1.05 Last Call

We start by noticing this cutie. I did take her into cas and add a face mask + eyelashes but. wow. I think she’ll do.

She’s got the last name Jeong. I imagine that must mean shes Venessa Jeong’s daughter. I didn’t see a man in the household so I don’t know who her father is. I guess I’d have to check with mccc.

Completely exhausted, Rose is sent out to meet her. Her name is Mindy.

Rose: I think shes really cute, can I keep her?

That’s the plan. Get her to girlfriend now. She ages up two days after you.

While Rose and Mindy chat, Nix comes home with her level 8 promotion. Yes, only level 8.

Are you &%%$& kidding me?! No! No I’m done! Also she just got home and she has to work again in 3 hours!

I turn my attention back to Rose and Mindy. Mindy makes… interesting faces but I still love her. She’s still a cutie.

Rose really seems to like her. They monkey around but it pisses Mindy off. She tries to run away. Rose runs after her, shoves a housekey in her hand and returns home to get some sleep.

She does her homework the moment she wakes up. Rose is dedicated for whatever reason. I guess I do like that about her.

She comes home in a mood after school and marches outside to sort that out. She jogs twice and writes her in journal once before she feels better.

She does look pretty happy jogging around.

Nix is forced once more to sit and read. She won’t get the skill point for 600 more years so I go back to ignoring her existence.

Mindy stopped by again. This time Rose is fully rested and ready for her. They go outside to look at the stars first. The goal is to get her to be the girlfriend. Rose ages up two days before her but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Rose: Hey, baby

Mindy: Nice ass.

They flirt aka Mindy compliments the ass that Rose did no work for at all. I don’t understand why they’re flirting like this for a long moment.

Ooooh… we’re glitched. Interesting way to hold hands girls. Rose, I don’t think arms work that way.

I have them move so their first kiss works right. They barely have any romance points so I’m surprised that Mindy lets Rose kiss her.

Mindy: I think I’m in love!

That’s the goal!

Rose: Mindy, will you be my girlfriend?

Mindy: Yes! Yes! Of course!

Afterwards, Rose runs inside to go to bed. Mindy sticks around and plays some chess and chats with Nix. She looks right at home already.

Before Rose goes to bed, she sneaks in a flirty painting. It goes next to her dog and cat(?) one.

Woohoo! Level 9!

And he finishes the charisma skill! Woohoo! +1 point! He’ll age to elder when Rose turns to an adult but he’ll still go to work and get that last promotion!

Akira has done his job and completely one skill!

With that done, we try to max out fitness really quick! He only has like two days till he ages up!

Mindy stops by everyday. She skips school to take a mud bath in our awful bathtub. I’ll probably buy (or make) a slightly better bathtub when Rose takes over.

I checked on Mindy’s parents and uh… Vanessa also has a second child with Mortimer’s son. Guess she really likes the Goth family.

Rose comes home in a fit again. She’s sent out jogging until she feels better.

Winter hits in true the day before Rose’s birthday. Instead of skilling, Nix is outside shoveling snow. How useful.

Meanwhile Rose falls on her ass when just trying to come home from school.

Rose: Hello Darkness, my old friend-

Oh and I checked the funds! Thats another point!!

And then… this happens. Akira wakes up in the middle of the night to do this. I actually shouted nooo! I’m not ready!

But it also means that Rose ages up as well! She comes out to the same spot her dad was in and spins!

Rose: Woah!

Rose Riley is our sim for generation two! She’ll be marrying Mindy when she ages up. She’ll also be doing the painting skill (which already level 7), the painter career and mastering handiness. She did alot as a child but she has alot more to go as an adult!

Her traits upon aging. Shes not… a great sim. I love her anyway.

She is great in this regard though. Look at all them traits!

With that, we’re wrapping up generation one! Nix and Akira still have some things to do but I think we can get them done! I’m confident (maybe foolishly so haha).

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