0.1 And So It Begins…

Note: So…Hi! I’m Dizzy and this is my story. I’m still working on the layout but I wanted to get a chapter out at least. So…here we go.


So this is Dizzy Dewdrop, the founder of our challenge

Dizzy: And I’m hungry, just so you know.

No you’re not, you were just created. Don’t start backsassing me already.

Dizzy’s traits have been modified to fit the challenge and they are as followed: Coward, Family-Oriented, Insane, Neurotic, and finally, Over Emotional. She wishes to be Surrounded by Family. Doesn’t she sound like the family type? It was the first one to choose though so I went with it.


Dizzy: Hey, miss creator! How the heck am I suppose to start a family, when I don’t have a house?

Aren’t you getting too big for your simulated brain? You have a home.


Dizzy: Excuse me, I see no home here! HOME. NOW. PLEASE.

Oh, well I suppose you have a point. Close your eyes and count to three.

Dizzy: It better be a nice home…


There. Will that do?

Dizzy: It looks…small. I don’t know if I like it.

It is small. You don’t have much money. Moving to Hidden Springs used all of it.

Dizzy: Not my fault. We should have stayed in Riverview.


Also as a side note, this is currently the inside. Ha, I ran out of money because I wanted it to be roomy and have windows. It was windows or a bed. I chose windows. I guess she better find a husband now huh?


Dizzy: You are the worst creator, ever.

I resent that. I’m doing alot better for you than most of my other sims. I usually kill them, maim them, send them into the ocean with a bunch of fish in their inventory so they get attacked by sharks. I’m only slighting you some semi-important objects.

Dizzy: Semi? Where am I supposed to sleep? Ugh! Fine, let’s just find someone who I can mug.

Uh…No Dizzy. Marry, the term you want is marry. 


So anyway, I sent Dizzy to this cute little cafe in Hidden Springs. I’ve met a many a spouse here in previous saved files, so I figured she had a pretty good chance.

Dizzy: I’m still hungry.

No you’re not. Just get in there and scope out the place already. Sheesh.


Its super cute in here. I’m going to model a room after it in the legacy home once they make some more money. It sort of reminds me of this cute cafe near my own house. Maybe I’ll make a room in my house inspired by that as well.


Anyway, it wasn’t long until this dude showed up, looking all adorable. Of course, he’s glaring at the chairs for some reason, but lets not count him out yet! Dizzy, what do you think?

Dizzy: He’s okay. Red is a shade of pink and if he likes that, he can’t be so bad.


But after greeting him…I realized he was yet a teen.

Dizzy: So? He’s cute.

You’re not getting arrested on your first day in town Dizzy. Keep your trousers tied up, I have another plan.

Dizzy: Do I still get to talk to this cutie?

No, we’re leaving. Call a taxi woman.


To the Salon!

Dizzy: To get me a haircut? I like my braid.

No, to get you a man. I’ve found that there is usually a high chance of a marryable man being at the Salon for some reason. So, you’re finding yourself a quickie husband.

Dizzy: If I must…



This fine gentleman is named Gerard Merritt. I guess he’s a townie but hes decent looking. He’s not the best, but he’ll do for generation one.


I of course had Dizzy go up and greet him right away.

Dizzy: Hi, I’m being told to be friendly to you and not alert you to my inner crazy just yet.

Gerard: Its okay, I’m not all together either because I think you’re extremely sexy.

Seriously, they got the attracted moodlet right away. I was so happy that they found each other attractive.


Dizzy: So I hear voices and they tell me to do things. One I call the Creator and she’s pretty mean to me.

Gerard: Sounds like my mom.

But…you don’t have a mom. You don’t have anyone in your family tree…Gah, maybe they’re a match made in Simulation.


Dizzy: So I know we’ve only known each other like two hours but I’m going to flirt with you because we’re already friends.

Gerard: You have pretty eyes.

Oh dear. They really are. Seriously, he only seemed to look at her eyes or chest when they were flirting. I guess we know what he wants…


Annnnnd First Kiss! Yes!

Don’t they look adorable together? I think this is the beginning of a long and happy relationship!


And then she went straight to trying to eat his face. Which is okay, because he seems to be enjoying it at the very least.


Dizzy: So we’ve bumped up our friendship to knowing each other for six hours. I think we’re ready to get married. What do you say?

Gerard: Um…I’ve only known you six hours. You could be crazy. No.


She really took it to heart when he said no. Look at that face! Strangely though, their relationship didn’t really take a hit.


And then he even let her cry on his shoulder afterwards. Hmm..Maybe he feels bad? I don’t know if I should try again already though…


Dizzy: If six hours is too early to marry me, is it too early to move in with me?

Gerard: Heck no! I’ll meet you at our new house!

Okay…so he won’t marry her, but he has no qualms about moving in with her? That makes alot of sense. Either way, he brought a much needed 20,000 dollars! Yay I can afford stuff!


Here he is, outside his new home! And those are his clothes. I guess I’ll leave them. They don’t look too awful after all. But now he has become untouchable and shall be left to his own devices. I wonder how much trouble he’ll cause me…

Oh and now that I can see them, his traits are as followed: Genius, Photographer’s Eye, Athletic, Light Sleeper and Ambitious. He wishes to be an International Super Spy. Lucky him when I removed him from the Stylist profession, the first job that popped up was police officer. Hope its not breaking a rule that I gave him a new job, but I really did pick from the first on the list.


By the way! Look! THE HOUSE HAS STUFF.

I added a bed, a chess table, an easel, and other needed stuff like a table and whatnot. Yay! I’m so happy and I’m sure Dizzy is too!


So happy in fact that she made some salad for her live-in boyfriend and herself! She has no cooking skill so I’m glad she chose salad. I obviously don’t have a smoke alarm or anything.


While Gerard went to…learn some logic skill? What? Is he awesome already or what?

Gerard: Shush! I’m trying to beat myself at chess!

Um…Okay then, carry on.


Dizzy promptly interrupted that because she got hungry for faces again.

Dizzy: Om nom nom, face.


And it quickly turned into a romp in the shower.

Dizzy: Hey! Peeping Tom! Get out!

Alright, alright. Jeeze.


Dizzy decided that enough was enough. She had known him almost a full twelve hours! It’s time to get married!

Dizzy: Look! I even dressed sexy for you! So be my husband? I’ll make you salad forever.


That looks like a yes to me folks.


Dat creeper face.

Dizzy: Shut up! I’m happy I’m going to have someone to make all the money so I can stay home and paint all day!

True enough.


Skip to the next morning and before work, Gerard is working out like mad. He is a very dedicated sort of guy, I tell you.

Gerard: I’m ambitious! I actually want to get promoted!

If only all the future spouses would be like you…


Whats amatter Dizzy?

Dizzy: Oh I feel so sick…Oh it must be the salad. I did make it for Gerard. He probably didn’t want me eating it…



Well we’ll see…

And I’m going to end it here folks! See you all next chapter with what was making Dizzy so ill!


6 thoughts on “0.1 And So It Begins…

  1. Huh, blue vomit! I’ve never seen that colour before lol. Dizzy is so pretty and I just love Gerard! I can’t wait to see what their babies will look like. I hope they don’t give you too much trouble, but then again, that’s half the fun. Thanks for the ping to my site too :), good luck with the challenge, I can’t wait to read more!


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