1.2 Invisible Cake or Not

Hello everyone and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve had some trouble with my game lately. It was crashing and then it was just being a pain in my rear end. Hopefully the troubles are past and I get another few chapters out.

Screenshot-152We start this chapter with a birthday. Not any birthday, the twins’ birthday. They’re finally going to be teenagers.

Tobi: They’re finally one step closer to getting out of my house.

Tobi, be nice. You can’t help that your mom and dad liked to woohoo all the darn time.

Screenshot-154Toan wastes no time in blowing out the candles and making a wish. Xiao is a little bit slower on the draw.

Xiao: Do I want a pony? Nah. A big house of my own? Nah…

Just make a wish kid!

Screenshot-156She looks so happy. At least Toan looks excited for his oncoming age-up.

Screenshot-158Toan is handsome! I think he looks like his dad. He got the Hopeless Romantic trait, much like his older brother! How sweet!

Screenshot-162At this exact moment, Nymeria decides its a gret time to pop. Oh well, baby number one of generation three is going to be born soon! How exciting!

Screenshot-160 Screenshot-161Xiao ages up as well and she looks just as lovely as her sisters before her. I think she looks alot like Gerard too. Anyway, the trait she earned was Equestrian, so that’s why I dressed her the way I did. I think she looks cute.

Screenshot-163 Screenshot-164By the next day I added this addition to the house. A little outdoor party area and pool. I figured it might be something nice to have. Oh and look a cake…does this mean that there is something happening today? Indeed it does – Tobi and Nymeria are getting married today!

Screenshot-165By the time we get around to the wedding, night has fallen but there is plenty of light. Being the insane Sims they are, Nymeria and Tobi choose their own form of formal wear.

Tobi: I hate shirts.

Nymeria: I hate warm weather! Woof!

Screenshot-166And here is the wedding party behind them. They could sit, but only a few people opt to. Ah…gotta love Sim logic.

Screenshot-167They haven’t even exchanged rings yet and Cedric is bawling like a baby. I guess he can’t believe his little brother is getting married before him.

Cedric: No! Its not that. I’m crying because that cake is glitched and I know it!


Screenshot-168 Screenshot-169 Screenshot-170And with that, she is now Mrs. Nymeria Dewdrop. Welcome to the family in full Nymeria.

Screenshot-171Dizzy finally shows up, in her bikini as usual. Of course, she’s thinking of the TV. What mother of the groom isn’t?

Screenshot-173So with everyone watching with rapt attention, Tobi cuts the cake. I swear, sims only come to these parties for the cake.

Screenshot-174Uh Tobi? Where is your cake?

Tobi: Its on my plate. Don’t you see it?


Tobi: Pft, and you call me insane.

Screenshot-175Invisible cake or not, everyone seems to have a good time. I don’t think a single person is wearing their formal wear but that’s okay. They all look happy and fairly normal.

Screenshot-176As soon as shes done dealing with the crowds, Holly is right back upstairs, playing the piano. She loves the instruments. This is why she was my runner up for heir. If she hadn’t been Unstable…

Screenshot-178Anyway, moving on. Holly goes to bed as Nymeria finally makes the trek to listen to her. She be crab-walking. Look at her though! Her belly is getting bigger!

Screenshot-179I send Tobi up to give her a massage. I want him to be a good husband.

Screenshot-180And he rolls a wish to woohoo…Well you can’t make her anymore pregnant than she already is so woohoo away. I also love the ‘be frisky’ interaction. Its cute.

Screenshot-184Nymeria mainly spends her materinty leave playing on the arcade. But you have to stop that today! We have something important to do!

Screenshot-186Holly’s Young Adult birthday!

Tobi: I mean I guess that’s great but didn’t something else happen…

Screenshot-185Oh yeah! We got a dog! A puppy! His name is Fruit Salad, you know, to go with the theme. Isn’t he cute?

Screenshot-187Okay, back to the bathing suit party. Make a wish Holly! This is your last one.

Holly: Yeah, and off I am to the outside!

Screenshot-188 Screenshot-189Yeah that’s okay, but let me make you over honey.

Screenshot-190There we go! She rolled Vehicle Enthusiast. This makes her final traits: Insane, Virtuoso, Unlucky, Unstable, Vehicle Enthusiast. Her lifetime wish is to be a Hit Movie Composer. I think she’s turned out the most beautiful of Dizzy’s children. The red eyes/black hair is a chilling combo.

