1.5 So, So Miserable

ScreenshotGoodness I love little Joa. Look at how cute she is. Even pouty potty face can’t make me think she is any less cute!

Screenshot-2Sali is a cutie too. Her Uncle Toan just loves her to pieces. Everytime she cries, he’s the first to lift her into his arms and give her a snuggle. Maybe Toan will have lots of children of his own? I’m super hopeful to see lots of pink-haired people in my town in the future!

Screenshot-9Meanwhile, I found Nymeria a new hair style once more. I couldn’t find the last one I had, but I like this one her too.

Screenshot-10But back to the girls! Aren’t they just the sweetest? I put them in matching outfits, though Joa’s favorite color is Spice Brown I believe and Sali’s is yellow. I believe Billy’s is also Spice Brown.

Screenshot-11Nymeria: Why are all your shots of the kids now? What about me?

That is true Nymeria. We wouldn’t have those wonderful kids without you.

Screenshot-13Tobi kiss your wife!

They’re still really sweet together. I’ll never not think they’re cute together. Especially when they dip kiss. So cute!

Screenshot-14And well…I decided on three pregnancies, at least, per generation. So, here’s for baby number four!

Screenshot-15Billy: NOBODY LOVES ME

That’s not true! I just find you extremely annoying and whiny. Seriously, he’s constantly falling down where ever he walks to and then he cries FOR HOURS. He’s so annoying. So thankful his birthday is coming up!

Screenshot-16Tobi: I am not a maid. I am completely sexy, but I am not a maid.

Well Tobi, no one else likes to clean. Hopefully we roll neat for a child someday. Wouldn’t that be a treat?

Screenshot-17I’d also like to point out that Xiao is a wonderful student. Look at her doing her homework! She does it almost every night and she has a straight B average.

Screenshot-18Toan on the other hand…He’s more into playing Skate or whatever that game is.

Screenshot-19Fruity doesn’t look so weird from this angle! You know, though Tobi is the dog person, he seems to gravitate towards the females of the house – namely Dizzy and Nymeria.

Screenshot-20Speaking of Nymeria.

Nymeria: This baby is making me sick.

The one in your tummy or the one next to you?

Screenshot-21Tobi…Tobi why are you bathing when you’re exhausted. You only have a few more days in the house. You better not start losing me points. They’re doing so, so well.

Tobi: But the water will wash away the tired.

No it won’t. Please for the love of my points, go to bed.

Screenshot-22Xiao: Hey miss voice! I’m getting tired too!


Xiao: But this toilet is so comfy to sit on!

Screenshot-23About a Sim hour later, they actually went to bed.

Screenshot-24The next day, Nymeria tries something new – taking care of her offspring.

Nymeria: I don’t see what Tobi loves about this.

Screenshot-25Xiao: Woah, this wall is trippy.

Dizzy: Maybe you should try sleeping.

Screenshot-26But the two of them make good use out of themselves and take care of the girls instead. Thankfully.

Screenshot-27Xiao: Oh, I’m so sleepy…

I’m glad you’re finally going to bed.


Screenshot-28BIRTHDAY TIME YAY. Finally getting these twins out of my house. Thankfully!

Screenshot-29 Screenshot-31Both of them make a wish and blow out the candles while the household cheers for more cake.

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-35Xiao goes first and gets the Great Kisser trait. This brings her final traits to Genius, Insane, Workaholic, Equestrian, Great Kisser. Her LTW is World Renowned Surgeon. Llama help all of SimKind if she achieves that.

Screenshot-36 Screenshot-38Toan goes next and gains the Artistic trait. His final tally is Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Ambitious, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic. His LTW is Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers.

Both of these lovely sims shall be uploaded pronto, for anyone who wishes to use them in their own legacies.

Screenshot-39Toan tries to help clean up and disgraces himself before leaving. I knew I hated you Toan. (-5)

Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41Both of them smelling quite ripe, they finally leave the house for the last time. Goodbye you two. Have fun.

Screenshot-42And then there were two less. That makes six I believe. Or five, I have no idea. Just two less Sims which is so nice.

