0.7 Not Again

Screenshot-126So we start with Holly trying to tempt her brother into playing royal court and her brother just sighing.

Tobi: I liked playing with Monica better…

Screenshot-127Sorry Tobi, Monica is too busy being a teenager. By being a teenager I mean, she’s too busy talking to the shower.

Screenshot-129Gerard is still attempting to be a good cook. I really wish he’d stop because one of these days hes going to burn down the house.

Screenshot-130Or he makes mac and cheese and it turns out well.

Screenshot-131I love their little family time. I like when they spend time together. Gerard and Monica are actually friends and he talks to her alot on his own. All those bedtime stories paid off apparently.

Screenshot-132Oh Holly…what’s with you girls? (-5)

Screenshot-135She then goes and asks her father for a bedtime story.

Screenshot-136Good thing he’s a good father and doesn’t care if his kids wet themselves before asking for their bedtime story.

Screenshot-137If you’re so tired, Cedric, go to bed.

Cedric: But I must make father proud with my logic skills

Screenshot-138As a side note, its a full moon. Max transforms into his glitchwolf form.

Screenshot-139And begins to eat worse than his slob brother. *sighs*

Screenshot Screenshot-2Max actually leaves and his siblings take over the table.At least Cedric is still doing his homework. He might get a good trait yet.

Screenshot-5Max: Blarg, good grades, good traits. Who needs ’em.

You do.

Screenshot-7As a side note, I finally upgrade the table. We’re minus one chair because SOMEONE won’t stop pretending to be a cat and move his butt.

Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13Did I ever say in the last chapter that Monica rolled Never-Nude? Well she did. That leads to this funny picture of her getting mad over getting pranked. But you look good in purple, Moni!



Really convincing.

Screenshot-27Hey Dizzy, you okay?

Dizzy: Someone put burnt, bad food back in the fridge. Bleeeh.

Jerry: Well that’s not sexy at all.


Dizzy: Can’t knock it till you try it.

Screenshot-32It also makes Tobi sick. Poor kid. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a kid vomit in the Sims 3 though. Interesting…

Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-42These kids. Max and Monica are getting along, Cedric is yelling at the window and Tobi wants to play on the chair. Or play chess. He probably wants to pretend to be King because thats all he does anymore other than his homework.


Story time guys, I have Woohooer and I do have risky woohoo replacing regular woohoo and I do have it set so if I’m not watching them, they might do a thing. They did a thing. Now Dizzy is going to be having another rugrat. Well, six isn’t a bad number is it?

Screenshot-48So since she’s expecting, I sent her to the spa. I love Hidden Spring’s spa. Its so pretty.

As a side note, I forgot to take a picture but Tobi has been a good boy and got on honor roll. (+5) What a good boy.

Screenshot-50Max: Oh dear, oh dear…

What’s wrong?

Max: Something…something bad is going to happen.

Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52Screenshot-54Max: Told you.

You’re still so glitchy…

Screenshot-58Cedric&Gerard: PILLOW FIGHT!

Screenshot-59 Screenshot-60I love these two. They look so alike. I’m glad they’ve become so close, all things considering. Sadly, Gerard probably only has a week or so to live 😦

Screenshot-62Holly attempts to work her way into my heart in the meantime.

Screenshot-63Max: I HATE THIS CHAIR.

Dizzy! Do something.

Dizzy: Hmm…I didn’t know we had a dog…

Screenshot-64Dizzy: Wanna get the stick boy? Do you want the stick?

Max: Oh god, I want the stick! Can I please have the stick?!

Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66Screenshot-67Screenshot-68Screenshot-70Screenshot-71Dear god. There is just something weird about this. If he looked more like a werewolf I probably wouldn’t be so bothered. *sighs*

Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75That’s so mean Dizzy, pretending to throw it and not throwing it.

Dizzy: I don’t think he minds. Whose a good boy?

You do know thats your eldest son right?

Screenshot-77Oh hey, Holly finished that. And Tobi is starting on one. Good kids.

Screenshot-78Holly: And all the peons shall have a tax increase!

Monica: I wish you were a ghost.

Monica has been a grump lately. Lots of mean looks and just being angry.

Screenshot-80But guess who just got a skill in painting? Tobi did!

Screenshot-90And speaking of which, the next day is his birthday! And Dizzy has another Bikini birthday… *sigh*

Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92Wow….Tobi, aren’t you a cutie? Because Tobi graduated with an A, he got to roll for a trait and he got Hopeless Romantic. He is now Insane, Excitable, Angler and a Hopeless Romantic. The future does indeed look bright for this beautiful boy.

Sorry about the shorter chapter, but we’ll end it here. I’m trying to shoot for 10 chapters, but we’ll see what happens XD

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×5 = 25
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 30 Points


4 thoughts on “0.7 Not Again

  1. LOL, I have seen that werewolf glitch somewhere else, but only once…oh right, the Mendeleev legacy. At least Max has different hair now, I guess? You can alter them in CAS, but I think that’s on the clothes/hair, not the fangs and such. And it totally wouldn’t be cheating to use CAS to change him up a bit, since he’s a glitchwolf 😉

    LMAO at the unplanned pregnancy. I’m so turning that on once my Epic are allowed more than one kid. So much more fun than just trying for baby. More realism 🙂


    • I tried altering him in CAS and all I could do was change the hair and not the facial features. You can add the claws actually, but they keep glitching away. I just decided to let him be a proud GlitchWolf instead of trying to change who he is on the inside XD Outside? I don’t know.

      Well it threw me for a loop. I was planning on Holly being the last baby. But here comes another. Oh well. A little bit more genetics couldn’t hurt right? And then there will be a greater chance for grandbabies! 😀


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