Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to wish you a happy holidays and merry christmas! Hope it was wonderful and you’re all about to feast with family, friends and loved ones. I don’t have a pretty picture, like I was hoping to (my computer has been quite evil lately) but I wanted to at least make a post to wish you a good holiday season.

Thanks for being awesome!

From Kailee and her kitty crew


1.3 Where My Luck Fails (Again)

Well nothing to report this time. Enjoy another chapter c:

ScreenshotXiao is the second Holly. She loves to play instruments. Of course she gives creepy eyes as she plays.

Xiao: You’re just jealous.

Screenshot-2Well ignoring her, let’s look at little Fruit Salad! I think I’ll call him Fruity for short. He’s adorable. Get that bone, Fruity, get it!


But just then, my camera is ripped away from me and taken to Nymeria as she pops with baby number two! I’m excited!

Screenshot-4And then I hear the sounds of all my dreams falling apart. Tobi washed some dishes, on his own, and broke the dishwasher. Guess what you’re doing now Tobi?

Tobi: what about my job?

You don’t have a job.

Screenshot-5Tobi: Of course I do. I take care of my son!

Well…I guess that’s a pretty big job if you want to call it a job.


At least Toan is a helpful boy. Hes mopping up the mess Tobi ignored.Screenshot-7Nymeria plays games meanwhile, not caring about anything else.

Nymeria: I’m doing research for when I get back to work. GOAL.


Screenshot-9Toan: YOU. ARE. NOTHING.

Tobi: I’m trying to work here.


Xiao: I’m just gonna eat…

Screenshot-10And then the crush for the baby. He had been crying and Xiao reached him first. Xiao really seems to love her nephew Billy.

Screenshot-12Toan meanwhile has banished himself to the outside.

Toan: I’m so tired.

Then go to bed.

Toan: But look at the snow…

You’re hopeless…

Screenshot-13Dizzy loves cooking for her family. She only earned like two when I controlled her though. Probably because everyone ate cake all day every day.

Screenshot-14And so she still fails at cooking. No wonder Gerard always did the cooking…

Screenshot-15And so Lefty punishes her for her insolence


Screenshot-16Apparently she is allowed to live for here she is cuddling little Billy. But of course, there is actually a good reason she’s handling him.

Screenshot-18It’s Billy’s birthday!

Screenshot-21Awww! The red/brown hair and red eyes! He’s so cute. Hello little Billy! You’re the cutest!

Screenshot-23Of course, his mother wasn’t at his birthday party, she was downstairs looking at the pictures again. This seems to be her favorite thing to do. Maybe I should put a chair down here for her.

Screenshot-24Tobi: I love my job.

You mean caring for your son?

Tobi: Yeah~

He really is a great dad, even without me directing him. He must have learned from his own father.

Screenshot-25And its time to teach him to walk! Look how unsure he looks!

Screenshot-27Nymeria on the otherhand is spending more time with Fruity. I don’t think she’s ever even picked Fruity up.

Screenshot-28To help me with the upcoming baby, I decided to buy some things for them to use so theres not so much rushing around with teaching them their skills. All I’ll have to do from now on is potty train them.

Screenshot-29So in Billy goes to his new walker. Yay.


And Nymeria does me a favor and cleans. How about you talk to your son for a bit? No?

Nymeria: I have a child?

Yes and you’re going to have another…

Nymeria: Are you sure?

Screenshot-32Tobi: I can’t wait to meet the new little one.

Nymeria: It’s always nice to get new pets.


Screenshot-33Meanwhile…Billy explores the house.

Screenshot-35Xiao: Ew, an old guy is touching our stuff.

That’s your dad, Xiao.

Xiao: Gross.

But ignoring her, I don’t even know why Gerard is out of his hole. Its like 10 am and its also Snowflake day!

(Also, as a note, I didn’t catch it on camera because I was busy with Xiao and trying to get Gerard back in his containment, but Toan decided to pass out on me. Darn it, (-5))

Screenshot-36To check up on the distant family, we’re going to have a gift-giving party! Holly is the first to arrive.

Screenshot-37There’s Monica, who is expecting a child with her husband.

Screenshot-38Here is Cedric, who is still signal. Make some babies please Cedric?

Screenshot-39This elder is Monica’s husband. I wonder what he looked like when he was young. They seem happy together so I hope that he lives a long time.

