2.2 New Additons

Another chapter! Hurrah!
Screenshot-32Let’s start off by showing the nursery is now covered in owls. Because everyone’s fond of owls…except for mice and shrew and Simon–

Oh? That’s right back to the story.

Screenshot-33I also redecorated Ace and Sali’s room in yellow and black which are their favorite colors.

Screenshot-34Here is an example of why I still love Tobi. Those instincts run deeply. He’s always in here with Bombay, cuddling, feeding or changing him.

Screenshot-35Sali is very sick with this baby. She’s constantly throwing up. Its not even worth it to try and let her sleep. She’s up every three to four hours.

Screenshot-36Sick again.

Screenshot-37Lucky Nymeria came to stop Bombay from screaming his head off. Sali had to go throw up again.

Sali: My baby.

Nymeria: Whose holding him? >:3

Screenshot-38I got really build-y and made a playground

Screenshot-39And I added onto the pool area. I added just chairs. It just seemed like a good idea.

Screenshot-40Nymeria! Get up! You’re about to turn into an Elder!

Nymeria: ….zzz…No….ZzzzZZZ (-5)

Screenshot-42Anyway…Here’s Toan ( heart farting with Nymeria ). He’s an adult now. He has one child – a son I think. His girlfriend is an Elder now too so no more babies for him.


Holly is here pregnant with his third child. It’ll probably be her last as she’s not far from becoming an elder herself. I believe she had a son and daughter already. Fun fact – her children are half-sibling and cousins of her sister Xiao’s children!

Screenshot-44Right now we’re celebrating Cheri, Nymeria and Tobi’s birthdays. Max is there again. Believe or not, he just turned into an Adult. He’s a werewolf so he ages at half the speed of his siblings. By the time Sali is an Elder, he will be too!

Screenshot-45A quick shot on the Dewdrop clan. Joa is there in her nice dress behind Max. She’s dating someone already. The old man behind her is Cedric! He has one child and that’s the young man behind the woman in the red dress. The woman in the red dress is Xiao and she has two sons.

Screenshot-46Cheri: Can we get back to my birthday?

Hush child!

Screenshot-47 Screenshot-48Actually, that hair is pretty on her…

Screenshot-50There she is all made over.

Her final count is: Genius, Insane, Technophobe, Unstable, and now Grumpy. What a catch, Donnie, what a catch! Her lifetime wish is Chess Legend. That’s not too bad.

Screenshot-51Nymeria’s turn!

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-53She’s turned into a very beautiful old lady.

Tobi: Ha, she’s old.

Shut up, you’re next!

Screenshot-54 Screenshot-55Tobi: Aw man, I’m old.

Max: I feel not that pain.

Tobi: Shut up Uncle Max.

Screenshot-56Ugh, Bombay needs to age up but Sali glitched before the party even started. She’s been standing here for about four hours now.

Screenshot-57I reset her and as you can see she’s expecting again. Hurrah! Better be at least twins this time! I want a herd of children this time!

Screenshot-58Tobi: I’m so tired I’m trying to eat this plate.

Nymeria: Once I tried to eat a bed.

Max: I’d love to join you but I can’t seem to figure out how to sit down.


Screenshot-60Sali: Is this better?

Not really, you’re half smothering him.

Screenshot-61Huh? Where the heck is this guy going? Party is that way bub!

Screenshot-62 Screenshot-63Wha-WHAT? He went into Ace and Sali’s closet to woohoo!

Screenshot-64Meanwhile Bombay ages up. His hair is very RED. Much brighter than Sali’s. Is it just me or is the red becoming redder? Anyway, you can’t see it due to the dim lighting but his eye color is the same as his mum’s.

Screenshot-65Oh…I checked it. This guy is Cheri’s boyfriend. Also, they didn’t just woohoo…They’re gonna be expecting soon. I hope they like each other.

Still I’m glad to know that Cheri’s first adult action is going to woohoo with her boyfriend in her sister’s room. I tell you. this family is great.

Screenshot-66Anyway, I have her make the call and boot her out with the final dog. Whatever their name is.

