0.2 The Logically Insane

So as a note; I’ve been very busy and I’m hoping to get two chapters out today, but I might only get one. Ho-hum. Dizzy and her family have been entertaining me greatly though, so at least I have that. Hopefully I can find a spouse for generation two soon too. I’ll be stalking other blogs for potential spouses, though I still don’t know who will get it. Just gonna say…they’re an interesting bunch and I can’t wait for you all to meet them. Anyway, onward!

As a second note, I didn’t like the large pictures in the first chapter so I’m using smaller ones. Herpdepderp.Screenshot-57

What are you doing Dizzy?

Dizzy: What’s it look like stupid creator, I’m making money.

Humph, you have plenty.

Dizzy: I want a large family, so I need more.

Fine then. What’s Gerard doing?

Screenshot-58Sweet honey badgers, are you still skilling on your own?!

Gerard: Of course. I told you, I want to get promotions

Seriously, when I check his rolls, they’re usually “Get a Promotion” or “Get to level whatever in this skill”. This guy really does do alot. It’s kind of nice actually.


And then Dizzy does stuff like break the toilet. So I make her fix it. I’m almost surprised that Gerard doesn’t do that too. He cooks, cleans and skills. He’s always in bed by 9…You could learn something from him Dizzy. Like, not fixing broken toilets in your bikini.

Dizzy: Bite me.

Okay then…How about something fun to do? Get out of the house?


Dizzy: Hey honey, wanna go on a date with me?

Gerard: Sure. I’m almost level four in logic anyway, I deserve a break. Say, want to go to the gym?

Um…No. No gym. You two are going to the movies and then having dinner.

Gerard: As long as it’s not a stupid romantic comedy, I’ll be cool with it.

Screenshot-62What a loving couple, they go in different doors. Also, the movie they went to see was entitled “Love Struck” or something like that. Ha! Romantic Comedy it was.

Worse part is, Dizzy hated it and Gerard loved it. Ah…These two. They ran right out of the movie theater and I couldn’t get a picture of their faces. Dizzy must have been hungry.

Screenshot-64Dizzy: Hurry up Gerard! I want to eat some stuffed turkey!

Gerard: But it’s raining!

He took forever to get over to the fancy diner place because he kept shouting about the rain. He finally got out a magical umbrella and ran over to join Dizzy. He was making me pretty mad and I almost had her just go in alone. Stupid man, probably wanting to protect his shinny red shoes.

Gerard: These were expensive!


And straight after dinner, he said goodbye and went straight home, climbing into bed without Dizzy. I mean, I like that he’s not up all night, but still, I wish he would a least give her a kiss goodnight, sheesh.

Screenshot-68The next morning, when Dizzy did get up, she felt very strange. Gerard was already gone, having gone to work on time like a good boy and she walked through the house, in a terrible mood. I don’t think she realizes yet what has happened to her.

Screenshot-69After her shower, I broke the news.

Hey Dizzy, you’re expecting a baby.

Dizzy: What.


Dizzy: Haha voice, very funny. You think you’re so wise. If I’m expecting a baby, why am I still in my bikini?

Because you can be. And you are. Don’t you remember throwing up?

Screenshot-72Dizzy: What the heck, voice? I don’t want a baby!

Yes you do. You’ve been wishing for a child for days now. Congrats. What do you want, a boy or girl?

Dizzy: You. Are. The. Worst.


So after Gerard got home for work, Dizzy lured him into the bathroom and broke the news to him as well.

Dizzy: The voices tell me I’m pregnant!

Gerard: Fascinating

Screenshot-75.Gerard: I mean, yay! Baby time!

Screenshot-76He then began feeling up her belly. Wow, maybe he’ll be a good daddy too. I really like my choice of spouse. Fingers crossed to every single one of them being as awesome as him. I know I’ve said that before, but I really want to clone him.

Screenshot-77Because look at this guy! As soon as Dizzy walked out to do whatever Dizzy does, he began cleaning the shower! Good guy Gerard!

Screenshot-78A few hours after, I found him outside playing on his phone…Texting his boss over and over again, like a teenager in love. Good thing his boss is a dude else I’d begin to suspect things.

