2.02 Everyone’s Princess

Sandra is getting better at sculpting. She’s working with ice now. Where did she get that chainsaw I wonder?

But she’s said she’s felt a little sick lately. I think it might be the new fridge.

Shes apparently really sick because shes puking every two or so hours. I feel bad for her but I’m not sure what I can do for her. I just try to bring her some peppermint in from the garden.

She keeps trucking on her sculptors though. She really likes working with ice. She wants to be an Ice Personality I heard her say.

And then we found out that shes pregnant! I’m over the moon! We don’t care if its a boy or girl as long as our baby is healthy.

I’m pretty upset that Benny and Sandra are expecting already, but that’s what I get for clicking risky woohoo exactly one time. Benny is barely anywhere in his career. Oh well.

She told me when I got home from work. I about cheered when I heard the news

“What are we going to name them?” I asked her but she only chuckled.

“We’ll decide when they’re born!”

Excited for our next picture to be with our child, we ran down to town hall to document our family’s growth.

I didn’t realize before I wanted another picture that Midnight Hollow didn’t have a festival ground. RIP my memory for sims 3.

But with our family growing, I figured it might be about time to go from dating to married with Sandra. She was over the moon, of course. She had wanted this since we were still ten years old. So we finally did it! We’re engaged!

“This is the happiest day of my life” and it was true

“Mine too!” Sandra could barely hold back tears.

We got married later that afternoon, with only my parents present.

In front of the lake was where we exchanged our vows, dressed casually, as warranted the occasion. She was about to burst at the time and couldn’t do anything more.

After the wedding it was time to get upgrading all of the “bathroom”.

It didn’t work out that way of course because that night, Sandra went into labor!

“Oh Benny, you came to be with me for the birth!”

“Sandra! You’re having a baby!”

“Oh, right! Ah! It hurts!”

“Holy Watcher!”

She gave birth to a healthy girl, who was a ghost like her mother! We named her Eloise.

Can someone remind me if you only get the +3 per type once or the +3 every time an occult joins the family. I’m sorry, I have the big dumb.

I use my mystic daddy powers to see what she actually looks like.

Everyone loves her, especially dad. He getting old – hes 104 already! I hope hes around for a long time yet.

But soon enough it was time for her to grow older. I hated setting my baby on the floor but..

She grows up especially adorable!

Shes a ghost-vampire due to being born on the full moon. I won’t be counting the vampire part, unless I have her turn her spouse. Who knows.

Shes my little princess. Her favorite color is Hot Pink just like grandma.

Even when mom and dad flirt, their eyes are on our princess. Shes adored by everyone.

Even if shes a bit of a brat sometimes.

We all work together to teach her everything. Shes particularly close with her grandmother.

Though I try to be a good father.

And Sandra is an excellent mother.

It gives me time to go out and about. Today I hit up the museum.

To upgrade this bathroom. Hey, it helps me get my handiness skill up! Its important!

Dad tries his hand at sculpting.

And he even found time to help me build the princess her own room! I can’t believe how well hes doing for an 106 year old man!

He managed to finish his sculptor and we use it to display one of his trophies.

I wish he’d make more so he and mom stop… uh using my wardrobe for… activities. Especially while I’m sleeping!

So tired of mom and dad using MY room, I got some new things for them to do. A drum set and a chess table.

I also finish teaching Eloise to talk. She was so tired of it by the end.

“And the claw came for princess Eli!”

“Nooo! Gwampa!! Save me!”

At least mom and dad are still in love; they still wish they could have had more than just me. I sometimes overhear dad saying they still have time. But that’s all for now! I think I hear Eli crying. It must be time for her birthday!

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