Generation One: Chapter Two


“So, what do you think?”

“It all seems very expensive, Simeon. This place is very fancy…We’re dressed very fancy. This feels like a date.”


“Well I would hope so. I spent alot of time planning this.”

Willow could barely believe her ears.


“You sneaky-! I would have just said yes had you asked me out!”

Simeon laughed and then grinned at her, clearly very proud of himself.

“This was much more fun. I just can’t believe you didn’t expect it.”


Willow just focused on enjoying her evening with him. It was nice that the restaurant had a good vegetation menus. Though, she couldn’t resist a good salad. The produce was fresh and crisp.


Though, when the night was over and both of them were blushing and perhaps a little drunk, Willow couldn’t help but kissing him softly and inviting him back to her place. She figured he would refuse, but he didn’t.


Before they went to bed though, they had some other activities in mind.


Simeon stayed until morning and they had breakfast with each other before he leftDespite it still being the weekend, he had to work apparently. The school he worked at was apparently a private school. She wondered what they taught and if she might be able to get a job there.


A few weeks passed and Willow still saw Simeon regularly. They were dating now, though he could only see her once a week. It sucked, but it was what it was. He was important at the school he worked at. Glimmerbrook Academy for Gifted Children was what it was called – she had looked it up online though and could find little, other than it was a private school.

It was strange but Simeon promised her a tour someday.


She kept her mind off it with her favorite hobby, fishing. Sometimes she’d travel far to fish – or well at least a couple hour’s drive. She wanted to plan a weekend camping trip to go fishing. She wondered if Simeon would come. He didn’t seem to be the outdoor type though.


Though she wondered if that was a good idea as she suddenly became very ill. Her stomach was tender and she could eat very little before throwing it up. She was tired, irritable and emotional. Where was Simeon during this time? Working at his school – he couldn’t visit due to some sort of midterms there and she didn’t want to worry him.


She tried to eat healthier during this time, especially when she noticed she was beginning to gain weight. Eventually she decided to go to the doctor’s and see what might be wrong.


And that was how Willow Greenburrow found out she was going to be the mother of twins. She was happy…and so she decided to surprise Simeon to give him the good news!

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