0.8 No More Surprises Please

Okay, so more posting time. I really need to crank out the rest of the first generation.

Screenshot-98Max: Tobi, bro, what are you doing?


Alright then. What a way to start of my chapter, boys.

Screenshot-99Dizzy is still making beautiful art. In her bikini while she’s expecting her LAST child.

Dizzy: Oh poo on you. We could always use more children. Soon some of them will be leaving the nest.

This is true.

Screenshot-101Max is still attempting to win my favor by learning some painting. Tobi is already ahead of you. He has a point.

Screenshot-102Tobi won’t be left behind though. He will win. Or so he assumes. For all he knows, I’ll pick Holly or the new baby.

Screenshot-103Speaking of which, Holly is playing Princess and of course she chose the red dress.

Screenshot-104Her creepy factor has risen by 900 points. God, Holly, you’re so creepy. I love you but good llamas…

Screenshot-106Cedric: And so I told Max that he was a bad dog!

Tobi: Oh no way! Man he stinks! I hate that he’s a GlitchWolf.

Screenshot-107And then they giggle like school girls. Ah, these two…

Screenshot-108Holly has decided she is no longer a princess, but a Queen.

Holly: You have that right, Voice! I will not be treated the common rabble! Now, where is my throne?!

Hey, what’s you’re mother painting back there? Looks kinda  creepy.

Screenshot-109SWEET GILGAMESH. What the heck are you painting, Dizzy?

Dizzy: You.

I assure you I do not look like that.

Screenshot-110Meanwhile, Cedric has a problem with Tobi’s half-finished painting.

Cedric: You’ll never amount to anything! Everyone hates you!

Well, it’ll never amount to anything if Tobi doesn’t finish it…

Screenshot-111Anyway, Tobi is busy setting traps in the bathroom. He just did the sink and he’s about to do the toilet. I let it go because kids will be kids.

Screenshot-114Tobi: Urgh I can’t believe this?

What’s up Tobi?

Tobi: There’s already a trap in the shower so I’m going to yell at it until it goes away.

I don’t think it works that way.

Screenshot-116Tobi: And you know soooo much.

Actually…I do…But that’s because I’m a people and you’re a Sim.

Screenshot-119Gerard then shoos Tobi out so he can take a shower…and get his hair dyed purple. Well the shower doesn’t have a trap on it anymore at least.



Hey Gerard, haven’t heard from you in a while. What’s up? You look panicked.

Gerard: Oooh I knew it was a bad idea to get her knocked up again!


To the nursery with you. Come on now.

Screenshot-123Much better.

Dizzy; Maybe for you. I’m the one pushing out a baby!

Screenshot-126Another son is born. This is Toan Dewdrop. He is born with Hates the Outdoors and Insane.




Screenshot-128*deep sigh* This is his twin sister, Xiao Dewdrop who is an Insane Genius.

Screenshot-125Meanwhile, the kids have a friend over from school. I forget her name but no one was attracted to her. I think she came home with Monica.

Screenshot-130They all pretty much settle down for homework and talking about how they hate school, want to go on vacation and wish to hide in their homes.

Screenshot-131Holly and her friend start homework outside. Its stinky out there, but they don’t seem to care.

Screenshot-134Cedric is a good big brother. He loves Toan. He doesn’t seem interested in Xiao but he really likes Toan.

Screenshot-136Once most of the kids leave, I have Dizzy do some much needed clean up inside and outside of the house. She’s not very happy about it but with two babies, she won’t have time for much. I hate twins…

Screenshot-137Cedric also decides that his siblings need to meet Toan so he brings the little guy out in the kitchen.

Max: What is that? A large burrito with a face?

Monica: You’ll probably get heartburn from one that big.

Guys thats a baby. Seriously…

Screenshot-140Hey, you! Girl! I thought you left. She’s now attending to Xiao who needed some attention. Well…okay then.

Screenshot-141She then attempts to kidnap Xiao and places the little one outside. *sigh* Go retrieve your baby Dizzy.

Screenshot-144Hey so does everyone know why I took this picture? No? Its because Gerard reached the top of his career ALL BY HIMSELF. AHA! I KNEW YOU WERE AWESOME GERARD.

Gerard: Not awesome, ambitious.

Whatever, you’re great!


He even comes home and attends to the babies. Ah, this man. I swear. I’m going to be sad when you’re gone Gerard. I hope you live a long life. I know you’ll never see your grandkids, but I’d be happy if you saw Toan and Xiao as children at least.