Screenshot-192She goes inside and makes the call.

Screenshot-193Holly: See you later losers.

That’s not nice.

Holly: Fiiine. See you all later, my darling loving family. Have fun in this nut house. I’m free, just like my sister before me!

Screenshot-196At least we have Fruit Salad now. Aw, look at him! He’s so cute.

Screenshot-198And look at how big Nymeria is. Any chance you’ll pop today?

Nymeria: Pop? I’m not a balloon.


Screenshot-200Huh? I’ve never seen a heavily pregnant Sim run…

Nymeria: Gotta get away from this puppy!

What? You can play chase with Fruit Salad? But you can’t even go for a jog! Sim logic! I’m telling you!

Screenshot-201Nymeria: oops.

Screenshot-202Stop! Panic time! But no really, Nymeria is in labor with baby one. How fun!

Screenshot-204And off to the hospital they went.

Screenshot-205I didn’t even get a picture of them with the new baby when they got home. They jumped right into bed and got her knocked up with another.

Screenshot-207Anyway, meet Bilberry! He’s Grumpy and Insane.

1024px-Norwegian_blueberriesThis is what a Bilberry really looks like. They’re related to Blueberries and they’re said to be good for your eye sight.

Screenshot-208Anyway, Tobi is a very proud daddy. He loves Billy.

Screenshot-209Oh tonight is something else! Another party! This time it’s Dizzy’s turn. Time for her to take the last step and become an elder!

Screenshot-213And here is Dizzy, the Elder.She’s raised five children so far, given birth to seven and has one grandchild. I’d say her life has been pretty good to her so far. Whenever Grim comes for her, she’s ready to join her beloved Gerard in the after life.

Screenshot-215Speaking of which…

Screenshot-220But don’t get him wrong. Gerard hasn’t come back to see his beloved family or meet his first grandson. No, he came back to game.

Alrighty, I think I’ll end it here. Next time there will be birthdays and babies both. I’m really excited to introduce you to the next member of the Dewdrop family so expect it soon!

Look heres a scorechart

Self Wetting (-5): -5×2 = -10
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): 0
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×8 = 40
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×2 = 10
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: 150 Points

Woo, the first change in forever. I’m still pretty proud of everyone, but its about to go majorly downhill e.e


6 thoughts on “1.2 Invisible Cake or Not

  1. Yay, nooboo! Bilberry is a cool name, can’t wait to see what he looks like! I laughed at the pic of Tobi holding Billy in the nursery, with the snow inside. Billy must Love the Cold also.

    And Fruit Salad is soooo coot! Damn, I wish I could play with Pets in my game.


    • I loved it for a name. I had to use it! Yeah, my game is glitchy and I get tired of trying to fix it. The snow likes to come in through the walls haha.

      Aw! Too bad you can’t. Fruit Salad is so nice. Tobi really loves him. Gotta love Dog Persons!


  2. I’ve never heard of a bilberry before so I absolutely love the name! I can’t wait to see who he is going to look more like- his mom, or his dad. Orange hair and pink eyes would look pretty awesome. I love the new puppy too *snuggles him*. Too cute. I’ve never had cake go invisible before but wouldn’t that be the cheapest wedding ever?! “Attention Ladies and Gentlemen instead of cake we’re all going to pretend to eat the most delicious wedding cake in the world! Won’t that be fun!?” Great chapter, I’m glad your game is working better for you too.


    • I have, but we sell supplements of them where I work, so that’s the only reason I knew about them. I’m picking fruit that I don’t think people have heard of. They make lovely names actually! Billy is a darling, that is for sure. I can’t wait for everyone to see what he looks like as he gets older.

      Its the cake that came with Monte Vista, I believe is what the town is called. I’ve seen it in other people’s games and it works fine. Mine just seems to be glitched. I dunno what to do about that so, I just rolled with it.

      And I am too 😀 Its good to be back~


      • Haha thats another reason for me to get Monte Vista. I always see that wedding cake in other people’s games and I’ve been scouring the store trying to find it. Do you know if any of the wedding cakes in the store are actually cakes or are they just sculptures?


      • I actually don’t know to tell you the truth. I just bought the whole of Monte Vista when it first came out. I think there are some wedding cakes in the store that are real but I couldn’t tell you which is which.


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