Screenshot-40Everyone crowds into the house, piling gifts up and talking to each other. Ironic I’m posting this three days before Christmas I guess. Haha…And as I notice it, they’re not having a white Christmas either.

Screenshot-43Max is the last person to arrive, stalking in as a Glitchwolf. He is also single, no girlfriend or romantic interest or children.

Screenshot-44So everyone begins opening gifts. I don’t remember who got what anymore, but I’m pretty sure everyone got nice things. You may be asking, where’s Billy?

Screenshot-45He’s teaching himself to talk. He’s so happy by himself.

Screenshot-46The party beings to break up and guests begin to leave. They left alot of food at least. No more cooking for the next Simsweek or so,

Screenshot-47Billy gets lonely and he gets some attention from his dad.


Nymeria? Are you okay?

Nymeria: My stomach hurts.

Screenshot-49Toan: What do?!

Nymeria: Stop shouting everyone!

Screenshot-50Hello Feijoa! She is born with Heavy Sleeper and Insane.


And here is what a Feijoa really looks like.

Screenshot-51She is (SOMEHOW! D<) born with a twin, Physalis. Physalis is born with Athletic and Insane.

Seriously though, I thought Generation Three was supposed to be where all the double and triple births start happening. This is terribly unfair!


This is a Physalis fruit, with the husk still on it. They’re kind of cute.


And after transporting her babies into the nursery…Nymeria decides to dishonor herself.

Screenshot-53Nymeria: Oh dear…

Next time try using the bathroom honey. (-5)

Screenshot-55Let’s end with an adorable picture of pouting Billy. Isn’t he the cutest? Don’t worry Billy, we’ll be back with another chapter soon.

Self Wetting (-5): -5×3 = -15
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×1 = -5
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×10 = 50
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×2 = 10
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: 140 Points

And here my points begin to die…

1.2 Invisible Cake or Not

Hello everyone and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve had some trouble with my game lately. It was crashing and then it was just being a pain in my rear end. Hopefully the troubles are past and I get another few chapters out.

Screenshot-152We start this chapter with a birthday. Not any birthday, the twins’ birthday. They’re finally going to be teenagers.

Tobi: They’re finally one step closer to getting out of my house.

Tobi, be nice. You can’t help that your mom and dad liked to woohoo all the darn time.

Screenshot-154Toan wastes no time in blowing out the candles and making a wish. Xiao is a little bit slower on the draw.

Xiao: Do I want a pony? Nah. A big house of my own? Nah…

Just make a wish kid!

Screenshot-156She looks so happy. At least Toan looks excited for his oncoming age-up.

Screenshot-158Toan is handsome! I think he looks like his dad. He got the Hopeless Romantic trait, much like his older brother! How sweet!

Screenshot-162At this exact moment, Nymeria decides its a gret time to pop. Oh well, baby number one of generation three is going to be born soon! How exciting!

Screenshot-160 Screenshot-161Xiao ages up as well and she looks just as lovely as her sisters before her. I think she looks alot like Gerard too. Anyway, the trait she earned was Equestrian, so that’s why I dressed her the way I did. I think she looks cute.

Screenshot-163 Screenshot-164By the next day I added this addition to the house. A little outdoor party area and pool. I figured it might be something nice to have. Oh and look a cake…does this mean that there is something happening today? Indeed it does – Tobi and Nymeria are getting married today!

Screenshot-165By the time we get around to the wedding, night has fallen but there is plenty of light. Being the insane Sims they are, Nymeria and Tobi choose their own form of formal wear.

Tobi: I hate shirts.

Nymeria: I hate warm weather! Woof!

Screenshot-166And here is the wedding party behind them. They could sit, but only a few people opt to. Ah…gotta love Sim logic.

Screenshot-167They haven’t even exchanged rings yet and Cedric is bawling like a baby. I guess he can’t believe his little brother is getting married before him.

Cedric: No! Its not that. I’m crying because that cake is glitched and I know it!


Screenshot-168 Screenshot-169 Screenshot-170And with that, she is now Mrs. Nymeria Dewdrop. Welcome to the family in full Nymeria.

Screenshot-171Dizzy finally shows up, in her bikini as usual. Of course, she’s thinking of the TV. What mother of the groom isn’t?

Screenshot-173So with everyone watching with rapt attention, Tobi cuts the cake. I swear, sims only come to these parties for the cake.