Screenshot-67Bye Cheri! Have a good life. Enjoy that baby.

Cheri: Baby?

You’ll understand soon enough. BUH-BYE.

Screenshot-68Nymeria is still awesome (-5)

Screenshot-70Ace is just as good. (-5) Best spouses ever.

Screenshot-72Goodness, Bombay looks so evil. Just…evil. I don’t know if its his eyebrows or what but he looks like hes plotting death and destruction.

Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES.

Screenshot-75So I took away the crypt. No more crypt. I put some dance bars down there instead. I plan on building another bedroom or two down there, a bar room and perhaps a second, larger gym.

Where are the urns now, you ask?

Screenshot-76I built an external crypt on the property. It doesn’t look like much now but I want to decorate it nice and such. I was just going to make a graveyard but I decided that the ghosts deserved a shelter. I want to build and underground part where there are beds/rocking chairs for them as well.

Screenshot-77Dizzy and Gerard’s memorial

Screenshot-78Tobi and Nymeria’s

Screenshot-79This will be Sali and Ace’s

Screenshot-80This is just what the empty ones look like until they can be filled.

Screenshot-81And an aerial view of the new crypt. I need to make it a little bigger so there are five rooms on each side…

Screenshot-82Pet graves will go outside, in these little areas.


Screenshot-84Bombay: Am I still evil?


Screenshot-83Meanwhile, Tobi looks like the cutest old man ever in his rocking chair.

Screenshot-85Sali doesn’t mind listening to music, but she won’t work out with the radio…Ugh, she’s so complicated.

Sali: I can hear you.

Screenshot-86 Screenshot-87 Screenshot-88I’m not sure about this kid. If he doesn’t roll evil I’m be extremely surprised.

Screenshot-89I finally decorated Sali and Ace’s bathroom. Its hideous I know. I showed this to my sister, explaining to her that it was their favorite colors in a bathroom scheme and she simply looked me in the eye and said “Well they’re wrong” and walked out of the room.

Screenshot-90On a happier note, look how in love Nymeria and Tobi still are….in their daughter’s bed.

Screenshot-91AND WE GOT A CORGI. His name is Wisely and I saw him in the paper and snatched him up. ITS A CORGI GUYS A CORGI! He shall father Grape’s puppies. Hopefully they’ll be cute? Or they’ll be hideous…..BUT CORGI!

Screenshot-95Now Nymeria is being the cutest old lady ever. Look at her outfit. I love it. That’s like my favorite ever. It looks so good on her as well.

Screenshot-97They’re already nearing friends! They like to play together! It’s really cute.

Screenshot-99It’s raining and Tobi and Fruity are outside relaxing. Sim Logic.

Screenshot-100Bombay: DO I STILL LOOK EVIL?

Well you don’t look cute.

Screenshot-101Nymeria…*facepalm* (-5)

Nymeria: It was the dogs I swear.

Screenshot-103Look how huge she got. There better be at least two in there!

Screenshot-104No sooner spoken than she goes into labor…but…the full moon rose.

This will be the first full moon birth since Max. Oh dear, oh dear…

Screenshot-105I move her to the nursery where she doesn’t seem any happier.

Nymeria: I’m pushing out a baby!

Good point.

Screenshot-106Oh…Ghost baby. Not so bad. This is Devon Rex. He’s an Insane Genius.

Screenshot-107Yay! Another baby!

Screenshot-108Meet his twin brother, Cornish Rex! He’s Excitable and Insane.

He is also a ghost sim, just as his brother.

Screenshot-110 Screenshot-111They’re both really, really hard to see. They’re nearly transparent. Like more so than most of the ghosts. This is going to be annoying I see…

Screenshot-114Nymeria is the cutest. Really.

Screenshot-120We’re just going to skip to the twins’ birthday to speed things up so we can close up the chapter.

Screenshot-121 Screenshot-124Wha…WHAT. He’s not only a GHOST but he’s also a MERMAID. Mermaids are a pain the koosh to take care of Ugh….Anyway, this is Devon.

