Back in Black?

Hey guys, did you forget about me? I would have forgotten about me by now.

I wanted to make a quick post to update you on the posting situation: Basically, I’ll be posting again (finally). I am borrowing my neighbor’s internet though so I’ll only be able to post during certain times until I get my own. That being said; No I haven’t gotten my new computer yet, I’m hoping to get it early next year.

And I also have some sadish news. It seems I’m not done being a nomad yet. My roommate, whom I’ve been very good friends with for just about forever, has gotten a new job…an hour an half away. The job I’m trying to get is an hour away and thus we’re moving. Again. Within the next six months. I’m so tired of moving ;o;

I’d like to say I’m “back to a regular posting schedule!” to you guys, but the truth is, I have no idea when I’ll be able to regularly post/write again. But I am determined to finish the legacy at least.

On that note, I’ve been changing the graphics – or I began to before I disappeared – for the download page. The Chapters page is going to get a facelift as well. I’m planning on basically trying to improve the look/layout of the blog really. So I hope you guys like the changes and that it makes things easier to look at/navigate.

And to brighten up the post, I figured I’d post a picture of my cat because hey! Kitties! 2015-11-26 09.38.40

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate!) and has a wonderful day! c:



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