Screenshot-174Uh Tobi? Where is your cake?

Tobi: Its on my plate. Don’t you see it?


Tobi: Pft, and you call me insane.

Screenshot-175Invisible cake or not, everyone seems to have a good time. I don’t think a single person is wearing their formal wear but that’s okay. They all look happy and fairly normal.

Screenshot-176As soon as shes done dealing with the crowds, Holly is right back upstairs, playing the piano. She loves the instruments. This is why she was my runner up for heir. If she hadn’t been Unstable…

Screenshot-178Anyway, moving on. Holly goes to bed as Nymeria finally makes the trek to listen to her. She be crab-walking. Look at her though! Her belly is getting bigger!

Screenshot-179I send Tobi up to give her a massage. I want him to be a good husband.

Screenshot-180And he rolls a wish to woohoo…Well you can’t make her anymore pregnant than she already is so woohoo away. I also love the ‘be frisky’ interaction. Its cute.

Screenshot-184Nymeria mainly spends her materinty leave playing on the arcade. But you have to stop that today! We have something important to do!

Screenshot-186Holly’s Young Adult birthday!

Tobi: I mean I guess that’s great but didn’t something else happen…

Screenshot-185Oh yeah! We got a dog! A puppy! His name is Fruit Salad, you know, to go with the theme. Isn’t he cute?

Screenshot-187Okay, back to the bathing suit party. Make a wish Holly! This is your last one.

Holly: Yeah, and off I am to the outside!

Screenshot-188 Screenshot-189Yeah that’s okay, but let me make you over honey.

Screenshot-190There we go! She rolled Vehicle Enthusiast. This makes her final traits: Insane, Virtuoso, Unlucky, Unstable, Vehicle Enthusiast. Her lifetime wish is to be a Hit Movie Composer. I think she’s turned out the most beautiful of Dizzy’s children. The red eyes/black hair is a chilling combo.

Screenshot-192She goes inside and makes the call.

Screenshot-193Holly: See you later losers.

That’s not nice.

Holly: Fiiine. See you all later, my darling loving family. Have fun in this nut house. I’m free, just like my sister before me!

Screenshot-196At least we have Fruit Salad now. Aw, look at him! He’s so cute.

Screenshot-198And look at how big Nymeria is. Any chance you’ll pop today?

Nymeria: Pop? I’m not a balloon.


Screenshot-200Huh? I’ve never seen a heavily pregnant Sim run…

Nymeria: Gotta get away from this puppy!

What? You can play chase with Fruit Salad? But you can’t even go for a jog! Sim logic! I’m telling you!

Screenshot-201Nymeria: oops.

Screenshot-202Stop! Panic time! But no really, Nymeria is in labor with baby one. How fun!

Screenshot-204And off to the hospital they went.

Screenshot-205I didn’t even get a picture of them with the new baby when they got home. They jumped right into bed and got her knocked up with another.

Screenshot-207Anyway, meet Bilberry! He’s Grumpy and Insane.

1024px-Norwegian_blueberriesThis is what a Bilberry really looks like. They’re related to Blueberries and they’re said to be good for your eye sight.

Screenshot-208Anyway, Tobi is a very proud daddy. He loves Billy.

Screenshot-209Oh tonight is something else! Another party! This time it’s Dizzy’s turn. Time for her to take the last step and become an elder!

Screenshot-213And here is Dizzy, the Elder.She’s raised five children so far, given birth to seven and has one grandchild. I’d say her life has been pretty good to her so far. Whenever Grim comes for her, she’s ready to join her beloved Gerard in the after life.

Screenshot-215Speaking of which…

Screenshot-220But don’t get him wrong. Gerard hasn’t come back to see his beloved family or meet his first grandson. No, he came back to game.

Alrighty, I think I’ll end it here. Next time there will be birthdays and babies both. I’m really excited to introduce you to the next member of the Dewdrop family so expect it soon!

Look heres a scorechart

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×8 = 40
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×2 = 10
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: 150 Points

Woo, the first change in forever. I’m still pretty proud of everyone, but its about to go majorly downhill e.e

1.1 A Pattern Emerges

Oh my gosh, Generation two! So, here we go. Today you’ll see Tobi’s first few days as the Chosen One and then we’ll get to meet his chosen spouse as well. She comes from a wonderful legacy! So I hope you’re all excited to meet her!

