2.3 Comfortable Hardwood Floors

So so sorry for how long this took. I really have no excuse because I’ve had these pictures for like a month. Anyway, let’s begin already. Screenshot-11 Screenshot-10Just as I said, for simplicity’s sake, I recolored the twins. They are both still ghost/mermaids but Devon is now now the blue ghost ( frozen to death ) and Cornish is now the orange ghost ( burned to death ). I have a sense of humor, don’t I? I’ve never played as a frozen ghost, so here is my chance to see what they do…naturally of course. Screenshot-13I have Sali pop them both into the play pen. Oh my gosh they’re adorable. I love them. Everyone vote for mermaid ghosts! Don’t really, vote for whoever you like best. Screenshot-14Meanwhile Nymeria is hogging all the room in her daughter’s bathroom. Nymeria: I thought this was where I get unstinky. It is. There are others throughout the house. Find them. Screenshot-15Sali: Boo! I’m hungry! BOO! Shush and go to the bathroom. You can have food after. Sheesh. Screenshot-16Ace is working on being the father of the year by taking his exhausted son to bed, even though he too is exhausted. Ace: I feel ya, beansprout. Screenshot-18Time to teach Devon how to walk and by that, I mean let him teach himself because screw teaching twins to walk. Screenshot-21Nice Nymeria. Nymeria: I got clean…and then I made everything else worse. You did. Are you proud of yourself? Screenshot-22Its nearly time. Sali is getting sick. Triplets this time? Sali: No more babies. Lots more babies. Screenshot-24Devon is being great and walking around all by himself. I think this picture was to say that he finally learned to walk which is great. One down, more to go. Screenshot-25Devon still has a while to go until he learns to potty. These ghost twins are really growing on me. They’re rather cute. Screenshot-26Oops, do you know who i forgot about? That’s right, Bombay! Sorry little buddy! Screenshot-27Meanwhile, Tobi is visiting….somewhere and he decided to sleep on the floor. Nice ( -5 ) Screenshot-28Look at the three little men of the house! Aren’t they just cuties? I just want to give them all hugs. And hey, Bombay doesn’t look evil in this shot! Of course you can’t see his face so… Screenshot-29Rocking chairs are kind of evil. This is pretty much where Nymeria lives until one of her needs crash too low. Screenshot-30Ace’s turn to go down. ( -5 ) But hey, did Tobi lose his hair? Gosh darn it! Screenshot-32No sooner did I change it did he go down too! ( -5 ) GO TO BED! Screenshot-34Well at least Sali popped with baby number 4+. I can’t wait! I want at least one girl because we already have three boys.


Tobi: So I’m exhausted and I can see you are too but…uh…would you be up for a little…? Nymeria: Hells yeah I would! Glad to see they love each other so much even into their old age. Its really sweet. Screenshot-38Gerald comes by tonight to watch over the ghost kids. Gerald: I didn’t become a ghost until I died. How unfair. And I thought you were the smart one Gerald… Screenshot-40Cornish: Daddy go boom! Yes Cornish…your daddy went boom…and so did my points… ( -5 ) Screenshot-42Sali: I HATE TV Shut up. Babies. Screenshot-43Look whose here! Holly! I bet you know what that means! Party time! Screenshot-45Uncle Max is back too! Still glitching beautifully. Screenshot-48Hey Grape, what’s up honey? Screenshot-49Oh. OH! PUPPIES!!! Two cutie little boys! Debitto and Jasdero are their names. They, like their dad, Wisely, get their names from D.Gray-man. Screenshot-52Anyway! Back to Bombay’s party! Sali looks so ready to get rid of one toddler. Screenshot-54Spiny-spiny-POOF! Screenshot-56Angry, cross-eyed child! Screenshot-57So…guys, this is Bombay as a child. He gained the trait Photographer’s Eye. He still looks evil/angry. Especially when he glares up at adults. I guess there is no hope for this kid. ScreenshotSo, with the kids all set, I send her downstairs to listen to some Kid’s Music while she works out. I WANT SOME BABIES. Screenshot-7Pfft! Haha! Look at Wisely! He’s so adorable! He Loves to Swim. How cute! Screenshot-2Bombay looks on a mission. Screenshot-4Bombay: Tell me a bedtime story if you want to live, old man. Screenshot-3Tobi: Well, with how awesome your party was, I can’t argue with that logic! Screenshot-6And so it starts… Screenshot-59This is just a picture to prove that Fruity is still alive. He’s 9 days over the elder limit. Go Fruity go! He also loves his grandkids ( grandpuppies? ) very, very much. He’s constantly nuzzling them and playing with them. Its super cute.Screenshot-60 Screenshot-61The twins are skilling and looking adorable while doing so. I love that I changed the colors of their ghost. Makes it so much easier to tell them apart.


