Another Bump In the Road…

So hey guy. My next post was SUPPOSED to be introducing the new legacy I was starting, but I guess that’s not in the menu anymore. Now I’m posting to say that I will be on hiatus from today until I get a new laptop. Long story short; I let my mother borrow mine, she let the cat use it for a jumping board and now I have a broken screen. Awesome. So I’m taking this moment to just say ‘Screw it, time for a new, more powerful laptop anyway’. The one I’m using, as I’m sure you noticed has very crappy graphics. It’d be nice to have a computer that can handle alot of CC and take some nicer pictures for you guys. Maybe I’ll forsake the lappy and go with a desktop? Not sure yet. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know.

As a final note, I’ll at least post a picture of the founder of my future legacy. It’ll be played mostly during the breaks in Dripping with Idiots so I won’t touch that save file. Hopefully next time you see her, she looks much more fabulous with much better graphics!


See you soon guys! (I hope!!)


2 thoughts on “Another Bump In the Road…

  1. Sorry to hear about your old computer but a new one is very exciting. Myself, having had both laptops and desktops I prefer desktops. I like how easy they are to upgrade and if the keyboard on a desktop dies or get pummelled, you can get a new one for pretty cheap opposed to 200 bucks for one on a laptop. I’m sure you’ll absolutely love whatever you get though! Just get what suits you best 🙂


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