Screenshot-105Graduation day…ugh. Everyone is wearing their best though. That’s a plus at least.

Dizzy: This is the only child whom I’ll see graduate. Of course I’m gonna dress nice.

Well at least you’re a good mom.

Screenshot-87While everyone is off the lot, I make this. I’m terrible at building I know. *walk of shame* And my game crashed, so those few measly plans aren’t there anymore. I forgot to put them back. Anyway, tour!

Screenshot-88I didn’t want to use all my money, so in the future the walls and rooms will be customized. Anyway, this is the second floor. The ugly yellow rug is in Dizzy’s room. The other three bedrooms aren’t assigned to anyone yet. The room under Dizzy’s is the art room. Its very well lit so that way painting will turn out nice.

Screenshot-89And the first floor. On the left is Tobi’s bedroom an bath. The nursery is in the back. The game room is to the right of his room. Then on the left is the kitchen, living room and study with an extra bathroom because I think we might need it.

Screenshot-90 Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92 Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94 Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96 Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98 Screenshot-99

Okay and there is a bunch of close ups. I can’t wait to color the house. it’ll be in favorite colors of the Chosen One for the main parts of the house. Hopefully their spouse has a good color mix. Bedrooms will be the favorite colors of their owners.

Screenshot-100Also here is our basement/crypt. I plan on building a family graveyard on another lot because the ghosts will probably kill my game. For now, with only Gerard down here, I won’t mind it too much. I plan on building a nectar making area and gym down here. There might also be a few bedrooms if I get ambitious.

Screenshot-106Tobi: Yay I graduated.

Also, he graduated as Valedictorian. So you should be proud of yourself.

Holly: Bro, I’m so hungry I’m going to eat your diploma.

No time Holly! A new lady moved to town and Tobi has to go woo her!

Screenshot-117Meet Nymeria Maloney of the Maloney WYDC. I couldn’t get her exact hair D: So I had to download another hair, but I kept her beanie because I loved it so much. But I still think she’s lovely. Her everyday outfit also went funky for me so I just changed that too. I kept it in her favorite color though. Still, she’s lovely and the perfect wife for Tobi. Look, he already wants to kiss her! And she wants…to hug a tree?

Screenshot-118Total heart fart. Yay.

Screenshot-119Also they find out they’re both insane as all llamas. So here they are. She doesn’t look happy though.

Screenshot-120Anyway, after I get them to friends, they start to get cold. I move them inside where Tobi leaps upon her like a lion on a zebra.

Screenshot-121She accepts his pouncing.

Tobi: I totally thought she was going to break my heart.

Hush, Tobi, hush. Don’t ruin the moment.

Screenshot-122Okay, quick romantic photo! I need it for my collection!

Screenshot-123And now Tobi, nail it on the head.

Tobi: I got this ring. I want you to wear and have my babies.

Screenshot-125Nymeria: That sounds terrible.

Screenshot-126How could she say no to that face? And is this going to be a trend for my Chosen Ones? Are they always going to get rejected on the first proposal? *sigh*

Screenshot-127Tobi: Well if you don’ want to wear my bling, will you at least live in my super awesome, not-finished, house?

Screenshot-128Nymeria: As long as we fly a plane there, sure. Sounds like a good deal.

Tobi: I don’t have a plane…

Nymeria: Can you make plane noises? That’s close enough right?

So in she moves. She is now in my household, living with her boyfriend. But she didn’t want to marry him. Ugh. How annoying. Alright, away about Miss Maloney.

She is Insane, Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Supernatural Skeptic (yet her brother-in-law is a werewolf…) and ambitious. Her LTW is Become a Superstar Athlete. Not bad.

Screenshot-129Anyway, the collection of romantic kissy faces. I love these. Have I said how much I love these?

Screenshot-130In the morning, we get to see how — holy llamas, is this woman toned. Please give that to your babies.

Screenshot-132Speaking of babies…

Tobi: Could you not?

Oh, okay…

Screenshot-134 Screenshot-135They’re so cute together. I ship this. I ship this with a million ships. Make pretty babies you two. Make lots of them. All the pretty babies.

Screenshot-136Tobi: Now that you’ve known me for one day and we heard the jingle, I think you should consider wearing my bling.

Screenshot-138Nymeria: Well it is pretty shiny bling. Maybe I could be a rapper instead of an athlete?

Anything is possible. I’m just happy you’re finally gonna become a Dewdrop.