Speaking of children, it’s Max’s birthday! He’s turning into a Young Adult!

Screenshot-148 Screenshot-149 Screenshot-150

Hope you made a good wish, buddy. You’ve been an awesome kid.


*coughs* Well…WOW. You’re pretty darn handsome. Max rolled Bookworm. His finally traits are: Clumsy, Insane, Perceptive, Light Sleeper, and Bookworm. His randomly chosen LTW was Professional Author.

Okay then.

Screenshot-152 Screenshot-153He makes the call and we kick him out. Bye, by handsome! Make some beautiful GlitchWolf puppies for this town! And of course, after this chapter is up both Max and his mother, Dizzy will be up for download.

Screenshot-156 Screenshot-157And that night its back to the rush to take care of the babies.  Sometimes its a blessing to have so many people who can help with the kids and sometimes its a curse.

Screenshot-158Finally after what seems like forever, we’re able to get in there and tend to Toan. Meanwhile, everyone suddenly decides they want to leave. Monica is strangely dreaming of Jerry while Gerard dreams of bed.

Screenshot-161Cedric is out to prove he’s a good pick for heir. Sorry, honey, I think I’ve already made my decision and it’s not you.

Screenshot-163 Screenshot-164Holly gets her dad to read her a bedtime story. He’s still reading that same one. I think its the only one we have actually.

Screenshot-165 Screenshot-166But its not enough for her, no! She has to get her exhausted sister to read her the same exact book before she can crawl into bed. Holly is evil, I’m telling you. She has a hidden evil trait or something.

Screenshot-167Anyway once we boot the kids out for school the next day, I have a little birthScreenshot-168Toan, everyone! Purple eyes and pink hair! It’s cute!

Screenshot-170And Xiao after she’s been caked. Another one with Black hair and Purple eyes. *sigh* Has anyone noticed that only the boys have had pink hair? Not  a single girl born with pink hair…

Screenshot-172Dizzy gets started on the skilling. Luckily, Xiao takes it upon herself to boost her own logic.

Screenshot-174By that night, she had Toan mostly skilled. We have yet to start on Xiao. We’ll get her in the next few days. Aren’t they cute in their matching pjs?

Screenshot-176Have I told anyone how much I hate twins? All the screaming. Oh my llamas…

Screenshot-177The day is spent boringly, so I didn’t bother with alot of pictures. We skilled Xiao as much as we could that day. She is very nearly potty trained and can talk now.

Screenshot-179Aw crap…Holly did I forget your birthday? Crap, crap, crap.

Screenshot-180 Screenshot-181She ages up without cake and looks quite stunned to be a teenager.

Screenshot-182I think she’s very pretty though. She rolled Unstable. Oh dear. Well, anyway her traits are Insane, Virtuoso, Unlucky and Unstable. What a winner, folks.

Screenshot-183Cedric: Tsk, cakes are such a waste of money.

But you like them don’t you?

Cedric: Yeah, but they’re a waste.

Screenshot-184 Screenshot-185 Screenshot-186These pictures basically sum up the next two days for the Dewdrop Household. Sorry I’ve been skipping around alot, but nothing is happening.

Screenshot-187Until Cedric’s birthday! Yay!

Screenshot-188 Screenshot-189 Screenshot-190Well I can’t say I like his original look. We’ll have to fix that before we send him on his own.

Also, he rolled Computer Whiz. He is now Good, Insane, a Slob, Frugal and a Computer Whiz. His LTW is Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.

Screenshot-192See ya Cedric! Make some beautiful babies out there! I’ll be uploading him as well ;D

And with that, we’ll end the chapter.

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×7 = 35
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 40 Points


0.7 Not Again

Screenshot-126So we start with Holly trying to tempt her brother into playing royal court and her brother just sighing.

Tobi: I liked playing with Monica better…

Screenshot-127Sorry Tobi, Monica is too busy being a teenager. By being a teenager I mean, she’s too busy talking to the shower.

Screenshot-129Gerard is still attempting to be a good cook. I really wish he’d stop because one of these days hes going to burn down the house.

Screenshot-130Or he makes mac and cheese and it turns out well.

Screenshot-131I love their little family time. I like when they spend time together. Gerard and Monica are actually friends and he talks to her alot on his own. All those bedtime stories paid off apparently.

Screenshot-132Oh Holly…what’s with you girls? (-5)

Screenshot-135She then goes and asks her father for a bedtime story.

Screenshot-136Good thing he’s a good father and doesn’t care if his kids wet themselves before asking for their bedtime story.