Nymeria: This house is so beautiful. That rocking chair really makes the room.

Screenshot-64Meanwhile Sali is watching the Kid’s Channel again. That cow is a major jerk. I’d kick him if I were that guy.

Screenshot-66 Screenshot-67Nymeria and Tobi are so cute together. I can’t get over how cute they are together. They made beautiful kids and they’re still so in love. Their relationship bar is at like 90% because they’re always kissing and woohooing.

Screenshot-68 Screenshot-69Well Ace must have gotten the idea in his head to give his wife some lovin’ after seeing Tobi do the same to his wife. He came over and requested a quick nookie break with Sali. Its so nice to see Sims getting along so well.

Screenshot-70Bombay is a good child. He found his bedroom all on his own on his first night. I knew I liked you kid!

Screenshot-78The next day Ace got arrested. You’re a terrible criminal Ace…this is the second time already. You’re never going to get promoted at this rate e.e

Screenshot-79But look at that happy face! Aw, Bombay I didn’t know you could look anything but evil!

Bombay: I’m happy because I’m plotting my first murder!

Screenshot-85Nymeria gets home that night from work and goes to sleep on the floor. That must be one comfy hardwood floor… ( -5 )

But as a side note, I checked my net worth right after this and I’ve reached over 200,000 dollars! Woot! ( +20 ) ( not that it really helps at this point… )

Screenshot-86Death: AND HERE I AM TO PARTY.

We’re not having a party, Death.

Death: Oh? Well there’s music so I thought…


Aw, no Fruit Salad D:

Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92Tobi and Starfruit are devastated by the loss of Fruit Salad. He died with six grandpuppies to his name. That’s right, the other dogs had their own sets of puppies, which is nice. Fruity’s genes live on!

Screenshot-94He has become the first pet in our pet cemetery. Rest in peace Fruit Salad 😦

Screenshot-96Best. Expression. Ever.

If you’re wondering, Sali is in labor again and Ace is having a cow.

Screenshot-97Sali: A little help?

Oh yeah, you get your butt to the nursery to have your baby.

Screenshot-99Change my mind, this is the best expression ever. In sync freaking out. Oh Bombay, you’re just like your father.

Screenshot-102 Screenshot-103 Screenshot-104THREE THREE BABIES. All girls, so meh, that brings us to six kids. Three Boys, Three Girls. Guess we’re even all around. Since you can’t tell the difference in burrito form anyway, I’ll just tell you their names and traits:

Lykoi is the oldest. She was born with Loves the Heat & Insane. Sphynx is the second oldest and she was born with Artistic and Insane. Finally there is Toyger and she was born with Virtuoso and Insane.

And now I bring you a montage of fails over the next few days until birthdays happen.

Screenshot-106Ace e.e ( -5 )

Screenshot-107Really Bombay? ( -5 )

Screenshot-109Ace again… ( -5 )

Screenshot-110Death: AND I RETURN.

You were just here a couple days ago.


Screenshot-113He takes Starfruit from us and promptly leaves. Stop coming around ever birthday Death! Jeeze!

Screenshot-111Birthday that’s right – its time for both the twins and triplets to age up! Hurrah!

Screenshot-116 Screenshot-117Devon goes first. He gains the trait Rebellious. Oh great.

Screenshot-119Ace fails again between cakes ( -5 )

Screenshot-120 Screenshot-123 Screenshot-124Cornish is next. He gains the Diva trait. How fun.

Screenshot-126I decided not to cake the triplets and just age them up with MC. It’s already their birthday and I don’t want a birthday crunch at 9pm so yeah…

Also Sali is overworked. Sorry Sali ( -5 )

Screenshot-128Apparently Bombay is too. Darn it Bombay ( -5 )

Screenshot-127This is Toyger.

Screenshot-129This is Lykoi

Screenshot-130This is Sphynx.

And yes, you can only tell them apart by their eye colors so far. Great. I mean they’re all wearing different colors too but I know a mix-up is bound to happen. As a side note, all the kids are redheads. I was told to worry after the green eyes. Its the red hair that won’t go away for me! GIVE ME BLUE HAIR NOT RED.

Sadly, I’m done with children this generation so they’re all redheads. Huzzah.

Screenshot-131And one more fail for the road! ( -5 )

Self Wetting (-5): -5×16 = -80
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×47 = -235
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0

Every Birth (+5): 5×17 = 85
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×3 = 15
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×2= 20
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×2= 20
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×2 = 40
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80

Total: -45 Points