Screenshot-142*has Dizzy begin portraits*

Dizzy: I thought I was free? You liar.

Shut up. You paint really fast. It’ll be done quick and I can get on with doing other things I need to get done for the generation. Really, your complete freedom is coming.

Screenshot-144Within like two Sim hours, she finishes the first one. I think it turned out wonderful. The lighting really makes a difference.


Screenshot-146Nymeria: That plate stinks. Gross.

Clean it up then.

Nymeria: You can’t make me.

…I’ll give you that one.

Screenshot-147 Screenshot-148She wakes up feeling ill and I think we all know what this means. Baby number one is on the way. I have also picked the name game this generation. Types of Fruit. But not just any kinds of fruit, exotic or oddly named fruit. It’s gonna be fun.

Screenshot-149Meanwhile….It’s beautiful! Good job Dizzy! You are free!

Dizzy: Freaking finally.

Screenshot-150I’ve decided their stone tables will be their favorite color as well.  So here we go. (+5)

I guess that’ll wrap up the chapter. Not a very long one, but it was a fun one. See you all next chapter!

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×7 = 35
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×2 = 10
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: 145 Points

I’m proud of those points…but I know soon everything is going to go south. Generation Two is usually where it happens. e.e

0.10 Bye Bye Generation One!

Alright, so this wraps up this generation. I’m sad to see Dizzy go. The chosen one shall be Tobi! I think he carries a good mix of genes and he’s pretty awesome and has a good mix of traits. So here we go!

ScreenshotXiao: Those darn spies. They want my juice.

Gerard: I taught you well daughter.

You two…

Screenshot-5Anyway, considering that Gerard is like a day away from filling up his life bar, I thought sending him and Dizzy on a date would be nice. It’s been a long time since they left the house together and I figure, why not? Renew their love!

Screenshot-6I send them to the festival to play some soccer. Of course, Dizzy has 0 athletic and Gerard has like 8. Let’s see how this plays out.

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12Dizzy manages to score one goal. She’s super proud of herself. SWITCH SIDES!

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17Gerard scores all the goals. He wins by a long shot. Aw well Dizzy.

Dizzy: Ow my knees.


I’m not sure thats how that goes.

Screenshot-18But they’re still cute together. Aw. You two are so sweet.

Screenshot-19Meanwhile at the house…

Toan: I do declare that you are the creepiest Sim to ever walk this earth!

Holly: Shut up runt! I’ll give you a whirly!

Screenshot-20Xiao is going for a shower? Or is she gonna trap it? *checks que* She’s gonna trap it.


Tobi is at a friend’s house arguing with a table while the residents watch with awe and fear.

Screenshot-26Holly decides to up her game.

Holly: I want to be smart like my dad.


Screenshot-27Dizzy: So Tobi, don’t read bedtime stories to your siblings or children. It’ll lead to a never-ending nightmare.

Tobi: Okay mom

Toan: Bed time story please?

Xiao: I totally need one too…who to prey on?

Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30She totally picked her dad to prey on. It’s still cute and he’s still reading that same book to all the children. GDI.

Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-33The next day everything is pretty normal. Gerard is skilling. Dizzy is painting. Holly is being creepy/weird. Tobi is arguing with stuff. But…something feels off? What could it be?

Screenshot-34What…what…NO. NO.


Screenshot-36Dizzy is devestated by this turn of events.

Screenshot-37Um…Grim? Why….are you outside?

Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39Had to put the walls down to see him talking to Gerard. *Sigh* What the hell Sims.

Screenshot-40Just a reminder, this is what it really looks like. I’m kinda like…trying not to laugh. Its kinda funny, he’s reaping the wall.

Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42Gerard, having acomplished his lifetime wish and having seven wonderful, if insane, children, is ready to move on to the next life.

Screenshot-43With his job done, Grim admires the yet teenage Holly. Creepy.

Screenshot-45He also does not approve of the chosen heir. Screw you too Grim.

Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47He then cleans up the toys scattered throughout the house. Thanks Grim? I guess?

Grim: Your house is disgusting, your Chosen One is a joke. You should choose the very evil-looking Holly.

Don’t you have other souls to reap?

Screenshot-49So anyway, with Gerard dead, we move his table and put in a TV and couch. Sorry man, we didn’t sell it but its been moved away.

Screenshot-50Here is his where his Urn shall rest for now. Forever the morning shall begin.