Screenshot-137If you’re so tired, Cedric, go to bed.

Cedric: But I must make father proud with my logic skills

Screenshot-138As a side note, its a full moon. Max transforms into his glitchwolf form.

Screenshot-139And begins to eat worse than his slob brother. *sighs*

Screenshot Screenshot-2Max actually leaves and his siblings take over the table.At least Cedric is still doing his homework. He might get a good trait yet.

Screenshot-5Max: Blarg, good grades, good traits. Who needs ’em.

You do.

Screenshot-7As a side note, I finally upgrade the table. We’re minus one chair because SOMEONE won’t stop pretending to be a cat and move his butt.

Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13Did I ever say in the last chapter that Monica rolled Never-Nude? Well she did. That leads to this funny picture of her getting mad over getting pranked. But you look good in purple, Moni!



Really convincing.

Screenshot-27Hey Dizzy, you okay?

Dizzy: Someone put burnt, bad food back in the fridge. Bleeeh.

Jerry: Well that’s not sexy at all.


Dizzy: Can’t knock it till you try it.

Screenshot-32It also makes Tobi sick. Poor kid. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a kid vomit in the Sims 3 though. Interesting…

Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-42These kids. Max and Monica are getting along, Cedric is yelling at the window and Tobi wants to play on the chair. Or play chess. He probably wants to pretend to be King because thats all he does anymore other than his homework.


Story time guys, I have Woohooer and I do have risky woohoo replacing regular woohoo and I do have it set so if I’m not watching them, they might do a thing. They did a thing. Now Dizzy is going to be having another rugrat. Well, six isn’t a bad number is it?

Screenshot-48So since she’s expecting, I sent her to the spa. I love Hidden Spring’s spa. Its so pretty.

As a side note, I forgot to take a picture but Tobi has been a good boy and got on honor roll. (+5) What a good boy.

Screenshot-50Max: Oh dear, oh dear…

What’s wrong?

Max: Something…something bad is going to happen.

Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52Screenshot-54Max: Told you.

You’re still so glitchy…

Screenshot-58Cedric&Gerard: PILLOW FIGHT!

Screenshot-59 Screenshot-60I love these two. They look so alike. I’m glad they’ve become so close, all things considering. Sadly, Gerard probably only has a week or so to live 😦

Screenshot-62Holly attempts to work her way into my heart in the meantime.

Screenshot-63Max: I HATE THIS CHAIR.

Dizzy! Do something.

Dizzy: Hmm…I didn’t know we had a dog…

Screenshot-64Dizzy: Wanna get the stick boy? Do you want the stick?

Max: Oh god, I want the stick! Can I please have the stick?!

Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66Screenshot-67Screenshot-68Screenshot-70Screenshot-71Dear god. There is just something weird about this. If he looked more like a werewolf I probably wouldn’t be so bothered. *sighs*

Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75That’s so mean Dizzy, pretending to throw it and not throwing it.

Dizzy: I don’t think he minds. Whose a good boy?

You do know thats your eldest son right?

Screenshot-77Oh hey, Holly finished that. And Tobi is starting on one. Good kids.

Screenshot-78Holly: And all the peons shall have a tax increase!

Monica: I wish you were a ghost.

Monica has been a grump lately. Lots of mean looks and just being angry.

Screenshot-80But guess who just got a skill in painting? Tobi did!

Screenshot-90And speaking of which, the next day is his birthday! And Dizzy has another Bikini birthday… *sigh*

Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92Wow….Tobi, aren’t you a cutie? Because Tobi graduated with an A, he got to roll for a trait and he got Hopeless Romantic. He is now Insane, Excitable, Angler and a Hopeless Romantic. The future does indeed look bright for this beautiful boy.

Sorry about the shorter chapter, but we’ll end it here. I’m trying to shoot for 10 chapters, but we’ll see what happens XD

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×5 = 25
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 30 Points

0.6 Bad Dog

So…I’m super, super behind in this legacy. Game-wise, I’m on Generation Two and Generation Three has begun to be born. Time to post like crazy!

Screenshot-111We start with potty training Holly. The last baby. I’m going to miss the smell of new baby

Dizzy: I’m not going to miss the smell of dirty diaper.

Screenshot-112 Screenshot-113Max is talking to himself again. Out of all the members of this family, he does it the most. Today he is conspiring with the wall.

ScreenshotWhats this? He’s decided to actually learn some painting skill. Well I’ll be…Dizzy is kind of upset though. That’s how she makes her cash.