Screenshot-125 Screenshot-126And here is his twin, Cornish. Cornish has golden eyes where Devon has the usual Dewdrop Red. They’re both Mermaid-Ghosts and I find that fact….extremely annoying. I thought it was only supposed to be one Supernatural Type. This is some weird glitch…

Screenshot-127 Screenshot-128Let’s end it on a good note: Baby number 4 is confirmed.

Self Wetting (-5): -5×16 = -80
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×35 = -175
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×14 = 70
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×3 = 15
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×2= 20
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×2= 20
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: -90 Points


2.1 I Was Promised Ice Cream

So I know it has been a while since I published anything. But hey, I’ve been busy. You’re not hear to talk about me though so let’s get started!

Screenshot-121Sali spends her first night in the master bedroom, sleeping alone. She was really tired so it must be nice to sleep in a bed for once instead of on the floor.

Sali: zz…I…can hear you….zzzz….

But she looks so lonely so its time to get her a spouse. This time her spouse is a very special gift from a friend.

A long time ago I started a 100 baby challenge but didn’t get far before my game became corrupted. I lost everything and everyone or so I thought. My one friend had downloaded one of the babies born in that game and kept him, though I hadn’t realized it. She recently sent me him again. I re-randomized his traits and I’m very excited about using him since he was my favorite.

Screenshot-123And of course when Sali goes to meet him, its raining. This is Ace Love.

Screenshot-125In a weird hat and her graduation garb she goes on to seduce him into letting her into his house. They heart fart at least.

Ace: Dat hat. ❤

Screenshot-127Eventually she manages her way into his house where she seduces him with talk of cake and craziness.

Screenshot-128Of course his has a tiny bladder and is unable to hold it for their own conversation. So, Sali chases him into the bathroom.

Ace: Have you not heard of privacy?

Sali: No privacy in the privy!

Screenshot-130Nothing like a first kiss in the bathroom. I’m really happy Sali became the heir. She’s very pretty. Look how cute she is.

Screenshot-131Back to my obsession of getting those romantic photos. Another for the wall!

Screenshot-132They become boyfriend and girlfriend in the bathroom. He’s getting tired though. We must work fast!

Sali: I know its like 2am but do you want to go steady?

Ace: Only if I get to go to bed after.

Not quite, Ace. I want babies. Its time for you to get into our household.

Screenshot-133 Screenshot-134 Screenshot-135He accepts the proposal and I forgo a wedding and just get them married right away in the bathroom. Now he’s a part of the household. Time to get Sali knocked up!

Anyway, his name is Ace Dewdrop ( formally Love ). His traits are Kleptomaniac, Natural Born Performer, Great Kisser, Rebellious and Virtuoso. He wished to become a Master Thief. He’s already in the criminal career track so we’ll let him go.

Screenshot-137I send them home and to their bed to do the deed. One lullaby later, we’re hoping for a set of twins!

Screenshot-138Another one for the wall! I love it!

Screenshot-139And we get their placeholders for Ace and Sali. Sali’s favorite color is yellow and Ace’s is black. So thats what color their stands are.


We get Tobi started on those portraits. Sali’s is up first.

Screenshot-141I get Sali started on her skilling while waiting for her to pop.

Screenshot-142Ace decides to skill himself, but this isn’t anything he needs for his career.

Ace: But I like the sound.

Sali: It sounds like a dying cat.

Screenshot-143Oh hey look, an alien abduction. Maybe one of the men will have an alien baby? *crosses fingers*


Nope. Bye Cheri. Have fun getting probed.

Cheri: Wait, I was promised ice cream!

Screenshot-147Huh, I’m not sure if I like it. Re-do it Tobi.

Tobi: I was promised freedom…and ice cream!

Screenshot-148Speaking of which, Cheri is back from her adventure!

Cheri: They didn’t have any flavors I liked! Stupid aliens!


And Sali is showing signs of having a baby finally! hurrah!

Sali: I can taste last nights dinner.

Screenshot-151Tobi collapses. Its barely been two days since I lost control of him and he’s already trying to destroy me. (-5)


Its not new for Nymeria to fail however… (-5)


Unrendered counter an chairs aside, Sali pops!


