0.6 Bad Dog

So…I’m super, super behind in this legacy. Game-wise, I’m on Generation Two and Generation Three has begun to be born. Time to post like crazy!

Screenshot-111We start with potty training Holly. The last baby. I’m going to miss the smell of new baby

Dizzy: I’m not going to miss the smell of dirty diaper.

Screenshot-112 Screenshot-113Max is talking to himself again. Out of all the members of this family, he does it the most. Today he is conspiring with the wall.

ScreenshotWhats this? He’s decided to actually learn some painting skill. Well I’ll be…Dizzy is kind of upset though. That’s how she makes her cash.

Screenshot-2So I added two more in the children’s bedroom. Perhaps some of the others wish to learn to paint? *crosses fingers*



Well look at what Dizzy’s making! She makes really pretty paintings. I tell you what, this painting overhaul mod takes up alot of space but I really love it. They make the most beautiful things now. I sell most of them, but I plan to keep some in the future when I’m not saving up money to build a beautiful house.

Screenshot-4Also, here is some cute Tobi spam for you because seriously, look at this kid. I’m clearly favoring him right now.

Screenshot-7The Dewdrop household is one again falling apart. Dizzy breaks her sink again. In her bikini again. Seriously, Dizzy, why the heck are you in your bikini all the time? Is winter!

Dizzy: Not all the time.

Fair point.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9Still glitching out. He has no claws, no fangs and but his hair changes now at least. It lets us know he’s a werewolf at least.

Screenshot-11Go to bed Monica!

Monica: But beds are women, children and men with no ears!

You fall into at least one of those categories. NOW MARCH.

Screenshot-15The next day is a special day. We even got another counter because its so special. We have two birthdays today! A teen and a child birthday. That’s right, Cedric and Tobi are aging up!

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-18Tobi goes first! Make a wish birthday boy!

Screenshot-19Tobi: I wish for cake.

Shush, you’ll get it in one minute. He rolled the Angler trait. That’s a pretty good trait.

Screenshot-20Cedric please step up to the cake. And Max please stop making creeper eyes at the cake.

Max: But dad…!

Screenshot-21Gerard, can’t you even celebrate your second son’s birthday without getting cake?

Gerard: The spies want it. Gotta eat it now.


Screenshot-25Wish for something good!

Cedric: Like Max to stop being a jerk?

Screenshot-26And here is teenage Cedric. Wow, he’s actually quite the looker. Cedric rolled Frugal. So now he is Good, Insane, a Slob and frugal. Huh. Well, at least he’s handsome.

Screenshot-27Also, note the family scene. And no, I have not gotten a larger table yet despite the fact that there are many more than three sims in this house now.


Screenshot-29Monica: Oops.

Tobi: I’ll be going before I make the same mistake.

*Sighs* Well, is only the first time. (-5)

Screenshot-32By the way, I’ve upgraded to bunkbeds to save room.

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34Max: DO MY HOMEWORK.

Cedric: Holy mother of biscuits!

Screenshot-35Cedric: BAD. BAD WOLF MAN.

Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37Max: Aw man.

Cedric: That’s what I thought, fool.

Brotherly love.

Screenshot-38See? They love each other. Right to talking about the weather.

Cedric: Ever attack me again and I won’t boop you with a newspaper, I’m going to run you through with an umbrella.

Uh…Such love.

Screenshot-39Tobi has discovered what its like to be king. Monica loves ruling by his side.

Screenshot-40I know I haven’t had alot shots of Holly in this post, so heres some of her learning to talk in the bathroom. She’s so sweet.



Gerard is still an awesome dad. He’s still reading that book on murder to his children.

Screenshot-53 Screenshot-54Gerard keeps on cooking like the good husband he is. Though we have endless cake in the fridge.

Screenshot-57Its probably because he’s tired, but he burnt the food. At least he didn’t burn the house down.


I gotta sell that crap.

Screenshot-59Max is still being a stellar son. He does his homework like 60% if the time.

Max: I get my awesomeness from my father.

Clearly. You couldn’t have gotten this greatness from your mother.

Screenshot-62Tobi has become Monica’s new Royal Buddy. They both declare that their father cannot play chess today.

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-64Oh Holly, you look so evil. She really does, but I love her.

