1.11 So Much Fluff

Sorry for the delay guys, my computer has been wonky again. It may or may not be sorted out. I dunno, but hey! Let’s close up another generation shall we?ScreenshotHey, Sali, did you hear? You’re the heir!

Sali: *coughchoke* Excuse me what?

You heard me! You get to live in this house forever! Even as a ghost!

Sali: Why not Cheri? I thought she was the shoe-in for the heir!

Screenshot-2Eh…Cheri isn’t….so good anymore…

Cheri: Thanks.

No, thank you Cheri. I didn’t want those points anyway (-5)

Screenshot-3Billy: Well Cheri has always been the favorite! Never Billy…not ever Billy!

Cheri: Well look at that plate…so much more interesting than my crazy brother.

Screenshot-4Billy: That hurts me when you say things like that.


Cheri: We need more plants in this house…

Screenshot-6Ugh anyway, Tobi is getting a tattoo…from an invisible artist. Oh well. He’s suffering from a Mid-Life Crisis. So he wanted a tattoo…so here’s a tattoo!

Screenshot-8So he got a flaming skull on his arm.

Screenshot-9And a dolphin on his back.

True story, when I was in high school there was a rumor that one of the teachers had a tramp stamp. Well, during a student verses teacher volleyball game, one of the students snapped a picture when he jumped to hit the ball. They got just the right shot because his shirt lifted up enough to prove not only did he have a tramp stamp, but it was a dolphin.

Long story short, this is why Tobi has a dolphin on the bottom of his back. That teacher was freaking awesome.

Screenshot-10Also, look forward to puppies. Star and Fruity are trying for them and I think I heard a jingle…

Screenshot-12Oh and its also Prom. What the heck.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16Not a single one of the kids wears their formal wear. That’s okay. They had fun anyway. Only Cheri came away with a romantic interest though. That’s for the better I guess.

Also, I realized when I sent them to Prom, that one of Monica’s twins died when she was still a child. Only her son reached his teenage years. Nice, Sims, randomly killing children.

Screenshot-18Despite his badass tattoos, Tobi is still a maid most of the time.

Tobi: My time is coming to a end.

That it is. Freedom is within reach.

Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20This is such a cute interaction. Its too bad Starfruit is going to live out her years here else I might have let Joa take her with her when she leaves. But Star and Fruity will live out their entire lives here in this house. Just like their pups.

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24Well the next morning I decide its time to add some color to the kitchen. I think it looks good now. Much better than it did.

Screenshot-27Nymeria even makes some dinner that night in the newly colored kitchen! She actually has like four cooking points.

Screenshot-29Sali: So I think its crap that I have to live my entire life in this house. I rather live in the library.

Screenshot-30Nymeria: Its not that bad really, Sali. If you complain too much more, I’ll just do like your father did with me and knock you out with a frying pan and lock you in the house so you can never leave.

Billy: Uh…

Screenshot-31Tobi: I think you’re all being babies. This place is magical. Like a unicorn.

Billy: This conversation leaves me feeling unclean.

Screenshot-35Just as magical as Tobi said. Look. Joa magically broke the dishwasher. Again. I really need to have Tobi make that unbreakable.

Screenshot-36Huh? I guess Joa is reacting to her Athletic trait at last. I mean shes in her winter wear but at least she’s working out.

Screenshot-39Tobi repairs the dishwasher! He’ll make it unbreakable later I guess.

Tobi: So no one else has to deal with this crap?


Screenshot-44The next day, Star gives birth to her puppies. She has four, which is the perfect number because thats the number of children there are!

Screenshot-45The first one is a female name Olive.

Screenshot-46This is the male, Mulberry

Screenshot-47This is Fig I believe…or its another shot of Olive. they’re near identical.

Screenshot-48And finally, this bundle of joy and fluff is Grape! She is my favorite and probably the one we’re keeping. Look at her!

Screenshot-49The toilets in this house are disgusting. Tobi is constantly cleaning them. I’m getting tired of it. So, I decided that since he has such high handiness, I’m going to try and get all of them upgraded to self-cleaning. It will make my life so much easier in the future.

Screenshot-51This is the toilet off Tobi’s room, just so everyone knows. I really need to get decorating those rooms as well. Ugh.