And Ace went to jail. As soon as he left, he fainted. Good show Ace. (-5)


At least Tobi rises to complete Sali’s painting. I like this one I guess. It’ll do.  (+5)

Screenshot-2It is added to the crypt. It doesn’t look as good as Tobi and Nymeria’s. I think its because Tobi isn’t as a good of painter as his mother was. Oh well..

Screenshot-3Onto Ace’s!

Tobi: Onto freedom!

Screenshot-5Meanwhile, Sali keeps on painting. What in the good world is she painting? It looks cute….

Screenshot-6Oh my gosh! So cute!

Sali: Do you think my baby would like it?

Aw, you’re thinking of your baby. You’re probably the first to do that…

Screenshot-7Tobi what the hell?


Do it again.

Tobi: ART.


Screenshot-8Sali is painting again herself. This one doesn’t look as cute though.

Screenshot-10After a while I have her go to the giant TV to exercise…but forget she is a technophobe. She hates working out with the TV…I’m going to have to find another way for her to skill her athletic while shes pregnant.

Screenshot-11Ace finds dat bass.

Ace: I see what you did there.

Screenshot-12And…Sali is in labor?

Sali: No I’m not, I just saw this very interesting fly on the wall.

Screenshot-13Sali: Okay maybe I’m in labor. But hey did you know it was love day? I’m not feeling very loved. Ow, Ow.

Screenshot-14A son is born. A lone son. What the heck, she has the lifetime reward!

Anyway, this generation’s theme is breeds of cats and we start with one of my favorite breeds: Bombay.

catbombayThis is a Bombay if you’ve never seen one. I have one and he’s extremely intelligent. He knows how to open doors. He just lacks the thumbs to actually turn the knobs. He locks us out sometimes though. He’s also extremely affectionate and loving, he cries if he accidentally hurts one of us. Long story short: I love this breed.

Screenshot-15Sali: And the child?

Oh yes, Bombay was born with the Disciplined and Insane traits. He’s a cutie isn’t he?

Screenshot-16Since it was a single birth, Sali and Ace jump into the closet to make baby number two!

And we’ll end it here so I have enough pictures to make another chapter!

Self Wetting (-5): -5×14 = -70
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×33 = -165
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×12 = 60
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×3 = 15
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×1= 10
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×1= 10
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: -30 Points

I fixed my math a little bit and adjusted my points accordingly. Of course this means I’m deeper in the red but…at least everything is right.

1.11 So Much Fluff

Sorry for the delay guys, my computer has been wonky again. It may or may not be sorted out. I dunno, but hey! Let’s close up another generation shall we?ScreenshotHey, Sali, did you hear? You’re the heir!

Sali: *coughchoke* Excuse me what?

You heard me! You get to live in this house forever! Even as a ghost!

Sali: Why not Cheri? I thought she was the shoe-in for the heir!

Screenshot-2Eh…Cheri isn’t….so good anymore…

Cheri: Thanks.

No, thank you Cheri. I didn’t want those points anyway (-5)

Screenshot-3Billy: Well Cheri has always been the favorite! Never Billy…not ever Billy!

Cheri: Well look at that plate…so much more interesting than my crazy brother.

Screenshot-4Billy: That hurts me when you say things like that.


Cheri: We need more plants in this house…

Screenshot-6Ugh anyway, Tobi is getting a tattoo…from an invisible artist. Oh well. He’s suffering from a Mid-Life Crisis. So he wanted a tattoo…so here’s a tattoo!

Screenshot-8So he got a flaming skull on his arm.

Screenshot-9And a dolphin on his back.

True story, when I was in high school there was a rumor that one of the teachers had a tramp stamp. Well, during a student verses teacher volleyball game, one of the students snapped a picture when he jumped to hit the ball. They got just the right shot because his shirt lifted up enough to prove not only did he have a tramp stamp, but it was a dolphin.

Long story short, this is why Tobi has a dolphin on the bottom of his back. That teacher was freaking awesome.

Screenshot-10Also, look forward to puppies. Star and Fruity are trying for them and I think I heard a jingle…

Screenshot-12Oh and its also Prom. What the heck.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16Not a single one of the kids wears their formal wear. That’s okay. They had fun anyway. Only Cheri came away with a romantic interest though. That’s for the better I guess.