Screenshot-2So I added two more in the children’s bedroom. Perhaps some of the others wish to learn to paint? *crosses fingers*



Well look at what Dizzy’s making! She makes really pretty paintings. I tell you what, this painting overhaul mod takes up alot of space but I really love it. They make the most beautiful things now. I sell most of them, but I plan to keep some in the future when I’m not saving up money to build a beautiful house.

Screenshot-4Also, here is some cute Tobi spam for you because seriously, look at this kid. I’m clearly favoring him right now.

Screenshot-7The Dewdrop household is one again falling apart. Dizzy breaks her sink again. In her bikini again. Seriously, Dizzy, why the heck are you in your bikini all the time? Is winter!

Dizzy: Not all the time.

Fair point.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9Still glitching out. He has no claws, no fangs and but his hair changes now at least. It lets us know he’s a werewolf at least.

Screenshot-11Go to bed Monica!

Monica: But beds are women, children and men with no ears!

You fall into at least one of those categories. NOW MARCH.

Screenshot-15The next day is a special day. We even got another counter because its so special. We have two birthdays today! A teen and a child birthday. That’s right, Cedric and Tobi are aging up!

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-18Tobi goes first! Make a wish birthday boy!

Screenshot-19Tobi: I wish for cake.

Shush, you’ll get it in one minute. He rolled the Angler trait. That’s a pretty good trait.

Screenshot-20Cedric please step up to the cake. And Max please stop making creeper eyes at the cake.

Max: But dad…!

Screenshot-21Gerard, can’t you even celebrate your second son’s birthday without getting cake?

Gerard: The spies want it. Gotta eat it now.


Screenshot-25Wish for something good!

Cedric: Like Max to stop being a jerk?

Screenshot-26And here is teenage Cedric. Wow, he’s actually quite the looker. Cedric rolled Frugal. So now he is Good, Insane, a Slob and frugal. Huh. Well, at least he’s handsome.

Screenshot-27Also, note the family scene. And no, I have not gotten a larger table yet despite the fact that there are many more than three sims in this house now.


Screenshot-29Monica: Oops.

Tobi: I’ll be going before I make the same mistake.

*Sighs* Well, is only the first time. (-5)

Screenshot-32By the way, I’ve upgraded to bunkbeds to save room.

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34Max: DO MY HOMEWORK.

Cedric: Holy mother of biscuits!

Screenshot-35Cedric: BAD. BAD WOLF MAN.

Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37Max: Aw man.

Cedric: That’s what I thought, fool.

Brotherly love.

Screenshot-38See? They love each other. Right to talking about the weather.

Cedric: Ever attack me again and I won’t boop you with a newspaper, I’m going to run you through with an umbrella.

Uh…Such love.

Screenshot-39Tobi has discovered what its like to be king. Monica loves ruling by his side.

Screenshot-40I know I haven’t had alot shots of Holly in this post, so heres some of her learning to talk in the bathroom. She’s so sweet.



Gerard is still an awesome dad. He’s still reading that book on murder to his children.

Screenshot-53 Screenshot-54Gerard keeps on cooking like the good husband he is. Though we have endless cake in the fridge.

Screenshot-57Its probably because he’s tired, but he burnt the food. At least he didn’t burn the house down.


I gotta sell that crap.

Screenshot-59Max is still being a stellar son. He does his homework like 60% if the time.

Max: I get my awesomeness from my father.

Clearly. You couldn’t have gotten this greatness from your mother.

Screenshot-62Tobi has become Monica’s new Royal Buddy. They both declare that their father cannot play chess today.

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-64Oh Holly, you look so evil. She really does, but I love her.

Screenshot-65Huh? Oh, Gerard, its your birthday. Sorry, man I totally forgot.

Screenshot-66Dizzy came to celebrate with his husband at least!

Screenshot-67Gerard: Oh yeah…I’m an elder…

Poor Gerard, at the end of his life 😦

Screenshot-68He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying his elder life much. Probably because I’m now allowing him to retire. That’s right, I’m keeping him in his job. He’s nearly at the top, so I think he can do it. Hopefully, he’ll get to the top of his career and reach his LTW.

Screenshot-69Max: Between me and you, dad, you got old. But hey, you’re young, do you got any advice for me?

Max, that’s a painting.

Screenshot-70By the way, prom came and went. Max and Cedric went. Cedric got a Romantic Interest. That’s her there. She’s pretty I guess. Hopefully they’ll have babies when they get out of school.

Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75Another day, another huge list of chores for the Torch Holder. Today is another special day, because its another birthday!

