2.5 It Hurts to Exist

Onward we go!
Screenshot-47Cornish is so disappointed with the lack of love from his father that he’s starving.

Screenshot-48And his twin, Devon has decided that beds are actually pretty okay.

Devon: Mm…fancy computers.

Yes, Izzy could one of those. Seriously >w>; My graphics are lacking. That’s probably why I love seeing my sims in other legacies. Funny how decent graphics can really improve the look of them,

Screenshot-49Meanwhile, Bombay is embracing the floor. (-5)

Screenshot-50Cornish: LOVE ME FATHER *faints* (-5)

Ace: I have no son.

Nymeria: Well would you look at that stain.

Screenshot-51Bombay: Tell me a story about ovens

Tobi: *Does the YMCA in the background*

Screenshot-52Aw! Nymeria has discovered she has granddaughters! Shes holding Sphynx if anyone is wondering.

Screenshot-53C-C-COMBO BREAKER! (-10)

Screenshot-54And Nymeria is going to a game today. She actually has a pretty good record. Its like 2-1 right now. Go and win Nymeria!

Screenshot-55Tobi remains home to rework the butt grooves of the rocking chair to his butt.

Screenshot-56Sali is put back on painting duty because she’s only at level 4 right now. The toddlers are going to be children soon. It won’t be long until there’s a heir vote now. We gotta work quick!

Screenshot-57Bombay was actually sick so he was allowed to stay home from school today. He spent his time sleeping. Its going to mess up his days, but as long as he’s not fainting on the floor, I don’t care.

Screenshot-58Cornish went to school and promptly left early to faint. (-5)

Screenshot-59And then he got home, only to pee himself. (-5) He’s costing me so many points.

Screenshot-60Tobi has found his granddaughters now. He’s holding Toyger.

Screenshot-61I allow Sali to read Cornish to sleep. Maybe if she does, he’ll ACTUALLY sleep.

Screenshot-62Bombay got a full night(day?)’s sleep and wet himself upon waking. Really Bombay?

Bombay: I feel unclean :< (-5)

Screenshot-63Cornish has decided to sleep next to his father. Who still hates him.

Screenshot-64And its time for puppy birthdays!!

Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66This is Debitto. He still has Fruit Salad’s Floof. But I like his spots. I think we’re keeping him.

Screenshot-67 Screenshot-68And this is Jasdero.

Screenshot-69Yeah, I like Debitto. Look at his angry ‘c’mere tail’ face. He’s so cute. I love his spots as well. I love spotted dogs.

Screenshot-70Also, as you may note, there are alot of puddles in the house. Its not from everyone wetting themselves I promise. Its been raining in game the last few days and everyone makes puddles everywhere as they drip. Since they seem to like to stand in the little entry area for like, ever, they have been making the most puddles there.

Screenshot-71Ace: Ew, a broken sink.

Shouldn’t you be more insulted by the filthy tub? Considering you just took a bath in it?

Screenshot-72Devon: Ewwww….brrroooooken siiink.

Not you too e.e

Screenshot-73Devon: RAWR!

Ace: My heart!

No wonder Ace hates his kids…

Screenshot-74Lykoi: I AM IN A PUDDLE AND I’M SLEEPY.

Screenshot-75Sali: Supah mom!

She seriously ran right to her daughter without me directing her to. She must understand that shes stuck doing this herself.

Screenshot-76Meanwhile Tobi is off learning some new skills. Rock it Tobi!

Screenshot-77Today is also the day that Fruit Salad has come to visit us from the beyond. I love Ghost dogs. I want a ghost dog.

Screenshot-79Tobi: Ew. What is that doing in the arm chair?

Tobi that’s your dog 😦

Screenshot-81Devon has decided he really likes the kitchen floor. (-5)

Screenshot-82And Ace has grabbed one of his daughters, Sphynx I think. Are you going to play nice?

Screenshot-83In other news, I’m having Sali do all the cleaning that she has fallen behind on. It’s alot.

Screenshot-84She’s even fixing that dreaded sink. She left the puddles though, because its too much to completely clean the house I guess.

Screenshot-85Devon made it through another day of school without sleeping at all, only to fall asleep when gets out. Seriously, I don’t think he’s slept proper in like three days. (-5)

Screenshot-86Debitto is hungry but Tobi is blocking him from the dish due to fainting. (-5)

Screenshot-87Aw thank you Nymeria!

Screenshot-88Nymeria: Okay, you can stop crying kid.

I think she’s hungry.

Nymeria: Not my problem.

Screenshot-89DEVON IS SLEEPING????? Must be a sign!

Screenshot-90And when he wakes, he does his homework. What is going on?

Devon: I must get back in good graces with the viewers if I hope to be the heir.

Tough chance.

Screenshot-91Aw Bombay is swimming. I thought cats hated the water.

I’ll stop telling jokes, I know I’m terrible.