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-53Dizzy is constantly breaking down and crying or thinking of Gerard. She really loved him I guess. I’m sorry Dizzy 😦

Dizzy: I don’t even know what to do without him.

Aw, don’t say that 😦

Screenshot-54RIP Gerard. You were one heck of a super dad, husband and Sim.

Screenshot-56Holly has also been taking his death hard. She mourns alot too. She was at best friend status with her dad I think….Or at least Good Friends. They were close.

Screenshot-57 Screenshot-58She acts up and destroys the doll house in her anger. Holly! No!

Screenshot-60I send Dizzy to scold her.

Dizzy: What do you think you’re doing?!

Holly: What it was an ugly dollhouse.

Screenshot-61I put her in the corner. Haha, that’s a silly corner to be in Holly.

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-64WHAT THE HECKITY HECK HOLLY

Holly: I miss my dad…


This time she’s grounded from the TV.

Screenshot-67Meanwhile Tobi made friends with a Faery? She’s come over to do her homework with him…In the bathroom of course.

Tobi: This is where I do all my thinking.

Screenshot-71This is Tobi before prom. He actually wears his suit. Holly doesn’t. Anyway, it was uneventful, though Tobi got King and got a RI. We’ll have to change tha when he ages up…

Screenshot-74On the day of his birthday, I invite her over. This is her. She’s okay looking but not the Chosen Heir.

Screenshot-75He asks to just be friends right before the party begins. He breaks her heart. Sorry girl, Tobi has a future all set for him. You aren’t in it.

Screenshot-77 Screenshot-78The siblings arrive, all looking wonderful. I see Max is still a Glitchwolf. Monica is still so beautiful. Maybe I should have chosen her as Heir…

Screenshot-79Here is the moment of dreams! Make a wish Tobi! Make it good!

Screenshot-82He looks so startled. Maybe its because his mother is blowing that horn right in his ear.

Screenshot-83He didn’t turn out bad but let’s give him a makeover anyway.

Screenshot-84There we go! Tobi rolled Dog Person. His final traits are: Insane, Excited, Angler, Hopeless Romantic, Dog Person. His LTW is Creature-Robot Cross Breeder. Not bad.

Screenshot-86Stand proud Tobi. You are the Chosen one…the leader of Generation Two.

Tobi: Oh foop.

Well said, Tobi. Well said.

Well that wraps up this chapter. Next chapter will be the first of Generation Two! Yay!

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×7 = 35
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×1 = 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: 140 Points

No point change, for I won’t be adding the two generation points until all of generation one is out of the house. Just FYI XD

0.9 Oh Let Me See!

Alright so for some reason, when I copied the point chart, I lost the part that gives you points for completing LTWs. Both Dizzy and Gerard have completed theirs, so thats alot of extra points. *sighs* Anyway, that’ll be updated correctly and now onwards.


We start with Tobi and Monica doing their homework while Gerard wishes the plate to disappear. Doesn’t he look cute in his suit though? He’s a spy. He’s so adorable, even as an old man!

Screenshot-195I think they were all waiting for the full moon to rise, because once it does everyone jumps into action. Holly grabs Toan who had been crying on the floor and Dizzy teaches Xiao to talk. Oh and Gerard finally cleans that dish.

Gerard: Well no one else was going to.

That is true.

Screenshot-197Dizzy has been busy with the twins. I’m trying to get all this skilling nonsense done. Xiao has been a pain to teach to talk. She’s being slow and I don’t know why. Dizzy is Family Oriented so she should be super fast at teaching her to talk but I dunno…the little one is stubborn.

Screenshot-198Tobi: You look like me what I was a baby.

Toan: Your shoes are pink

Dizzy: I’m going to need coffee to get through with all these children.

You’re the one who got yourself knocked up one last time. Don’t blame the children!

Screenshot-199Meanwhile Holly is trying to do her homework before school. Oh wait its the weekend. Huh, well do it anyway Holly. Good grades, girl!

Holly: Ugh…if only this table had the answers.

Screenshot-200With Xiao taught, Dizzy cleans the white throne ..again. And then promptly breaks it and has to unclog it. I think she has like 5 handiness.

Dizzy: No one else fixes anything around here!

Don’t worry Dizzy, soon you’ll be replaced with another slave monkey.