Screenshot-76While the kids are still at school, Dizzy works on a painting.

Screenshot-77And finishes it. As creepy as it is, I really love this painting.

Screenshot-78Okay Monica’s turn!

Screenshot-80Monica: I wish to be Queen.

Tobi: I wish for cake.

Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84Huh, she turned our pretty without any editing. But we’re gonna make her up anyway.

Screenshot-85I think Monica has turned out very beautiful. She has a good mix of her dad and her mum in her.

Screenshot-86And the crunch for cake begins anew…

Screenshot-89Night time settles in and Gerard begins to read Tobi his bedtime story.

Screenshot-88Max still proves he’s the best son.

Screenshot-91Cedric sits there and gazes into the space.Screenshot-92Aw Gerard is spending time with his last baby. She’s so cute, look at her.

Screenshot-93Ah, trying to make up for your childhood Monica?

Monica: I’m trying to temp someone to fall into my prank.

Screenshot-94Cedric decides he wants to be more like his big brother.

Cedric: Max isn’t as good as you think he is. I’m trying to prove you wrong.


Screenshot-100Gerard is still being stellar at getting promotions. He’s only one promotion away from his dream. Come on Gerard! You’re almost there!

Screenshot-105Cedric: WHY IS IT SPRING? URRRRGH!

Screenshot-106Monica: I’d just like to tell you, you’re the worst wall ever.

Screenshot-108Max: Oh god, this door wants my gibblets!

These kids are all acting insane at once.

Screenshot-109Oh and Tobi is assulting Jerry.

Screenshot-111Get that last bit of skill in Holly. Today you age up into a child. Finally.

Screenshot-113 Screenshot-114When everyone has left for school and work, I send her to the cake.

Screenshot-116 Screenshot-117And there she is! Holly Dewdrop! She rolled the Unlucky trait.

Screenshot-118She is obviously a cake lover, just like the rest of her family.

That’ll do for this chapter. Stay tuned for the next one where we find there are more surprises than I could ever freaking want.

Self Wetting (-5): -5
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×5 = 25
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 30 Points































































0.5 All The Birthdays


I’m so sorry for changing the size of the pictures again. I don’t like the medium size. So we’re trying large again. I’ll probably go back to the other chapters and edit them for large too because omg I can’t make up my mind.
Also as a side note, I’m sorry if I’m a little meh the next few times I post. I just suffered a bad breakup and I’m just…meh. BUT MOVING ON BECAUSE SIMS IS JOYFUL.Screenshot-2Dizzy…Dizzy…Your daughter is crying. Do something Dizzy.

Dizzy: Can’t. I gotta paint. We need money.

Dizzy you have like 50,000 in the bank. You don’t need money.

Dizzy: We obviously do since the house is still so darn small.

That’s only because I’m lazy.


Look at this poor baby girl. She’s crying…for no reason. Everything is in the green. Monica is a crybaby apparently. Neither of the others were like this. I guess being the only girl means you can cry about being the only girl. Maybe if you get lucky, mommy will have another baby girl.


There we go. Someone is happy again. Haha, look how stunned she looks to be  by that musical note in her face. She really seems to like playing on this thing.

Screenshot-5Max is still being a stellar son. He has now obtained an A in school. Perhaps soon we’ll have that honor roll call and you’ll earn me some more points? How’s it sound, huh, Max?

Max: Shove your points. I’ll never be heir.

Someone sounds pouty. By the way, where’s Cedric?

Screenshot-6Cedric…You’re in your bathing suit. In the snow.

Wait a minute, it’s only fall. Why is it snowing? Ugh Sim logic…


And suddenly, Max’s mood dips into the red. Uh-oh.



Good thing Dizzy is out of the room. She’s a coward. Nothing like your own son making you faint. But look how fearsome he’s beginning to look!


Uh? He has the Werewolf moodlet but he has failed to transform. Resetting him did nothing. HE IS A GLITCH-WOLF D:


Meanwhile, Dizzy and Gerard break in their bed (for the first time) and snow glitches into their house. Here’s hoping for a girl!


Gerard: Son, you stink. This house stinks.

Cerdric: While that’s a brilliant point, father, I believe I need a bedtime story before I even attempt to go to sleep, even though I’m about to faceplant on the floor.

Gerard: Uh…

Screenshot-19He’s even in his own bed. But I think he’s in his bathing suit again. *Sigh* He really likes his swimwear.


The next morning the schedule is some green puke


Breaking the toilet with green puke


Feeding baby Moni


And now that everyone has left and won’t blow my speakers out with their horns and shouting, a birthday for Baby Tobi! Happy birthday Tobi!