Screenshot-93Gerard and Starfruit have come to visit as well!

Screenshot-94Gerard: Ew, glitchy dogs.

Starfruit: It hurts to exist.

Screenshot-95And on the flipside, I have Sali getting herself a job in the sports career. Hopefully she can do well. She’s got a couple extra days in the YA stage, plus her entire Adult stage. Maybe she might be able to retire…?

Screenshot-96Then again, work will get her out of the house and away from her family’s fails… (-5)

Screenshot-98Gerard: Oh dear! He fainted! Someone help him!

Nymeria: Good. Stay down this time.

Screenshot-99Tobi is down too. And really stinky… (-5)

Screenshot-101Ace is cooking. Please don’t burn down the house 😦

Screenshot-103Oh thank goodness.

Screenshot-104Aw, Nymeria and Tobi are so in love yet. They’re so cute ❤ Cutest couple ever.

Screenshot-105It must have been some good nookie because Tobi promptly collapses afterwards. (-5)

Screenshot-107And darn it Cornish! (-5) But hey…what’s that?

Screenshot-106This chick was standing outside the school. I changed her hair style, but the color and her face are all natural. She’s super pretty! Where did you come from, pretty girl? Her name is Rosalinda. She’s only a teen but I saved her to my bin because omg is she a knockout for being a townie.

Screenshot-108Sali: I did a thing. It represent my oppression.

Um okay? Sell it.

Screenshot-109Tobi: I’m so tired…

Go to bed?

Tobi: Not done adjusting the cushions to fit my butt.

Screenshot-110Everyone is tired. My goodness.

Screenshot-112 Screenshot-113Ace: STOP ASKING ME.

Bombay: But dad 😦

Screenshot-114 Screenshot-115Ace: CHILD.

Man, Ace hates his kids. Why, Ace, why?

Screenshot-116Cornish skips the whole daddy issues thing and decided to just sleep on the floor. (-5)

Screenshot-120When he gets up, he at least works on his homework. So maybe he could get a grade above a C, maybe?

Screenshot-124Not to be forgotten, in the morning, Devon works on his homework as well.

So, just saying guys, my game has been a bit laggy lately. I think its due to the town running it course. The third generation is growing up and the fourth will be coming soon. I’m thinking of jumping towns soon, so excuse me if I don’t throw parties right now. My computer just can’t handle it. That being said, its the girls’ birthday.

Screenshot-126First goes the oldest, Lykoi. She gets the Slob trait. I think she’s pretty…angry looking.

Screenshot-128Toyger goes next, though she’s the youngest. She gets the Inappropriate trait.

Screenshot-129Finally Sphynx goes. She gets the Loves to Swim trait.

Also, for a final note, I just want to ask you guys what you think of if one of the mermaid-ghost boys became heir, me keeping them a ghost? Or would you rather me get rid of their ghost status? I think it would be interesting, personally but that’s just me. I just wondered what you guys think. No saying that they WILL become heir, because that depends on you guys but…I figured I might as well bring the subject up.

Anyway, that wraps up this chapter.


Self Wetting (-5): -5×18 = -90
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×67 = -335
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0
Negative Total: -425

Every Birth (+5): 5×17 = 85
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×2= 10
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×3 = 15
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×2= 20
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×2= 20
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×2 = 40
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80
Positive Total: 270

Total Points: -155 Points


5 thoughts on “2.5 It Hurts to Exist

  1. Nymeria: Well would you look at that stain.

    Yes, it looks just like your grandson Nymeria >.> lol I laughed so hard at so many fails but at the same time I feel so bad for your points. This was a whopper of a chapter for that.

    I was planning on voting for one of the ghost boys actually. Not sure which one yet but I would be up for keeping them a ghost. They can be a little hard to see but I think there is a mod out there that keeps them as a floaty ghost but you’re able to see what they actually look like. Maybe look into that and you can have the best of both worlds?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Though they hurt my points, I still like the fails. Its what makes the challenge XD
      IS there? I’ve tried finding something like that before, but never could. I mean, with their coloring I think they’re pretty visible. Though I can’t wait until their teens and the mermaid part of them comes into play. I may be making alot of beach trips to keep them mermaids haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. To continue what Tam said, if you use nraas Debug Enabler, there is an option in there to “deghostify” – so they still act like a ghost and can go through walls, but look like a sim. Sam used in in the Langurd most recent chapters. Very awesome. Though keeping them as ghosts is fine too – definitely need to check out a ghostly mermaid tail! And I’m totally up for keeping one of the boys, then we can keep going boy/girl heirs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooh! I have Debug for Nraas. I never knew I could do that! But I’ll probably keep them ghosts in full because I find the ghosts look really cool. Maybe that’s just me. I would love it if I could keep a girl/boy/girl pattern going on, but we’ll see what happens in the future I guess ^w^


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