2.2 New Additons

Another chapter! Hurrah!
Screenshot-32Let’s start off by showing the nursery is now covered in owls. Because everyone’s fond of owls…except for mice and shrew and Simon–

Oh? That’s right back to the story.

Screenshot-33I also redecorated Ace and Sali’s room in yellow and black which are their favorite colors.

Screenshot-34Here is an example of why I still love Tobi. Those instincts run deeply. He’s always in here with Bombay, cuddling, feeding or changing him.

Screenshot-35Sali is very sick with this baby. She’s constantly throwing up. Its not even worth it to try and let her sleep. She’s up every three to four hours.

Screenshot-36Sick again.

Screenshot-37Lucky Nymeria came to stop Bombay from screaming his head off. Sali had to go throw up again.

Sali: My baby.

Nymeria: Whose holding him? >:3

Screenshot-38I got really build-y and made a playground

Screenshot-39And I added onto the pool area. I added just chairs. It just seemed like a good idea.

Screenshot-40Nymeria! Get up! You’re about to turn into an Elder!

Nymeria: ….zzz…No….ZzzzZZZ (-5)

Screenshot-42Anyway…Here’s Toan ( heart farting with Nymeria ). He’s an adult now. He has one child – a son I think. His girlfriend is an Elder now too so no more babies for him.


Holly is here pregnant with his third child. It’ll probably be her last as she’s not far from becoming an elder herself. I believe she had a son and daughter already. Fun fact – her children are half-sibling and cousins of her sister Xiao’s children!

Screenshot-44Right now we’re celebrating Cheri, Nymeria and Tobi’s birthdays. Max is there again. Believe or not, he just turned into an Adult. He’s a werewolf so he ages at half the speed of his siblings. By the time Sali is an Elder, he will be too!

Screenshot-45A quick shot on the Dewdrop clan. Joa is there in her nice dress behind Max. She’s dating someone already. The old man behind her is Cedric! He has one child and that’s the young man behind the woman in the red dress. The woman in the red dress is Xiao and she has two sons.

Screenshot-46Cheri: Can we get back to my birthday?

Hush child!

Screenshot-47 Screenshot-48Actually, that hair is pretty on her…

Screenshot-50There she is all made over.

Her final count is: Genius, Insane, Technophobe, Unstable, and now Grumpy. What a catch, Donnie, what a catch! Her lifetime wish is Chess Legend. That’s not too bad.

Screenshot-51Nymeria’s turn!

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-53She’s turned into a very beautiful old lady.

Tobi: Ha, she’s old.

Shut up, you’re next!

Screenshot-54 Screenshot-55Tobi: Aw man, I’m old.

Max: I feel not that pain.

Tobi: Shut up Uncle Max.

Screenshot-56Ugh, Bombay needs to age up but Sali glitched before the party even started. She’s been standing here for about four hours now.

Screenshot-57I reset her and as you can see she’s expecting again. Hurrah! Better be at least twins this time! I want a herd of children this time!

Screenshot-58Tobi: I’m so tired I’m trying to eat this plate.

Nymeria: Once I tried to eat a bed.

Max: I’d love to join you but I can’t seem to figure out how to sit down.


Screenshot-60Sali: Is this better?

Not really, you’re half smothering him.

Screenshot-61Huh? Where the heck is this guy going? Party is that way bub!

Screenshot-62 Screenshot-63Wha-WHAT? He went into Ace and Sali’s closet to woohoo!

Screenshot-64Meanwhile Bombay ages up. His hair is very RED. Much brighter than Sali’s. Is it just me or is the red becoming redder? Anyway, you can’t see it due to the dim lighting but his eye color is the same as his mum’s.

Screenshot-65Oh…I checked it. This guy is Cheri’s boyfriend. Also, they didn’t just woohoo…They’re gonna be expecting soon. I hope they like each other.

Still I’m glad to know that Cheri’s first adult action is going to woohoo with her boyfriend in her sister’s room. I tell you. this family is great.

Screenshot-66Anyway, I have her make the call and boot her out with the final dog. Whatever their name is.

Screenshot-67Bye Cheri! Have a good life. Enjoy that baby.

Cheri: Baby?

You’ll understand soon enough. BUH-BYE.

Screenshot-68Nymeria is still awesome (-5)

Screenshot-70Ace is just as good. (-5) Best spouses ever.

Screenshot-72Goodness, Bombay looks so evil. Just…evil. I don’t know if its his eyebrows or what but he looks like hes plotting death and destruction.

Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES.

Screenshot-75So I took away the crypt. No more crypt. I put some dance bars down there instead. I plan on building another bedroom or two down there, a bar room and perhaps a second, larger gym.

Where are the urns now, you ask?

Screenshot-76I built an external crypt on the property. It doesn’t look like much now but I want to decorate it nice and such. I was just going to make a graveyard but I decided that the ghosts deserved a shelter. I want to build and underground part where there are beds/rocking chairs for them as well.

Screenshot-77Dizzy and Gerard’s memorial

Screenshot-78Tobi and Nymeria’s

Screenshot-79This will be Sali and Ace’s

Screenshot-80This is just what the empty ones look like until they can be filled.

Screenshot-81And an aerial view of the new crypt. I need to make it a little bigger so there are five rooms on each side…

Screenshot-82Pet graves will go outside, in these little areas.


Screenshot-84Bombay: Am I still evil?


Screenshot-83Meanwhile, Tobi looks like the cutest old man ever in his rocking chair.

Screenshot-85Sali doesn’t mind listening to music, but she won’t work out with the radio…Ugh, she’s so complicated.

