2.9 Finally Got Him!

Last time, I changed the generations. Yup, I consider Dizzy’s generation as Generation 0; aka the Founding Generation. So Sali is now the leader of Generation Two and Devon’s generation will be Generation Three. Confusing I know.

Also, as for what happened with our Dewdrops; Tobi died (but not really) and Nymeria died (for really) and everyone was upset. And as a warning, this chapter is going to be super long. Onward!


Hey Devon, what’s with the derp face?


Oh, of course.(-5)


Tobi: I’m so hungry *sobs*

Nymeria: Getting my butt grooves back into this chair sure takes while…


That is not the outfit I dressed you in…

Lykoi: Shush, I’m trying to think.


At least, since they eat so much, the boys are getting a good amount of cooking skill points. Devon is at like two or three.


Well…ow, that looks like it uh…hurts.


Bombay: Not as much as losing grandma does! *sobs*



I can’t believe you survived death twice. *glares*

Tobi: ZZZzzz…Eff off….zzzzzZZZzz


Your feet really interesting or something, Cornish?


No, but bloody floor is! Urgh! (-5)

How is it that my Sims never seem to want to make it to a bed? They just seem to love the floor.


Here’s Sali, doing the only thing the heirs really do; cleaning and fixings stuff. Gonna really have to have Devon upgrade everything in this house to self-cleaning or unbreakable.


Bombay: You smell like trash Cornish

Cornish: Oh yeah? Well you smell like a bed, Bombay. 😛


Someone is doing their homework! In the tiny hall…


Looks like Old Bones is having the same problem Bombay was…


Tobi: I’m a puppy! A sneezy puppy! Achoo! Achoo!


For some reason Ace and his daughter insist on sleeping the same bed. I try reseting who it belongs to but they both insist they belong here. Creepy.


Did I tell you guys that I picked, I think Jasdero for heir? For the dogs I mean. I want to keep the spots going and he has them and his brother doesn’t.


Ace: I have some mathematical questions for you, Sali.

Sali: My leg has dust on it.


Ace: What’s one plus one?

Sali: Sexy time?


Sexy time.


Tobi walked in the library, turned on the radio and left. What the hell. I hate it when Sims do that. >-<


You are less interesting than your twin.

Cornish: Shut up. Nobody likes you

;n ; not true.


Wonder how long its gonna take someone to finish this car. I’m gonna sell it once they do. Then I’ll buy another one for someone to fix. It might becomes Devon’s project once he comes of age.


Sali is on her last skill point for athletic. I’m trying to have her finish it before I loose control of her.


Someone else doing laundry for a change? Unheard of!

Tobi: I don’t really do anything anymore…


Devon went over to a female friend’s house after school and floated on her porch for a few hours. I don’t think he ever went inside.


Don’t know her name, but this is what she looks like. There aren’t the best townies in this town…


I like seeing the kids do their homework. Anyone wanna get on the honor roll for me?


And after finishing her homework, Sphynx parties down! I love watching Sims dance, but I won’t spam you…this time >:3


Still alive?

Tobi: I think.



Ooh, I like this painting. It’s a keeper!


I’m getting pretty annoyed with Old Bones. Also, where the bloody hell is Ace going? Without a shirt on, in the snow?


I think the dog is tired.

Tobi: I need cuddles.

But the dog..

Tobi: Cuddles.


Sali is off to work for the first time in forever. She’s level 5 or 6 in her career. She might make it on her own yet. Who knows.


All of the impalement in this chapter!

Lykoi: It doesn’t hurt if you don’t think about it.

I would also just like to say that on this day, Lykoi got on the honor roll. I took a screenshot of the announcement…but its not in my folder? e.e that’s annoying.

Anyway, she’s the first since like Tobi to do that. It’s been a while. Anywhoo, a very meager (+5)


Cornish: So I hope you get pumbled by hail during your reign.

Devon: Fair enough.




There is so much food in the kitchen, it is disgusting. Someone is almost constantly cooking a group meal. Sali really hasn’t had to cook her entire life because of this.


Bombay’s turn to fiddle with the car.


Toyger: I think the answer to number two is “Trash”.


Cornish: No, its totally Beethoven. Don’t you know anything Toy?


Cornish: This is our music homework. It’s going to be about music, not rubbish.

Lykoi: This is their math homework..


Toyger: I’m tired.

Cornish: The answer to that question is go to bed.


So the next day I sent them to the festival in Monte Vista. It looks tiny, but theres plenty to be done.


Ace and Sali try the love machine. They got “Red Hot Burning Love” Hehe. That’s so cute.


Sali then takes to the dance floor to move it!


Soon her daughter joins her.


Devon tries to succeed at horse shoe toss…and fails. He gets pretty angry about it as well.


Well, Sali is off to work. I leave the others there. Hopefully they find their way home someday soon!


Ace finds his way to the dance floor where Sphynx is still shaking it.


Tobi is no better with horse shoes.


Ace is the last to leave, shaking it until everyone else has departed. He’s got some moves, I’ll give him that.


Trying to have Sali clean up for a birthday party when the dishwasher broke. Ugh. Whose birthday is it? Guess! Shouldn’t be hard!


Hurrah! Bombay!


Here he is after make over. He looks alot like his dad. He gains the Loves the Cold trait. His final line up of traits are; Disciplined, Insane, Lucky, Photographer’s Eye, and Loves the Cold.His LTW is Martial Arts Master. He will be added to the download page shortly. He’s a cutie if I do say so myself.