Screenshot-65Huh? Oh, Gerard, its your birthday. Sorry, man I totally forgot.

Screenshot-66Dizzy came to celebrate with his husband at least!

Screenshot-67Gerard: Oh yeah…I’m an elder…

Poor Gerard, at the end of his life 😦

Screenshot-68He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying his elder life much. Probably because I’m now allowing him to retire. That’s right, I’m keeping him in his job. He’s nearly at the top, so I think he can do it. Hopefully, he’ll get to the top of his career and reach his LTW.

Screenshot-69Max: Between me and you, dad, you got old. But hey, you’re young, do you got any advice for me?

Max, that’s a painting.

Screenshot-70By the way, prom came and went. Max and Cedric went. Cedric got a Romantic Interest. That’s her there. She’s pretty I guess. Hopefully they’ll have babies when they get out of school.

Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75Another day, another huge list of chores for the Torch Holder. Today is another special day, because its another birthday!

Screenshot-76While the kids are still at school, Dizzy works on a painting.

Screenshot-77And finishes it. As creepy as it is, I really love this painting.

Screenshot-78Okay Monica’s turn!

Screenshot-80Monica: I wish to be Queen.

Tobi: I wish for cake.

Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84Huh, she turned our pretty without any editing. But we’re gonna make her up anyway.

Screenshot-85I think Monica has turned out very beautiful. She has a good mix of her dad and her mum in her.

Screenshot-86And the crunch for cake begins anew…

Screenshot-89Night time settles in and Gerard begins to read Tobi his bedtime story.

Screenshot-88Max still proves he’s the best son.

Screenshot-91Cedric sits there and gazes into the space.Screenshot-92Aw Gerard is spending time with his last baby. She’s so cute, look at her.

Screenshot-93Ah, trying to make up for your childhood Monica?

Monica: I’m trying to temp someone to fall into my prank.

Screenshot-94Cedric decides he wants to be more like his big brother.

Cedric: Max isn’t as good as you think he is. I’m trying to prove you wrong.


Screenshot-100Gerard is still being stellar at getting promotions. He’s only one promotion away from his dream. Come on Gerard! You’re almost there!

Screenshot-105Cedric: WHY IS IT SPRING? URRRRGH!

Screenshot-106Monica: I’d just like to tell you, you’re the worst wall ever.

Screenshot-108Max: Oh god, this door wants my gibblets!

These kids are all acting insane at once.

Screenshot-109Oh and Tobi is assulting Jerry.

Screenshot-111Get that last bit of skill in Holly. Today you age up into a child. Finally.

Screenshot-113 Screenshot-114When everyone has left for school and work, I send her to the cake.

Screenshot-116 Screenshot-117And there she is! Holly Dewdrop! She rolled the Unlucky trait.

Screenshot-118She is obviously a cake lover, just like the rest of her family.

That’ll do for this chapter. Stay tuned for the next one where we find there are more surprises than I could ever freaking want.

Self Wetting (-5): -5
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×5 = 25
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 30 Points
































































4 thoughts on “0.6 Bad Dog

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.*scrolls back up* AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH. “Do my Homework! Bad Dog!” I laughed so hard at that. OMG. All of the kids are turning out so great! I can’t wait to see who the next heir is going to be. I think anyone that gets picked is going to be awesome.


    • Thing is, they’re still really good friends. But Max has turned into a hellion, especially when he decided to be all wolfy. He terrifies his siblings yet they still love each other (mostly). I think the heir is going great ^w^ I can’t wait to show everyone who it is and the picked spouse. I’m very excited to get this show on the road. Now if my game would stop crashing, that’d be great. XD


  2. Max: Between me and you, dad, you got old. But hey, you’re young, do you got any advice for me?
    Max, that’s a painting.
    PMSL, Max really is insane, isn’t he? Love it!

    Naw, I really like Holly’s looks, such a cutie (even if the red eyes do make her look evil). Can’t wait to see who you picked as heir! I know exactly what you mean about playing ahead; I do the same! At least with two blogs going at once, I’m only about 2 chapters ahead now, instead of 6.


    • He is. Out of all the kids, he talks to himself the most and does the most insane actions. But I love him for it.

      Holly does look evil, but I swear its the black hair/red eye combo. Spoiler Alert: I think she turns out the most beautiful of Dizzy’s kids. XD


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