Heir Poll Result!

SaliOur winner, ladies and gents, is Sali. Each of the girls received equal votes and I left the final deciding vote up to my younger sister. She said she liked Sali’s traits best and actually, I have to agree. Trait-wise, Sali has the most interesting. I bet we’ll be throwing a party every day with her. At least we’ll keep up to date on the extended family…

So Sali will be headlining the next generation. Look forward to a closing chapter for Generation Two coming up soon!


2 thoughts on “Heir Poll Result!

    • They really do! I’m surprised my game hasn’t had a major fit by now and just utterly died to be truthful. But, I’m kinda excited for Sali to head Gen 3. She really does have the most interesting traits out of all the kids. I’m sure she’ll have great times ( and great fails )

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