think we’re ready to get married. What do you say?

Gerard: Um…I’ve only known you six hours. You could be crazy. No.


She really took it to heart when he said no. Look at that face! Strangely though, their relationship didn’t really take a hit.


And then he even let her cry on his shoulder afterwards. Hmm..Maybe he feels bad? I don’t know if I should try again already though…


Dizzy: If six hours is too early to marry me, is it too early to move in with me?

Gerard: Heck no! I’ll meet you at our new house!

Okay…so he won’t marry her, but he has no qualms about moving in with her? That makes alot of sense. Either way, he brought a much needed 20,000 dollars! Yay I can afford stuff!


Here he is, outside his new home! And those are his clothes. I guess I’ll leave them. They don’t look too awful after all. But now he has become untouchable and shall be left to his own devices. I wonder how much trouble he’ll cause me…

Oh and now that I can see them, his traits are as followed: Genius, Photographer’s Eye, Athletic, Light Sleeper and Ambitious. He wishes to be an International Super Spy. Lucky him when I removed him from the Stylist profession, the first job that popped up was police officer. Hope its not breaking a rule that I gave him a new job, but I really did pick from the first on the list.


By the way! Look! THE HOUSE HAS STUFF.

I added a bed, a chess table, an easel, and other needed stuff like a table and whatnot. Yay! I’m so happy and I’m sure Dizzy is too!


So happy in fact that she made some salad for her live-in boyfriend and herself! She has no cooking skill so I’m glad she chose salad. I obviously don’t have a smoke alarm or anything.


While Gerard went to…learn some logic skill? What? Is he awesome already or what?

Gerard: Shush! I’m trying to beat myself at chess!

Um…Okay then, carry on.


Dizzy promptly interrupted that because she got hungry for faces again.

Dizzy: Om nom nom, face.


And it quickly turned into a romp in the shower.

Dizzy: Hey! Peeping Tom! Get out!

Alright, alright. Jeeze.


Dizzy decided that enough was enough. She had known him almost a full twelve hours! It’s time to get married!

Dizzy: Look! I even dressed sexy for you! So be my husband? I’ll make you salad forever.


That looks like a yes to me folks.


Dat creeper face.

Dizzy: Shut up! I’m happy I’m going to have someone to make all the money so I can stay home and paint all day!

True enough.


Skip to the next morning and before work, Gerard is working out like mad. He is a very dedicated sort of guy, I tell you.

Gerard: I’m ambitious! I actually want to get promoted!

If only all the future spouses would be like you…


Whats amatter Dizzy?

Dizzy: Oh I feel so sick…Oh it must be the salad. I did make it for Gerard. He probably didn’t want me eating it…



Well we’ll see…

And I’m going to end it here folks! See you all next chapter with what was making Dizzy so ill!


If this is your first visit to my legacy, then a welcome is in order!


Now that’s out of the way, this is a I’m Surrounded by Idiots challenge. My founder is a cast off from myself (kind of) and I hope she and her future generations give me lots of grief and laughs. I hope you’ll share them with me as I try to write about her story. You can find the rules for the ISBI challenge here.

And I look forward to an awesome legacy, an awesome challenge and lots of interesting sims!