Hey, Gerard, shouldn’t you and Dizzy get married now that you’re expecting your first?

Gerard: I guess…wait, he just texted me back. LOL!

Le sigh…



Screenshot-81I had Dizzy move in for the kill and seal the deal. He is now Gerard Dewdrop! I’m sure he’s proud of his new name and title. He will now be the breadwinner forever and then…I’m not sure. He seems happy at least. Just wait until the household is full of screaming children!

Screenshot-85Dizzy keeps expanding. I think she’s due soon. She likes to watch Gerard sleep though. It’s kinda creepy.

Dizzy: He looks so cute when he’s sleeping though!

Alrighty, then.


Screenshot-87Look at super husband go!

Gerard: I think Dizzy would love some waffles for breakfast. 😀

Screenshot-88Maybe not burnt ones…

Gerard: Darn my lack of cooking skills D:

Screenshot-89Gerard: Leftover salad for breakfast then.

Well at least they’re eating the leftovers in the fridge.

Screenshot-91Dizzy you’re getting huge.

Dizzy: I’m having a baby.

You have some logic despite being insane.

Screenshot-92I LOVE THIS MAN *Spazzes*

Screenshot-93Dizzy: Um…what was I doing? Your spazzing made me forget.

I’m not sure, I wasn’t watching you.

Dizzy: You’re great voice. Have I ever told you that?

I sense sarcasm.

Screenshot-96So later that night, during the mysterious full moon, Dizzy went into labor.

Dizzy: Is this labor? This hurts more than I thought it would! Oof!

Screenshot-98Gerard: What do I do? My wife is in labor and my phone is ringing!

Dizzy: How about you shut up!

And he literally then walked off to answer his phone. His phone was more important than his wife giving birth to his first child.

Screenshot-100Then this was what he did. Right into bed. What a great guy. I’m so proud of you right now Gerard.

Gerard: You don’t have to be so sarcastic. Dizzy’s got this.


Screenshot-102Welcome to the family, Max! The theme of the generation is names from a video game called Dark Cloud 2. I was playing it right before I started playing Sims so, I got in the hankering for using their names for my sims.

Max was born Clumsy and Insane and…Oh…Oh dear…

Dizzy: What is it?

Oh…oh nothing. Your little Max is special though.

Dizzy:  Of course he is.

Uh-huh…just wait until he’s a toddler.

Screenshot-103So here is the nursery I added to the edge of their home. I plan on adding a bedroom next to it soon and maybe another bathroom, depending on future needs.

Screenshot-106Super dad! The moment he got up, he was in the nursery, playing with Max. He’s already nearly friends with the little guy.

Screenshot-109Look at that bonding. Aww…

Screenshot-111And back to the skilling. What a good man.

Screenshot-113Hey Dizzy…What’s with that face?

Dizzy: Oh, my stomach…

Screenshot-114Ho-hum….looks like you’re in for a bumpy ride, Dizzy. And for goodness sakes, why is your puke blue?

Screenshot-117Dizzy cares for Max in her best dress.

Screenshot-118I mean really though, look at his dress. Isn’t it beautiful?

Dizzy: And not covered with baby puke! 😀

Thank you Dizzy…


Oh hmm…Dizzy I think you’re expecting again.

Dizzy: Hmm…you might be right voice. Another minion for me…

Oh dear.

And I guess that’ll do it for this chapter. Tune in next time to see what Max looks like, what the next baby looks like and if Dizzy ever stops being so sarcastic towards me. Thanks for reading. Bai-bye!


4 thoughts on “0.2 The Logically Insane

  1. *Steals Gerard and runs away with him* He has got to be the best spouse ever! In all history! All that skilling, cleaning, baby loving, and cooking. He’s too great to handle really. I hope Max is just like him and is a good little boy who never fails. I wonder who he is going to look like. I might die if he has that beautiful pink hair! Have you thought about if you are going to post them for download? Great chapter, I hope you can get the other one out today.


    • Gerard is actually a townie that comes with Hidden Springs! I’m totally cloning him. Forever XD And yes, I need to figure out how I’m going to but Dizzy and all her children will be available for download eventually. But I wouldn’t get TOO excited about Max. He has a surprise in store ;D


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