Sali: I can hear you.

Screenshot-86 Screenshot-87 Screenshot-88I’m not sure about this kid. If he doesn’t roll evil I’m be extremely surprised.

Screenshot-89I finally decorated Sali and Ace’s bathroom. Its hideous I know. I showed this to my sister, explaining to her that it was their favorite colors in a bathroom scheme and she simply looked me in the eye and said “Well they’re wrong” and walked out of the room.

Screenshot-90On a happier note, look how in love Nymeria and Tobi still are….in their daughter’s bed.

Screenshot-91AND WE GOT A CORGI. His name is Wisely and I saw him in the paper and snatched him up. ITS A CORGI GUYS A CORGI! He shall father Grape’s puppies. Hopefully they’ll be cute? Or they’ll be hideous…..BUT CORGI!

Screenshot-95Now Nymeria is being the cutest old lady ever. Look at her outfit. I love it. That’s like my favorite ever. It looks so good on her as well.

Screenshot-97They’re already nearing friends! They like to play together! It’s really cute.

Screenshot-99It’s raining and Tobi and Fruity are outside relaxing. Sim Logic.

Screenshot-100Bombay: DO I STILL LOOK EVIL?

Well you don’t look cute.

Screenshot-101Nymeria…*facepalm* (-5)

Nymeria: It was the dogs I swear.

Screenshot-103Look how huge she got. There better be at least two in there!

Screenshot-104No sooner spoken than she goes into labor…but…the full moon rose.

This will be the first full moon birth since Max. Oh dear, oh dear…

Screenshot-105I move her to the nursery where she doesn’t seem any happier.

Nymeria: I’m pushing out a baby!

Good point.

Screenshot-106Oh…Ghost baby. Not so bad. This is Devon Rex. He’s an Insane Genius.

Screenshot-107Yay! Another baby!

Screenshot-108Meet his twin brother, Cornish Rex! He’s Excitable and Insane.

He is also a ghost sim, just as his brother.

Screenshot-110 Screenshot-111They’re both really, really hard to see. They’re nearly transparent. Like more so than most of the ghosts. This is going to be annoying I see…

Screenshot-114Nymeria is the cutest. Really.

Screenshot-120We’re just going to skip to the twins’ birthday to speed things up so we can close up the chapter.

Screenshot-121 Screenshot-124Wha…WHAT. He’s not only a GHOST but he’s also a MERMAID. Mermaids are a pain the koosh to take care of Ugh….Anyway, this is Devon.

Screenshot-125 Screenshot-126And here is his twin, Cornish. Cornish has golden eyes where Devon has the usual Dewdrop Red. They’re both Mermaid-Ghosts and I find that fact….extremely annoying. I thought it was only supposed to be one Supernatural Type. This is some weird glitch…

Screenshot-127 Screenshot-128Let’s end it on a good note: Baby number 4 is confirmed.

Self Wetting (-5): -5×16 = -80
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×35 = -175
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×14 = 70
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×3 = 15
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×2= 20
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×2= 20
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×1 = 20
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: -90 Points


7 thoughts on “2.2 New Additons

  1. Nymeria is such a cute old lady. ❤ Bombay on the other hand is a creepy little dude. Maybe he will grow out of it?
    I liked how Cheri and her boyfriend were like 'nice party, ima woohoo now' XD
    I like the naming theme, I love cats! ❤ I just wish my own had less of an obsessive personalty! XD


    • Bombay looks so evil. I’m surprised he didn’t get that trait. I just feel like he’s going to cause me so much trouble.

      I was just floored that she just tried for a baby. *shakes head* Well at least Nymeria and Tobi will have alot of cute little grandchildren.

      My cat is an annoying little fuzzball. She was sitting on my shoulder when I decided on my naming theme XD But I’m excited for alot of kitty-themed babies!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mermaid ghosts, wow. I have downloaded that mod, since I love the idea, but haven’t had any hybrids. Totally agree that mermaids are a pain to take care of – but will hopefully do better on their own than vampires. Maybe you could use MC to take away one of the occults from each twin? Assuming you want to do that, of course – though a mermaid ghost swimming would be very cool. And you’re right, they are *so* transparent – I think that’s the ‘buried alive’ ghost? I don’t have ST, but apparently that’s an almost-invisible ghost.

    And the new kids look sort of evil also – I think you’re right, and it’s the curve of the eyebrow. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it when they age up? And hopefully baby #4 has Ace’s hair!


    • Well, the pop-up for them popped up twice and I thought ti just a glitch and ignored it. And well, I shouldn’t have because now I have mermaid-ghosts. I’m going to keep them that way though because I really want to see them swimming with their ghostly tails haha.
      I checked and it says ‘invisible sims’ for their ghost-type. I’m not sure what that means but I MC them to a different ghost type if only so they aren’t quite so transparent. Its hard to see their features. Heck, its hard to see them sometimes!
      I’m hoping baby 4 ( and hopefully 5+) will look a bit more like Ace. Especially that dark purple hair with those green eyes!


  3. Wow ghosts to mermaids. Thats an interested spin! I bet they are going to look so cool through all of their life stages. And pretty much identical! That is awesome! I love the black and yellow bathroom by the way and the new crypt. It’s very distinguished.


    • Well I always wanted to see ghost mermaids. I may change one ( or both ) of their death types with MC though, just so I can tell the difference between them haha. Thank you! I think yellow and black is fitting for their bathroom! And the new crypt is nice. It keeps the ghosts out of the house ( kind of ). Now they just linger outside and swim in the pool haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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