0.8 No More Surprises Please

Okay, so more posting time. I really need to crank out the rest of the first generation.

Screenshot-98Max: Tobi, bro, what are you doing?


Alright then. What a way to start of my chapter, boys.

Screenshot-99Dizzy is still making beautiful art. In her bikini while she’s expecting her LAST child.

Dizzy: Oh poo on you. We could always use more children. Soon some of them will be leaving the nest.

This is true.

Screenshot-101Max is still attempting to win my favor by learning some painting. Tobi is already ahead of you. He has a point.

Screenshot-102Tobi won’t be left behind though. He will win. Or so he assumes. For all he knows, I’ll pick Holly or the new baby.

Screenshot-103Speaking of which, Holly is playing Princess and of course she chose the red dress.

Screenshot-104Her creepy factor has risen by 900 points. God, Holly, you’re so creepy. I love you but good llamas…

Screenshot-106Cedric: And so I told Max that he was a bad dog!

Tobi: Oh no way! Man he stinks! I hate that he’s a GlitchWolf.

Screenshot-107And then they giggle like school girls. Ah, these two…

Screenshot-108Holly has decided she is no longer a princess, but a Queen.

Holly: You have that right, Voice! I will not be treated the common rabble! Now, where is my throne?!

Hey, what’s you’re mother painting back there? Looks kinda  creepy.

Screenshot-109SWEET GILGAMESH. What the heck are you painting, Dizzy?

Dizzy: You.

I assure you I do not look like that.

Screenshot-110Meanwhile, Cedric has a problem with Tobi’s half-finished painting.

Cedric: You’ll never amount to anything! Everyone hates you!

Well, it’ll never amount to anything if Tobi doesn’t finish it…

Screenshot-111Anyway, Tobi is busy setting traps in the bathroom. He just did the sink and he’s about to do the toilet. I let it go because kids will be kids.

Screenshot-114Tobi: Urgh I can’t believe this?

What’s up Tobi?

Tobi: There’s already a trap in the shower so I’m going to yell at it until it goes away.

I don’t think it works that way.

Screenshot-116Tobi: And you know soooo much.

Actually…I do…But that’s because I’m a people and you’re a Sim.

Screenshot-119Gerard then shoos Tobi out so he can take a shower…and get his hair dyed purple. Well the shower doesn’t have a trap on it anymore at least.



Hey Gerard, haven’t heard from you in a while. What’s up? You look panicked.

Gerard: Oooh I knew it was a bad idea to get her knocked up again!


To the nursery with you. Come on now.

Screenshot-123Much better.

Dizzy; Maybe for you. I’m the one pushing out a baby!

Screenshot-126Another son is born. This is Toan Dewdrop. He is born with Hates the Outdoors and Insane.




Screenshot-128*deep sigh* This is his twin sister, Xiao Dewdrop who is an Insane Genius.

Screenshot-125Meanwhile, the kids have a friend over from school. I forget her name but no one was attracted to her. I think she came home with Monica.

Screenshot-130They all pretty much settle down for homework and talking about how they hate school, want to go on vacation and wish to hide in their homes.

Screenshot-131Holly and her friend start homework outside. Its stinky out there, but they don’t seem to care.

Screenshot-134Cedric is a good big brother. He loves Toan. He doesn’t seem interested in Xiao but he really likes Toan.

Screenshot-136Once most of the kids leave, I have Dizzy do some much needed clean up inside and outside of the house. She’s not very happy about it but with two babies, she won’t have time for much. I hate twins…

Screenshot-137Cedric also decides that his siblings need to meet Toan so he brings the little guy out in the kitchen.

Max: What is that? A large burrito with a face?

Monica: You’ll probably get heartburn from one that big.

Guys thats a baby. Seriously…

Screenshot-140Hey, you! Girl! I thought you left. She’s now attending to Xiao who needed some attention. Well…okay then.

Screenshot-141She then attempts to kidnap Xiao and places the little one outside. *sigh* Go retrieve your baby Dizzy.

Screenshot-144Hey so does everyone know why I took this picture? No? Its because Gerard reached the top of his career ALL BY HIMSELF. AHA! I KNEW YOU WERE AWESOME GERARD.

Gerard: Not awesome, ambitious.

Whatever, you’re great!


He even comes home and attends to the babies. Ah, this man. I swear. I’m going to be sad when you’re gone Gerard. I hope you live a long life. I know you’ll never see your grandkids, but I’d be happy if you saw Toan and Xiao as children at least.


Speaking of children, it’s Max’s birthday! He’s turning into a Young Adult!

Screenshot-148 Screenshot-149 Screenshot-150

Hope you made a good wish, buddy. You’ve been an awesome kid.


*coughs* Well…WOW. You’re pretty darn handsome. Max rolled Bookworm. His finally traits are: Clumsy, Insane, Perceptive, Light Sleeper, and Bookworm. His randomly chosen LTW was Professional Author.

Okay then.