Screenshot-201More toddler skilling. Ths time its Toan learning to talk while Tobi does some cleaning. What a good boy. i think he even has a B in school. Are you shooting for the honor roll again? I think it counts for more points if he gets it again as a teen right? it should. I’m going to count it. Sue me.

Screenshot-202He’s also a fabulous big brother. Also he’s all wet because he was just out in the rain. That’s where that puddle is from as well. He’s been tracking them all over the house with his ‘soaked’ moodlet.

Screenshot-203 Screenshot-204 Screenshot-205 Screenshot-206This is Holly acting agitated. It’s from her Unstable trait. She’s still freaky looking but shes strangely beautiful.

Holly: Ugh…things in my head. Bugs. Ah…Need to prank every shower in the house…

Insane and Unstable are not a good trait combo. She’s very unpredictable.

Screenshot-207Gerard is still awesome.

Gerard: Have to be in shape. See that ice cream truck outside? Its full of spies.

Screenshot-209Monica is doing well for herself at least.

Monica: Well I know I’m not going to be heir. I need to prepare for my life on the outside.

On the outside? What is this, a prison?

Screenshot-211 Screenshot-212 Screenshot-214

Tobi enjoys angering lefty apparently.


Screenshot-215Tobi; Ugh, what are YOU looking at painting? DON’T MESS WITH ME. I KNOW SIM FU.

No you don’t.


Okay then…

Screenshot-219Dizzy: Freaking kids, I just want to go to bed!

Gerard: Hey there Toan! what a cutie!

Toan: *doesn’t answer. Too busy drinking green milk*

Tobi: I think the dish washer wants to fight me…

Screenshot-222Eventually Dizzy gets her wish and…WHAT. WHAT.

Horse is clipping through my house ;o;

Screenshot-223Wild Horse: Whatchu doing in there? Anything I want to see?

Screenshot-224Other Wild Horse: OH LET ME SEE

Screenshot-225Another day, another painting for Dizzy. Actually if this one is over 1,000 dollars, they will officially have 100,000! We did alot of saving this generation.

Screenshot-226 Screenshot-227Monica: Your mother…is probably a llama.

Tobi: No she isn’t! She’s your mother too!


Screenshot-228And yet they have a positive reaction…*sighs*

Screenshot-229Holly decides she wants to cook. Gerard has gotten a new book in other news. Tired of reading about murder finally?

Screenshot-230But Holly forgets she sucks at cooking and she burns her food. Oh well, she tried, though there is a ton of cake in the fridge she can eat…

Screenshot-231Gerard decides that burnt waffles are the most awesome thing ever.

Screenshot-232 Screenshot-233I quickly send Dizzy in to make some eatible food because if she doesn’t they’ll eat burnt waffles forever.

Screenshot-235I also send her to feed Xiao since no one loves this poor little girl.

Screenshot-237But lets skip to the next day. Everyone leaves for work/school, leaving Dizzy alone to have a private birthday party! Wow, not wearing your bikini for once Dizzy?

Toan is up first!

Screenshot-240This is how he turns out. I didn’t get an age up picture, sorry. He has rolled Ambitious.

Screenshot-241Xiao next up!

Screenshot-242And here she is. She rolled Workaholic. Uh…okay?

Screenshot-243Now Dizzy is free to paint again. Oh, also, she got the 100,000 dollars! Yay! (+20)

Screenshot-245When everyone gets home, its time to cake Monica. Though you can see Holly is more concerned with her homework right now.

Screenshot-246Make a good wish, Monica!

Screenshot-248Derp. She still looks pretty, but lemme fix her up.

Screenshot-249There we go! Beautiful! Monica rolled Easily Impressed. Her finally traits are: Friendly, Insane, Over-Emotional, Never Nude and Easily Impressed. Her random LTW is Leader of the Free World. We better how she loses on the polls.

Screenshot-250And a cramp for the cake, as usual. Monica is to the side, laughing it up because she got her cake first I’m sure.

Screenshot-251Now its time for her to make the call…

Screenshot-253Good bye Monica! Make some beautiful babies while you’re out there!

Monica: I’ll do what I want. I’M FREE!

Yes, yes you are. Have a good life Monica. You were a good girl. But alright, that wraps up this chapter. I’ll get to uploading Monica and getting her link posted and what not. For now, look a score card!

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×7 = 35
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: 140 Points

shizz that was a huge point difference >w> See you guys next time!