0.4 Look at the Sparkles

Alright well…I’m going to be uploading sims for download soon. Dizzy and her children. Gerard will not be available since he is a townie from Hidden Spring. He’s an awesome townie, but still just a townie.
Screenshot-3We start off with little Cedric screaming his head off about wanting to be put to bed and everyone just staring at him. Dizzy finally decided that putting your screaming son to bed is probably a good thing.

Dizzy: Having less children is a good thing

Oh shut up you, you’re hormonal.

Screenshot-5After Dizzy put the screaming little one to bed, its back to the chess board for Gerard. He’s pretty good at just focusing on that. In fact, all his skills are at the level they should be or above for his promotion. I’m pretty proud of this guy.

Screenshot-7Max: Rawr goes the dragon!

You are too cute. Really.

Max: So I’m the heir?

No, probably not. Sorry!

Max: Unfair D:

Screenshot-8Look at Monica, the little cutie she is! I wish she at least had the pink hair. Only one baby with pink hair so far…

Screenshot-9Still being a super dad. And now he’s reading his son that murder book. You’re a cop Gerard!

Gerard: I’m teaching him to solve crime, not commit it

You better hope he doesn’t roll evil or something now!

Screenshot-11After his dad reading him a bedtime story in his parent’s bed, he then goes to his bed to lay down and sleep. Good boy. No fainting for you.

Screenshot-13Dizzy bonds with Cedric.

Dizzy: Can you say Jellyfish?

Cedric: Dinner!

Oh, no. You don’t eat jellyfish Cedric! D:



Gerard breaks the toilet and then Max uses it right after him, causing it to overflow. Ah…They’re very alike, despite Max looking more like his mother.

Screenshot-17But he really does love his daughter. How about your second son. You love Cedric too right, Gerard?

Gerard: Cedric? I don’t think a Cedric lives here…

Screenshot-18Max: And I decree for family bonding time!

Screenshot-19Max’s decree must have worked because Gerard went and picked Cedric up. Yay, bonding!

Screenshot-23And then he put him down right away and Cedric went to bond with his baby sister. They look alike. They could be twins if one didn’t know better.

Screenshot-27Dizzy finally gets around to fixing the toilet..in her bikini nonetheless…

Screenshot-26And Gerard educates his oldest son about weather patterns.

Gerard: Don’t go outside when its raining. You could get sick

Max: Does this mean I can skip school on rainy days?

Gerard: I just said not to go out in the rain right?

Ah…Okay, no. Max you have to go to school. Actually, Max is doing well in school. He’s got like a solid B and he even usually does his homework.

Screenshot-30And skip to the next day because its birthday party time! Cedric’s turn to become a little boy!

Screenshot-31Blow out those candles sweetie! Happy birthday!

Screenshot-33Cedric: Oooh! Look at the sparkles!

Screenshot-34And aw, he looks cute! Still lacking the pink hair to become heir though, but I’m sure he’ll make someone happy! As a side note, he might not because he gained the Slob trait.


And then we have a family clog to get to the cake. I think that’s the only real part they like about birthday parties; free cake. Well free to them a least. Someone’s gotta buy it.

Screenshot-37With Cedric a little boy, Dizzy can now focus on teaching life skills to Monica so she can age up well.

Dizzy: Can you say Clown?

Monica: Why would I want to?

Screenshot-38Ugh…They all try to use the bathroom at once. It’s very annoying and we’re going to end up with some accidents soon if I don’t do something…

Screenshot-39Boom! Another bathroom. Use this, guys! And stop fighting over the toilet and shower!

Screenshot-41Cedric: As the youngest son, I demand the title of heir!

You don’t know you’re the youngest son yet. Your mother could be having another boy.

Cedric: As the middle child, I demand the title of heir!

You’re probably not getting it so shush. Maybe someone out there will download you and love you forever if you show your best colors.

Screenshot-44Max: Its candy bunny time! Candy bunny! Woof! Woof!

Uh…Max are you okay?

Screenshot-45Max: Woof!

Okay then.

Screenshot-46And then he sat on the toilet. He wasn’t using it, he was just sitting there. I guess it is called the throne for a reason.

Screenshot-49Hey Dizzy, what’s with that face.

Dizzy: Baby. Coming. Men. Won’t. Shut. Up.



Screenshot-53Ah I see what you mean.

Screenshot-56But its okay, Gerard stopped yelling soon enough and he was the first to realize our new “guest”. Somehow, we have this gnome. I don’t know why he appeared, but he did and Gerard went to kick him straight in the face. Nice. The gnome’s name is Jerry apparently by the way.

Screenshot-58Meanwhile, Dizzy gave birth to her third son, Tobi. He is Insane and Excitable.

Screenshot-59Things are now calm again in the Dewdrop household; Gerard returns to skilling.

Screenshot-60Max does his homework

Screenshot-62Dizzy returns to painting. See, very peaceful, normal household, right? They can be normal sometimes, despite the fact that they’re all insane.

Screenshot-63Of course, that’s before Dizzy once again gets hungry for faces and Gerard wishes for a pile of money. I hope this doesn’t mean another little one will soon be on the way. Of course, they already have four babies. One more and they’ve met their goal of five.

Alright, so I’m ending this here. I know it was a little shorter than usual but it’s what I have.

Self Wetting (-5): 0
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 4×5 = 20
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 0
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 0
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 20 Points

I’m still doing good in the points. I figure if I have lots of bathrooms and beds, there will be fewer mistakes? Maybe? Anyway, see you next time 😀


6 thoughts on “0.4 Look at the Sparkles

  1. Love it. I can’t wait to see what Tobi is going to look like when he ages up. I do hope they have one more baby, just because I find the more kids the more genetic combinations there are and that has to be my favourite part XD.


    • Most of the kids seem to be taking after one or the other thought :/ I’d love to have a baby with Gerard’s black hair and Dizzy’s red eyes. That would be awesome and even without the pink hair, I use them as heir just for the creepy factor XD


    • I have a mod called Children of the Moon where there is a random chance when the moon is full, that any child born that night will be a random supernatural. In short – yes, Max is a werewolf. He was born on a full moon and was born a werewolf. He’s just glitchy haha.


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