Screenshot-152 Screenshot-153He makes the call and we kick him out. Bye, by handsome! Make some beautiful GlitchWolf puppies for this town! And of course, after this chapter is up both Max and his mother, Dizzy will be up for download.

Screenshot-156 Screenshot-157And that night its back to the rush to take care of the babies.  Sometimes its a blessing to have so many people who can help with the kids and sometimes its a curse.

Screenshot-158Finally after what seems like forever, we’re able to get in there and tend to Toan. Meanwhile, everyone suddenly decides they want to leave. Monica is strangely dreaming of Jerry while Gerard dreams of bed.

Screenshot-161Cedric is out to prove he’s a good pick for heir. Sorry, honey, I think I’ve already made my decision and it’s not you.

Screenshot-163 Screenshot-164Holly gets her dad to read her a bedtime story. He’s still reading that same one. I think its the only one we have actually.

Screenshot-165 Screenshot-166But its not enough for her, no! She has to get her exhausted sister to read her the same exact book before she can crawl into bed. Holly is evil, I’m telling you. She has a hidden evil trait or something.

Screenshot-167Anyway once we boot the kids out for school the next day, I have a little birthScreenshot-168Toan, everyone! Purple eyes and pink hair! It’s cute!

Screenshot-170And Xiao after she’s been caked. Another one with Black hair and Purple eyes. *sigh* Has anyone noticed that only the boys have had pink hair? Not  a single girl born with pink hair…

Screenshot-172Dizzy gets started on the skilling. Luckily, Xiao takes it upon herself to boost her own logic.

Screenshot-174By that night, she had Toan mostly skilled. We have yet to start on Xiao. We’ll get her in the next few days. Aren’t they cute in their matching pjs?

Screenshot-176Have I told anyone how much I hate twins? All the screaming. Oh my llamas…

Screenshot-177The day is spent boringly, so I didn’t bother with alot of pictures. We skilled Xiao as much as we could that day. She is very nearly potty trained and can talk now.

Screenshot-179Aw crap…Holly did I forget your birthday? Crap, crap, crap.

Screenshot-180 Screenshot-181She ages up without cake and looks quite stunned to be a teenager.

Screenshot-182I think she’s very pretty though. She rolled Unstable. Oh dear. Well, anyway her traits are Insane, Virtuoso, Unlucky and Unstable. What a winner, folks.

Screenshot-183Cedric: Tsk, cakes are such a waste of money.

But you like them don’t you?

Cedric: Yeah, but they’re a waste.

Screenshot-184 Screenshot-185 Screenshot-186These pictures basically sum up the next two days for the Dewdrop Household. Sorry I’ve been skipping around alot, but nothing is happening.

Screenshot-187Until Cedric’s birthday! Yay!

Screenshot-188 Screenshot-189 Screenshot-190Well I can’t say I like his original look. We’ll have to fix that before we send him on his own.

Also, he rolled Computer Whiz. He is now Good, Insane, a Slob, Frugal and a Computer Whiz. His LTW is Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.

Screenshot-192See ya Cedric! Make some beautiful babies out there! I’ll be uploading him as well ;D

And with that, we’ll end the chapter.

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×7 = 35
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 0

Total: 40 Points


6 thoughts on “0.8 No More Surprises Please

  1. I actually did notice that the boys were the only ones that got the pink hair. I was pretty surprised but I guess it follows the general rule that boys usually take after their moms and girls take after their dad. They’re all turning out so great though!


    • They are. And Max turned out wonderful and Cedric really did too. They’re both such handsome boys. Now if only they’d make babies…The only thing either of them did when they got out of the house was get jobs and move in together. *sigh*


      • My spares always do that too. They never seem to get relationships until they are adults and then it’s always with old women and men that can’t have babies. It kills me!


      • I don’t mind the older men for my female spares, they can still have babies. But when my young spares get in relationships with elder women I’m like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO HAVE BABIES? DON’T LET YOUR GENES DIE UGH. And sometimes I download extra women/men from other legacy so that MAYBE they might marry one of them and have some babies darn it Dx


  2. Zomg, I was not expecting twins! Good work, Dizzy. At least you have a lot of teens on hand to help out, I guess? Personally, I quite like twins, though it would be much harder in an ISBI, which I haven’t played yet. I’m a bit of a control freak, lol.

    The boys grew up to be very handsome! Though I do agree with Cedric that cakes are a waste of money; I usually only do cake for YA birthdays, unless someone wishes for a party. Though birthday parties are a good way to check in on the spares in later generations 🙂


    • It’s so hard in an ISBI…which is why I’m glad Dizzy is a stay at home mom. I’ve already decided every torch holder will be a stay at home parent, until all the children they’re going to have are children just so none get taken away. I’m usually a super-control freak with my sims as well but I’m learning to let go with this challenge XD Sims will be Sims?

      Oh yes they did! I’m so proud of them. Now, if they would have some kids! I hate throwing parties in sims. The guests usually act so rude for me, but I will throw them, if only, as you said, to check up on my spares. I’m planning on trying to have wedding parties as well for the torch holders, just so I have an additional chance to check on siblings and such.


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