Screenshot-53Sali: I still can’t believe I’m stuck here forever.

Get over it. You’ll get married, have lots of babies. It’ll be fun.

Sali: Fun..right…

Screenshot-54Don’t believe me? Let Lefty punish you for your insolence.

Screenshot-56Sali: YOU CAN’T BREAK MY SPIRIT.

Screenshot-57Joa….Joa, NO. You’re right there! I mean its disgusting but you’re right there!

Screenshot-58Joa: I shame myself.

You shamed yourself good. (-5)

Screenshot-59I just realized that Tobi needs one more skill point until he has enough painting skill to make portraits. So, get painting boy!

Screenshot-62 Screenshot-63 Screenshot-64Meanwhile, Fruit Salad has become an elder. Hehe, look at his funny eyebrows.

Screenshot-65Tobi: I finally finished the toilet! Am I a good boy?

No, not quiet yet. You have several more, plus showers, to go.

But I also figured Tobi deserved some sort of a treat….Being that it was almost Snowflake Day and all..

Screenshot-66He wished for a mistletoe and then he wished to kiss someone underneath it. Nymeria was in the area so…

Screenshot-67Aw. That’s so cute. And look there are even puppies at their feet. How cute.

Screenshot-69Cheri: Even though I’m not the  heir, I’m going to make them regret their choice.

Joa: I’m not. I don’t care.

Screenshot-70Eh? Billy is at a friend’s house. He’s just there, eating some food and hanging out. Yeah, its past curfew but somehow the cops still “got” him. Its not like he was out wandering about. He was at a person’s house!

Screenshot-71Oh well…free ride home in a cop car.

Screenshot-73Annnd….The kids had a field trip to the Graveyard and I think that Cheri picked this up there. A lamp! A free lamp! What should I use it for? I don’t know yet, let’s just save this bad boy for another day!

Screenshot-74Cheri: See how nice it is to do your homework?

Joa: I guess…I don’t really get it.

Joa literally has a D in school. Hopefully she can work it up before she graduates.

Screenshot-75And then, Nymeria passes out on up. *sigh* (-5)

Screenshot-76But, that doesn’t matter. Today is Billy’s birthday! Now he’s going to be an adult and he can go make his own life, outside of this house.


Screenshot-78 Screenshot-79Billy grew up well. By well I mean handsome. He looks alot like his father. Anyway, he rolled Bot Fan. This makes his final traits: Grumpy, Insane, Snob, Couch Potato, Bot Fan. His LTW is Gold Digger. Nice. Glad to see you want to kill your spouse.

Before we get Billy outta here, we’re gonna age up the puppies. They’re due to age up tonight but I want to see what they all look like as adults before they go.

Screenshot-81Olive goes first.

Screenshot-82She looks alot like her mum.

Screenshot-84Mulberry is next!

Screenshot-85Aw, he’s so cute! Look at that face!

Screenshot-86Next is little Fig!

Screenshot-87Fig got an odd mix of her mum and pa. She’s still pretty cute though.

Screenshot-88Last but not least is Grape!

Screenshot-90She looks alot like her pa, but I like her best. I think I’m keep Grape everybody!

Screenshot-92Billy makes the call and he and Olive are on their own way.

Screenshot-93Bye Olive. Bye Billy. Have a good life together!

Screenshot-94Sali senses her time is coming close and quickly faints. (-5)

Your evasive action won’t save you now, Sali.

Screenshot-98Really, this is the day of the twins’ birthday. This is the first thing to happen in two days. Tobi got charred, upgrading the microwave. Where did that puddle come from? Well…

Screenshot-97Nymeria decided to go to the bathroom on the floor. (-5)

Still, I had Billy clean himself up and I hoped that Nymeria cleaned herself up because its more than time for Sali to take over for this family. Tobi and Nymeria are a week from becoming Elders, Cheri is a week from becoming a adult. Times are changing but I’m excited!

Screenshot-100They’re both exhausted so I didn’t throw a party. No time for that now!

Screenshot-101 Screenshot-102They both make thoughtful face before blowing out the candles.

Screenshot-103 Screenshot-104Joa aged up first. She rolled Proper. This makes her final traits: Heavy Sleeper, Insane, Easily Impressed, Unstable and Proper. Her LTW is…also…Gold Digger…High ambitions for the Dewdrop children here.