Screenshot-43Meanwhile we are taken to Nymeria in her weird work clothes. Lefty is out to get her.

Screenshot-45Nymeria, isn’t there something you should be doing?

Screenshot-46Nymeria! Stop doing mindless stuff!

Screenshot-47There we go. Stinky and in ugly work maternity clothes, but she finally popped! After like three Sim hours, standing in the rain. She popped though. No more twins, you hear me Nymeria?

Screenshot-49With another baby on the way, its time to train the heck out of the twins. They only have like three days of being a toddler left.

Screenshot-50Billy on the other hand, gets to play all day. He’ll be aging up before this chapter concludes. Can’t wait for you all to see him as an adorable child!

Screenshot-51Gotta say, Fruity’s strange form is starting to grow on me. I think I’ll end up breeding him. Probably with another mutt. But either way, we’ll find him a mate eventually.

Screenshot-52Dizzy has been very helpful with the twins of late. I’m really thankful for that. Tobi has been run ragged trying to take care of three toddlers. Here you can see his in the green, but more often than not, he’s exhausted, hungry and stinky before I can even get him near a bed.

Screenshot-53Later that night, Gerard joins us for a Full Moon haunting.

Gerard: Tired of doing this alone. Is Dizzy dead yet?

No Gerard, your wife is still alive.

Screenshot-54And here’s my proof of Tobi’s condition. Its like 3am. He just got the twins and Billy to bed. He hasn’t eaten in a long while and he’s super smelly, plus he’s exhausted. Poor guy.

Screenshot-55 Screenshot-56Wh-What? TOAN IS A ZOMBIE GUYS.

He’s…pretty…uh…freaky looking. Just sayin’.


Screenshot-57And Tobi is so tired, he’s showering with his suit on. Poor guy. Really, he’s messed up right now.

Screenshot-58 Screenshot-60I set the kids to self-learn mode for the night and send poor Tobi to bed.

Screenshot-64Only to have to get him up early the next day for while Dizzy will pick up the child, she will not comfort her or help her in anyway *rage*

Screenshot-67Tobi is so miserable. It’s almost over Tobi. Hang in there buddy.

Tobi: I hate being a single father.

Screenshot-68By the time the twins are settled, and I can finally get Tobi some food, its like 7pm. Poor Tobi.

Screenshot-69I send him to cake little Billy only…

Screenshot-70 Screenshot-71Aw hell.

Screenshot-72Well, he aged up. And I forgot what trait he gained. But we’ll leave it here for now.

Next time, learn Billy’s new trait, meet another baby(ies?), and the twins age up as well, and Tobi finally gets some sort of break. Hopefully. Thanks for reading guys! Look at the score now!

Self Wetting (-5): -5×4 = -20
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×1 = -5
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×10 = 50
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×2 = 10
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×1= 10
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×1= 10
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: 155 Points

Lost some points but gained so much more. Huzzah~!


4 thoughts on “1.5 So, So Miserable

  1. Xiao: whoa, the wall is trippy. LMAO, good one Xiao. Both she and Toan are very good looking, I especially love the light purple eyes.

    I haven’t played an ISBI, but I’ve seen others use moodlet managers for their THs – then they don’t have to sleep! That would definitely help when trying to skill twins by yourself. Does Dizzy have enough points for one yet?


    • They did. I guess that accidental last woohoo with Gerard was a good thing. I love how so many of his children got his purple eyes.

      Dizzy would, but not spending the extras’ happiness points gets you points. So I’m gonna try to save up with Tobi. I haven’t spent any of his yet, but I think I’m like 10,000 short yet. Hopefully soon!


  2. “The water will wash away the tired”. I laughed so hard at that. Sim logic. I really like that rule about no more than three pregnancies per generation. I should try cutting myself off like that. Then maybe the females in the house will get to work on their careers lol.


    • Well, I do it so the Torch Holder can start their careers when they’re adults. Tobi will be rushing to get his LTW done when he’s an adult. Because the points from completing the LTW really, really help. And with the dreaded third generation coming up, I think its an important rule D:


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