When I kick him out, I throw out him and Grape and Wisely too. I think he also took Debitto with him as well. I need to get rid of some dogs so that way Tobi might actually die next time Grim comes for him.


And also, I made a mate for Jasdero. Meet Wii. Yes, I am naming the next round of puppies after gaming consoles. She got them sexy rainbow stripes.

Her and Jas’s first meeting goes smoothly. Let’s hope for puppies soon.


This is still kinda creepy.


Cornish is taking to brushing his teeth. I don’t think it helps with hydration but more power to you man.


I’m really tired of Old Bones harassing the dogs all the time. The dogs are nearly at a high enough level to become mates, but she keeps bugging them and canceling out their interaction with one another.


So away she goes. I’m done with her. Maybe I’ll try a butler.


Toyger: Don’t you look at me that way! I see you! Don’t think I can’t see you!


Toyger: Oooh, a wise guy, eh? Gonna play it cool now, eh?


Toyger: Look at me, I’m a flower. I’m soooooo innocent and pretty. We’ll see how pretty you are when I rip all your petals off!


With no interruptions, the two are free to play all they like! They’re so cute.


Tobi spends alot of his time with the dogs yet. It’s kind of sweet to see.


Well Sali, this is your final meal controlled by me. Tomorrow you’re a mostly free woman. How does it feel?

Sali: Waffles.

As expected.


Tobi: Oh look, the sparkles have returned…


Death: Bloody finally! Do you know how long I’ve been trying to reap your ass? Get in the tombstone before I impale you on my scythe!


Tobi: No wait Death! One more day, please! Tomorrow my grandson becomes heir! I’m too awesome to die now!

Death: I don’t care. Get in the urn.


Tobi: You can’t make me if you can’t catch me! *trips and falls into urn* Gosh darnit.


Death: Finally! FINALLY I GOT HIM! *evil cackle*


Death: And now to catch my favorite show. You guys got a pretty sweet set-up here.


And then he made himself comfortable. Nice.


RIP Tobi Dewdrop. You will be missed, at least for two days of mourning. He lived thirteen days over the life limit. Nymeria managed like six. Still he was a good heir and I’m happy he’s reunited with his love in the afterlife.


And now that its safe for more dogs in the house, we create puppies!


Sphynx: So I really like comic books, but they’re kind of nerdy you know…

Toyger: *pretending to care*


Sphynx: Oh no! Grandpa’s ghost is possessing my hand! It’s gonna get me! Help!


Sphynx: You didn’t help Toyger. You didn’t care. Maybe my hand is coming for you next…


Toyger’s level of caring is very low.


On a better note. On Devon’s last day of school, he earned an A and got on honor roll! Hurrah! (+5)

Cornish on the other hand has a B and refuses to move past it.


But now its time to age the twins up so Devon can finally take over as heir.


Devon: I wish to marry a hot legacy spare!


Cornish: I wish to be more awesome than my brother.


Holy shit, Devon! You’re a sexy beast! ❤ His final trait is Dog Person(sigh). His line up is Genius, Insane, Rebellious, Loves the Heat and Dog Person. His LTW is Creature-Robot Cross Breeder(second sigh).


Holy shit, Cornish! You are also a sexy beast! ❤ His final trait is Heavy Sleeper. His final line up is Excitable, Insane, Diva, Lucky and Heavy Sleeper. His LTW is Vocal Legend.


Devon: We are both sexy!

And they will both be available for download soon. Warning to everyone, they will only download as Ghosts. You will have to use cheats to make them into mermaids as well; if you wish. Just leaving them as ghosts would be cool as well.


I allow the family to eat cake together since everyone is starving.


And then Cornish heads out to start his own family hopefully. By Cornish. Hopefully someone wants your genes ❤ It’d be a shame to not use them.

And that is it for this chapter. Next chapter will be the first chapter of Devon’s generation! Hurrah!

Self Wetting (-5): -5×24 = -120
Each Sim Failing School (-5): 0
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter, or baby sitter (-5): 0
Passing out (-5): -5×91 = -455
Accidental Deaths(-10): 0
Social Worker Visits (-15): 0
Negative Total: -575

Every Birth (+5): 5×17 = 85
Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (+5): 5×4= 20
Having a Painting of the Torch Holder in the house (+5): 5×3 = 15
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (+10): 10×2= 20
Not using spare Happiness points for a generation (+10):10×2= 20
Every 100,000 dollars (+20): 20×2 = 40
Every Sim that completes a LTW (+40): 40×2 = 80
Positive Total: 280

Total Points: -295 Points


4 thoughts on “2.9 Finally Got Him!

  1. Self-cleaning is the best upgrade ever, especially in an ISBI! I prefer SC to unbreakable, because future THs will likely need handiness anyway, and the expensive stuff rarely breaks anyway (unlike TS4, but that’s a rant for another place).

    To reiterate what Tam said, the boys turned out great! Totally agree that they’re sexy beasts. Looking forward to seeing Devon’s spouse option(s).


    • Devon is a pretty cool heir I will admit! I can’t wait to see how many ghost and/or mermaid babies he has!
      Haha, Max is a popular one, isn’t he? Of course! I can’t wait to see what trouble he stirs up in your ISBI~


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