Also, I realized when I sent them to Prom, that one of Monica’s twins died when she was still a child. Only her son reached his teenage years. Nice, Sims, randomly killing children.

Screenshot-18Despite his badass tattoos, Tobi is still a maid most of the time.

Tobi: My time is coming to a end.

That it is. Freedom is within reach.

Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20This is such a cute interaction. Its too bad Starfruit is going to live out her years here else I might have let Joa take her with her when she leaves. But Star and Fruity will live out their entire lives here in this house. Just like their pups.

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24Well the next morning I decide its time to add some color to the kitchen. I think it looks good now. Much better than it did.

Screenshot-27Nymeria even makes some dinner that night in the newly colored kitchen! She actually has like four cooking points.

Screenshot-29Sali: So I think its crap that I have to live my entire life in this house. I rather live in the library.

Screenshot-30Nymeria: Its not that bad really, Sali. If you complain too much more, I’ll just do like your father did with me and knock you out with a frying pan and lock you in the house so you can never leave.

Billy: Uh…

Screenshot-31Tobi: I think you’re all being babies. This place is magical. Like a unicorn.

Billy: This conversation leaves me feeling unclean.

Screenshot-35Just as magical as Tobi said. Look. Joa magically broke the dishwasher. Again. I really need to have Tobi make that unbreakable.

Screenshot-36Huh? I guess Joa is reacting to her Athletic trait at last. I mean shes in her winter wear but at least she’s working out.

Screenshot-39Tobi repairs the dishwasher! He’ll make it unbreakable later I guess.

Tobi: So no one else has to deal with this crap?


Screenshot-44The next day, Star gives birth to her puppies. She has four, which is the perfect number because thats the number of children there are!

Screenshot-45The first one is a female name Olive.

Screenshot-46This is the male, Mulberry

Screenshot-47This is Fig I believe…or its another shot of Olive. they’re near identical.

Screenshot-48And finally, this bundle of joy and fluff is Grape! She is my favorite and probably the one we’re keeping. Look at her!

Screenshot-49The toilets in this house are disgusting. Tobi is constantly cleaning them. I’m getting tired of it. So, I decided that since he has such high handiness, I’m going to try and get all of them upgraded to self-cleaning. It will make my life so much easier in the future.

Screenshot-51This is the toilet off Tobi’s room, just so everyone knows. I really need to get decorating those rooms as well. Ugh.

Screenshot-53Sali: I still can’t believe I’m stuck here forever.

Get over it. You’ll get married, have lots of babies. It’ll be fun.

Sali: Fun..right…

Screenshot-54Don’t believe me? Let Lefty punish you for your insolence.

Screenshot-56Sali: YOU CAN’T BREAK MY SPIRIT.

Screenshot-57Joa….Joa, NO. You’re right there! I mean its disgusting but you’re right there!

Screenshot-58Joa: I shame myself.

You shamed yourself good. (-5)

Screenshot-59I just realized that Tobi needs one more skill point until he has enough painting skill to make portraits. So, get painting boy!

Screenshot-62 Screenshot-63 Screenshot-64Meanwhile, Fruit Salad has become an elder. Hehe, look at his funny eyebrows.

Screenshot-65Tobi: I finally finished the toilet! Am I a good boy?

No, not quiet yet. You have several more, plus showers, to go.

But I also figured Tobi deserved some sort of a treat….Being that it was almost Snowflake Day and all..

Screenshot-66He wished for a mistletoe and then he wished to kiss someone underneath it. Nymeria was in the area so…

Screenshot-67Aw. That’s so cute. And look there are even puppies at their feet. How cute.

Screenshot-69Cheri: Even though I’m not the  heir, I’m going to make them regret their choice.

Joa: I’m not. I don’t care.

Screenshot-70Eh? Billy is at a friend’s house. He’s just there, eating some food and hanging out. Yeah, its past curfew but somehow the cops still “got” him. Its not like he was out wandering about. He was at a person’s house!