We begin to teach him his skills right away because Moni has already been taught all of her’s. I’ve pretty much got this “parenting” thing down for them. I also got the birthing baby thing down. All of the kids are about three days apart and I have my age on the setting that by the time the new one is born, its time for one of the older ones to become a child so I only have two toddlers/babies at any one time.

Screenshot-33After Tobi learns to walk and has crawled off to who knows where, Dizzy pops.

Also, note how the kids are setting pranks. That spot is the sink in the second bathroom. How often do they use that sink? Never.

Screenshot-34Max goes to bed, Cedric does his homework. Cedric will be up till nine or so and go to bed and then Max will get up at three am and do his homework probably. They have a system.


Gerard: I know those spies want my cake.

They really don’t.

Gerard: They do. I know it.


Cedric: Cake Zombie


Screenshot-40Okay, seriously now, birthday time. Though if we glance in the background, we see how interested the rest of the family really seems to be. *sigh*


There we go, now they’re into it. Oh, and yes, that is Cedric in the pink dinosaur outfit. Sometime before he got forced to come for cake, he changed.

Screenshot-42Make a wish Monica! Wish for good traits!

Screenshot-43Here come the sparkles!



Oops, theres Dizzy being pranked behind her.


Monica Dewdrop everyone. She rolled Over-Emotional. I think she’s turning out very pretty. I’m sure she’ll make beautiful babies somewhere.

Screenshot-48Screenshot-49Screenshot-50Cedric and Monica spam. They really do look like twins. too bad he’s like three days older than her. I can see them marrying a pair of twins and having babies that look the same, haha.

Screenshot-51Yay more beds. Teal/Pink for Max, Red/Pink for Cedric, Blue/Pink for Monica. It was supposed to be purple but it came out blue.



Max: I am eldest, THEREFORE I AM THE KING!

Monica: Excuse me?

Cedric: Do you want us to revolt?



Cedric and Monica: BOOOOO.



Screenshot-56Some cute teaching to talk spam and also, Max and Gerard fighting over who cleans out the potty. Which is nice. That just means Dizzy doesn’t have to do it. Where have our other royals gone?


To talk in the bathroom about the weather. Huh.


And Max is arguing with the trashcan…

Screenshot-61I swear, I’m going to start calling them the twins because they’re so darn cute!




Dizzy fix that shizz. Geeze. Tomorrow is Max’s teen birthday so, we need to have the house looking decent.



Also: Max got honor roll on his last day as a child. It counts (+5)


Birthday time again! It’s your birthday Max!

Dat creeper face though…


*wishes for a good trait*


Here’s the sparkle fairy!


Oh wow! Max, you’re cute! He rolled Light Sleeper. His current list of traits is : Clumsy, Insane, perceptive and light sleeper. He’s decent, trait-wise. And I mean, if you like werewolves who glitch, he’s great.

Screenshot-73By the way I did this. A painting of Gerard. I think it turned out okay. I need like a well lit painting corner.


And as Dizzy starts her own picture, she goes into labor with baby number….uh…Five? Are we on five finally? Thank goodness, I’m so tired of all these babies.

Dizzy: You’re not the one who has to birth them!

True, true. PUSH DIZZY PUSH.


She gives birth to another baby girl in the nursery. This is baby Holly, after the name the Rainbow Butterfly Monster took when she disguised herself as a human. Holly is Insane and a Virtuoso. Wow! Great trait!


Let the fight for the baby begin!

And everyone just ignore Tobi. Poor kid, nobody pays any attention to him now since his baby sister was born.


Don’t you dare. DON’T YOU DARE. (he didn’t. He scooted his butt into the bathroom right after this)


D’aw. He loves his baby sister. And that suit.


Dizzy finishes her own picture but…I don’t like it. Try again *sells*


Try two.


Cedric: And I declare it is time for at least one more birthday before this chapter comes to a close!

I guess that’s a good idea Cedi.

Screenshot-89It’s time for Dizzy’s Adult birthday!


Not so bad, huh Dizzy?

Dizzy: Meh.

Okay, one more birthday and I’ll end it, I swear.





Potential Heir, even without the pink hair.

Screenshot-100And the run for cake.

Screenshot-105 Screenshot-106 Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109Cute toddler spam!


Last shot, promise. Dizzy’s portrait is done. Its not the best, but it will do. (+5)

Self Wetting (-5): 0
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×5 = 25
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 35 Points