1.03 Big News


I found out that Silas’ favorite color was red and I quickly made some adjustments to some of my furniture. Hot Pink and Red go well together, don’t they?


Silas was ready to train with Starlight. I could tell he was pretty nervous on her back, but he was playing it cool.


He probably thought his sunglasses hid his fear but anyone who was looking would see it. He road her all the way to the Town Hall though and got all registered to be a horseman!


By the time he got home he was dead tired and dropped right into bed. I had already been asleep but was woken up by my stomach doing twists and turns. Perhaps we were expecting our child already?


It was hard to tend to my garden while feeling so sick. Every couple of minutes I was running outside to puke my guts up, even if I hadn’t eaten anything!


Meanwhile Silas and Starlight were very busy training. I was trying hard not to bother him while he trained. I know I was sick, but we needed the money!


And that training paid off – soon he was entering Starlight in her first race. They came in second but it taught them what they needed to do for the next one!


I, meanwhile, “popped” – look at my tiny baby bump! I’m hoping for a girl. I heard an old wife’s tale that watermelons help you have a girl. I got a bunch and am planning on eating as many as possible.


I got myself a rocking chair too – its important! It helps me sleep!


Silas looks pretty glum doesn’t he? Apparently his ex-girlfriend, who he broke up with before he met me, had a baby. His baby. A little girl named Abby. She told him and hung up on him. He really wants to visit her before he gets too old. Iris, his ex, is pretty old too. He’s been worrying what will happen to Abby when he and Iris pass. We’ll try to figure it out soon.


I had to get out of the house for a while. I know, I know. I should be comforting Silas but…I don’t know how. Too bad I don’t know where Iris lives – could always go and get Abby for a bit. I mean…not on my bike but…


Silas spent more time with Starlight to distract himself. I mean, I knew we were having a baby, but it bothered him that he had a child he never met.

Speaking of baby – mine was coming! I was working in the garden when it hit me and OH MY PLUMBOB DID IT HURT.


I gave birth to a boy, Benjamin – Benny. Silas had wanted a son and now he had one. I was a little sad to not have the daughter I wanted, but I could see that Benny took after me, with fuzzy bits of pink hair on his head.


Silas was over the moon and one proud papa. He was just sad he had not been there for his son’s birth. Why you ask?


He had won a beginner race! He and Starlight had worked so, so hard!


He was extremely proud – often staring at the trophy with a little grin on his face.


And it was situated close to Benny’s room where he could always hear his little boy cry. Maybe I was disappointed I didn’t have a girl, but Benny was our pride and joy. How could I not be happy to have him?

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