Screenshot-71Oh well…free ride home in a cop car.

Screenshot-73Annnd….The kids had a field trip to the Graveyard and I think that Cheri picked this up there. A lamp! A free lamp! What should I use it for? I don’t know yet, let’s just save this bad boy for another day!

Screenshot-74Cheri: See how nice it is to do your homework?

Joa: I guess…I don’t really get it.

Joa literally has a D in school. Hopefully she can work it up before she graduates.

Screenshot-75And then, Nymeria passes out on up. *sigh* (-5)

Screenshot-76But, that doesn’t matter. Today is Billy’s birthday! Now he’s going to be an adult and he can go make his own life, outside of this house.


Screenshot-78 Screenshot-79Billy grew up well. By well I mean handsome. He looks alot like his father. Anyway, he rolled Bot Fan. This makes his final traits: Grumpy, Insane, Snob, Couch Potato, Bot Fan. His LTW is Gold Digger. Nice. Glad to see you want to kill your spouse.

Before we get Billy outta here, we’re gonna age up the puppies. They’re due to age up tonight but I want to see what they all look like as adults before they go.

Screenshot-81Olive goes first.

Screenshot-82She looks alot like her mum.

Screenshot-84Mulberry is next!

Screenshot-85Aw, he’s so cute! Look at that face!

Screenshot-86Next is little Fig!

Screenshot-87Fig got an odd mix of her mum and pa. She’s still pretty cute though.

Screenshot-88Last but not least is Grape!

Screenshot-90She looks alot like her pa, but I like her best. I think I’m keep Grape everybody!

Screenshot-92Billy makes the call and he and Olive are on their own way.

Screenshot-93Bye Olive. Bye Billy. Have a good life together!

Screenshot-94Sali senses her time is coming close and quickly faints. (-5)

Your evasive action won’t save you now, Sali.

Screenshot-98Really, this is the day of the twins’ birthday. This is the first thing to happen in two days. Tobi got charred, upgrading the microwave. Where did that puddle come from? Well…

Screenshot-97Nymeria decided to go to the bathroom on the floor. (-5)

Still, I had Billy clean himself up and I hoped that Nymeria cleaned herself up because its more than time for Sali to take over for this family. Tobi and Nymeria are a week from becoming Elders, Cheri is a week from becoming a adult. Times are changing but I’m excited!

Screenshot-100They’re both exhausted so I didn’t throw a party. No time for that now!

Screenshot-101 Screenshot-102They both make thoughtful face before blowing out the candles.

Screenshot-103 Screenshot-104Joa aged up first. She rolled Proper. This makes her final traits: Heavy Sleeper, Insane, Easily Impressed, Unstable and Proper. Her LTW is…also…Gold Digger…High ambitions for the Dewdrop children here.

Screenshot-107There is her after makeover. She did turn out very beautiful.

Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109Sali’s turn. She rolls Technophobe. Great…Her final traites are Athletic, Insane, Party Animal, Star Quality, Technophobe. Her LTW is Become a Superstar Athlete.

Screenshot-112And after makeover, she looks lovely. I think she was a wonderful pick for torch holder.

Screenshot-114Before Joa leaves, she has to take some of my points with her (-5)

Screenshot-116I think I let her take Mulberry, so she waves goodbye and she gets out of the house before she can disgrace herself more.

Screenshot-119As a final note, Star is now also an Elder! Times are nigh for the Dewdrop pets!

Anyway, that wraps up this chapter. The twins and Billy will be up for download when I get home from work! As for now, look at this scorechart!

Self Wetting (-5): -5×14 = -70
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×30 = -130
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×11 = 55
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×2 = 10
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×1= 10
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×1= 10
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: -5 Points

Heir Poll Result!

SaliOur winner, ladies and gents, is Sali. Each of the girls received equal votes and I left the final deciding vote up to my younger sister. She said she liked Sali’s traits best and actually, I have to agree. Trait-wise, Sali has the most interesting. I bet we’ll be throwing a party every day with her. At least we’ll keep up to date on the extended family…

So Sali will be headlining the next generation. Look forward to a closing chapter for Generation Two coming up soon!