Screenshot-107There is her after makeover. She did turn out very beautiful.

Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109Sali’s turn. She rolls Technophobe. Great…Her final traites are Athletic, Insane, Party Animal, Star Quality, Technophobe. Her LTW is Become a Superstar Athlete.

Screenshot-112And after makeover, she looks lovely. I think she was a wonderful pick for torch holder.

Screenshot-114Before Joa leaves, she has to take some of my points with her (-5)

Screenshot-116I think I let her take Mulberry, so she waves goodbye and she gets out of the house before she can disgrace herself more.

Screenshot-119As a final note, Star is now also an Elder! Times are nigh for the Dewdrop pets!

Anyway, that wraps up this chapter. The twins and Billy will be up for download when I get home from work! As for now, look at this scorechart!

Self Wetting (-5): -5×14 = -70
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×30 = -130
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×11 = 55
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×2 = 10
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×1= 10
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×1= 10
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: -5 Points


7 thoughts on “1.11 So Much Fluff

  1. “This place is magical. Like a unicorn”. I laughed so hard at that line! I’m so excited for Sali and Grape to take over. Have you thought of a naming scheme you’re going to use next? I can’y wait to see who she is going to have for a spouse. Bring on the babies!


    • I have but I’m not sure what I’m going to use. I’m kind of in the middle. Perhaps I’ll use brand names of something or another. That would be fun. I’m excited for the spouse as well, as he is a gift from a friend of mine who rarely plays the sims! He’s an interesting figure, that’s for sure. I’m not looking forward to the babies though, as this is the third generation its going to be a big twin/triplets generation. D:

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Can you believe it took me until Nymeria was talking about being knocked out with a frying pan to realise Sali was the one with all Nymeria’s colouring? *facepalm* Here’s hoping her spouse dilutes those Maloney genes a bit. Though at least she has Tobi’s nose and eye shape.

    Speaking of, Tobi with the invisible tattooist is hilarious! Best glitch ever, the invisible sims are always funny.

    I love how genetics work in TS3. Have probably said it a lot, but it’s still true. The combination of coats in the puppies is too cute. I love both the spotty ones. *edit to later in the chapter* Mulberry is my fave; Grape has Fruit Salad’s weird head pouff thing.

    Personally, I prefer making things self-cleaning rather that unbreakable; once the items are the highest value ones they break a whole lot less than the cheap ones, but everything gets stink very quickly. Not to mention, it’s way faster to upgrade to self-cleaning than unbreakable!

    Joa is so pretty; I think she turned out the best combination of Tobi and Nymeria, though Sali is a close second. Would love to download her, when you get a chance!


    • Haha, I didn’t see it until she aged up to an adult so don’t feel bad. I think her spouse will help with the genes, though in my game, I haven’t seen any of their babies yet. She has yet to have any. So, I haven’t blade that far ahead. Still, I’m happy with all the kids looks, even if I think Billy is a face-clone.
      I only picked Grape because I wanted a female dog to tell the truth. I was hoping she didn’t have the head-poof but I guess I’m seeing it as endearing at this point haha.
      I wish I could have finished making everything self-cleaning with Tobi. In the end he didn’t get to the last two bathrooms, but at least most of them are all self-cleaning now. I guess he’s earned his freedom with that!
      Well Joa is up now herself. Somehow I forgot to save Sali though…so she’s not up for download. Woops, I’m planning on playing again in the near future so I’ll have to save Sali to the folder as well. But I’m happy with Sali. Her traits are interesting and I like her hair color to be truthful and those eyes! I love the Maloney eye color. I hope it sticks around for another generation or two!


      • You will be so sick of green eyes by the time that gets diluted down. More than half of Abby’s kids have her eyes, I couldn’t believe it when I counted – not to mention another two or three with dark green.
        You could always have Sali finish the bathrooms – since she’s an athlete she doesn’t need anything other than athletics for her career, and handiness is always good for a TH.


  3. Phew all caught up. I am loving this so far! 😀 I love Sali, she is so pretty, can’t wait to see what she gets up to. Actually I love them all, I might have to download a couple. Would you mind if I used one as a spouse for my next ISBI heir?


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