1.4 Fruit Salad! (Yummy, yummy)

Note: Sorry for the long wait! I just haven’t had time to play Sims like I once did and to boot I decided to start a random legacy as well! But now I have a whole bunch of pictures from my favorite insane sims so get ready to see them all in their glory!
As a side note, I will finally be uploading Holly after this chapter. Finally, I know right?

ScreenshotTobi: Daddy loves you.

Do you even know which baby that is?

Tobi: No, but isn’t she a sweetie?

Screenshot-2He really does seem to love his kids. He always pays so much attention to all of them. I’m wondering how frazzled he’ll be  when Feijoa ( Joa I’ve decided for short ) and Physalis ( I’ll call her Sali for short ) are toddlers.

Screenshot-4Dizzy loves Sali and Joa too. She isn’t so much in love with Billy, but perhaps thats because she had mostly boys and now girls are the majority in the house.

Screenshot-5Even though it is super cold out, Xiao decides she loves sitting outside. At least she has the sense to wear her outerwear.

Xiao: I’m not that insane.

Screenshot-6She’s being kept company by Jerry who is trying to put on a show for her I assume. Look how cute he is.

Screenshot-7But I digress! With two new babies in the house, Billy must be taught to talk!

Tobi: Say ‘Save the Trees’

Billy: No Trees!

Kid’s got it. But really, he’s a bad kid. Always crying for no reason. He’ll just sit there and cry for like four sim hours while everyone avoids him because he literally needs nothing. He’s just being whiny. Maybe its because he’s grumpy?

Screenshot-8Nymeria! What happened to your hair?!

I had a glitch in my game and her hair style disappeared. I literally could not find it and its still in the folder, but it won’t show up in the game for some weird reason.

Screenshot-9So I changed her hair for a moment, until I could go and search for a new hair style for her. *sigh*

Screenshot-10Toan: This place is disgusting.

I’m sorry?

Toan: Someone should clean it.

How about you?

Toan: Gotta go do stuff.

Alright then.

Screenshot-11Toan takes care of the girls mostly alone. They’re not very needy for infants though so I suppose I should be super thankful for that.

Screenshot-13Xiao: BARK BARK. MEOW MEOW. Meow with me Fruity!

Fruit: *scared whimper*

Screenshot-14She’s not insane at all.

Screenshot-15Ah, there’s Dizzy with Billy. He actually looks rather like his grandmother.

Dizzy: He’s mine.

Well yes he is.


After helping with Billy, he helps take care of one of the twins. I have no idea which is which while they’re burritos. They look too similar.

Screenshot-19Meanwhile, Billy sobs in the next room. Oh and I got more hairstyles so I changed his. Like it? I do.

Screenshot-20Daddy to the rescue! Take your little Billy to bed, Tobi!

Screenshot-21Meanwhile: Toan is cooking. At least its only hot dogs. If he tried anything more I’d be a little worried I think.


Xiao keeps on rocking. She really only plays the bass. She won’t touch anything else.

Xiao: I feel this one in my bones.

I’m sure you do.

Screenshot-23Tobi has been reduced to a maid once more. Clean, clean, clean. Tend to the kids. Clean some more. He hardly gets to sleep until he’s fully rested anymore. He sleeps until his bar is about half-full and then I have to get him up to tend to something in the house.

Screenshot-24What does Nymeria do? Play Sims Animals.

Nymeria: This is a great game.

It was a great game, but you could help your husband.

Screenshot-29Anyway, the next day it is the twin’s birthdays. Finally, we might be able to tell Joa and Sali apart. Holly is the first to arrive, in formal wear. Yup, I set her formal outfit to the dragon priestess sort from Dragon Valley.

Screenshot-30Monica and Max aren’t far behind. Moncia had twins, did I tell you guys that? Their names were Raul and Kristin. They both have darker skin like Demario. When they’re kids, perhaps I’ll have a slumber party for the kids and invite them over.

Screenshot-31There’s Demario and Cedric. Still the sexy bachelor. Don’t you want a wife and babies, Cedric?

Screenshot-32Nymeria brings the first burrito to the stage.

Screenshot-33Everyone else that was invited angrily crowds in the room. They demand their cake.

Screenshot-35The first one ages up before many can reach the all might cake. This one is Sali. She gets her mother’s hair and eyes. Her face is quite between her mother and father though. I hope it’ll be more apparent when she gets older.

Screenshot-36The guests demand their sacrifice of cake. Hold on guys, there’s one more baby that needs to age up.

Screenshot-38Because of the crowd, I didn’t get a picture of Nymeria at the cake with Joa, but look at her! Her mother’s eye color, that pink hair! It goes so beautifully together! I love it!

Screenshot-39Oh! We have one more birthday to attend to before I say goodbye! Little Fruit Salad is going to age up!

Screenshot-41I love how the sparkles look on pets that are aging up. Isn’t it cute?

Screenshot-42HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRUITY. Uh…Uh…What’s going on with your…your everything?

Screenshot-43This is the weirdest looking dog I ever saw. What ARE you? I mean you’re kinda cute but…I think you were cuter as a puppy. I was planning on breeding Fruity but now I don’t know if I should. What do you guys think? Should Fruity be bred?

Screenshot-44I mean he’s KINDA cute right? Let me know what you think in the comments.

But alright, that’s enough of that for THIS chapter. The next one will probably be up tonight after I get out of work. So look its time for the scores.

Self Wetting (-5): -5×3 = -15
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×1 = -5
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×10 = 50
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×2 = 10
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 0
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10): 0
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: 140 Points

Literally nothing happened in this chapter.  Oh well. Next chapter hopefully.


4 thoughts on “1.4 Fruit Salad! (Yummy, yummy)

  1. Uhm, wow. Fruity is definitely…interesting. I’d probably breed him anyway, see if you can get the cool spotty coat with a more normal looking frame.

    The twins are so cute! Welcome to the curse of Abby’s green eyes – you’ll be trying to get rid of it for generations. I think we’re up to 3 generations with her eyes in my WYDC. Tough I agree, Joa is gorgeous with the pink hair and green eyes.


    • He is…He is. I might try and breed him a little. Find him a good looking female dog perhaps if I can.

      I loooooove those green eyes though! I’m so happy that the twins have Abby’s eyes. They’re so beautiful. I don’t care if I have it until the end of the legacy ❤ I already love Joa the best because I love the pink hair/green eyes but all the kids are pretty cute really.


  2. Haha Fruit Salad’s head is very bulbous isn’t it? Still a pretty cute dog though! The twins look absolutely adorable and I love the new hairstyles you got. Did you get them from TSR?


    • I do like Fruit Salad, but he just looks awkward now :c And yes, I’m loving the twins. So far they’re my clear favorite for heir! Though, I am doing a heir vote this time. I’ll do it right this time. And no, I get 99% of my hair styles from a site called Painted. I have a link for it in my Mods I Use page. I don’t often use TSR. Idk why


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