3.03 Births & Birthdays

Herman: Babe, your mom is pretty hot. Why does she walk around in her bathing suit all the time?

Rose: I just got back from fishing and I’m confident, not flirty so you better not try anything, idiot!

Helen: Well I’m pregnant, Herman, so stop looking at my mom!

Herman: Oh… Haha, of course babe. I was only joking!

Helen: I thought so!

Sadly, as much as I would love them to get married before the baby comes, winter is here and that’s storm season. Theres thunder storms almost everyday, randomly.

Herman is mad he can’t oogle Rose anymore so he breaks the stove. Rose, who was out fishing, has to come home to fix it.

Helen gets big really fast and shes miserable. She’s always sleepy, always hungry, the house can’t be clean enough for her.

Helen: It would help if SOMEONE would stop staring at my mom!

Rose doesn’t help the situation by fixing the bathtub in the nude.

Rose: its the best way to fix things! Haven’t you heard of naked yoga?

Helen needs two break through for work. She finally got to level 5 and we’re working on level six now. I want indoor plumbing! Helen, ever so grumpy, refuses to fish for long and will wander into the water if I don’t watch her.

What are the safety regulations on this one?

Helen: As long as I don’t use the blowtorch its fine!

Helen: If you move the whatajig to the whosmawhat and connect them with a rod, we can contact aliens and get this baby out of me!

We literally can’t go to hospitals till generation six or so. You’re carrying generation four.

They’re actually making a satellite. They did well so the machine gets a little pat.

With her tasks done for the day, Helen does a little magical cleaning. I think it’s hilarious that shes cleaning with magic in a science facility.

When she comes home, she takes a bath, gets some sleep and wakes up at 2am, starving again.

Helen: Is there only one in there? I feel like I’m as big as the house.

It better only be one. At this point I’m scared for the birth.

Rose: Have some bread (:

Herman: okay?

Rose has level 5 baking skill because when I don’t watch her, she bakes. She’s honestly a werido on her own. I love her.

Helen: Noooo! I have work in 3 hours!

We can make it Helen!

I place the bassinet and she waddles off to her room while Herman freaks out. I don’t think he’s ready to be a dad!

Helen gives birth to a healthy baby girl! Yes! We got a girl! Her name is Katharine! She’s named after Katharine Burr Blodgett who invented “invisible glass”! I guess I should tell you that Helen is named after Helen Frankenthaler who was a famous American painter.

Yeah, I have a naming theme. Kat’s child will probably be named after someone famous in her line of work. I’m not that creative.

Helen tucks baby Kat back into bed and kisses her head. She’s off to work!

Her first task is to read a book. Guess they know she literally gave birth an hour ago and needs a little sit down. That’s nice of them.

Then she has to prevent abductions, which I agree with. No abductions please!

She rounds out that day with a little analyst. She’s a good scientist. She has all ten breakthroughs now and tomorrow she’ll probably go to work by herself so I can focus on Herman and his skills.

When she does get home, I realize another thing is going on today. It’s Rose’s birthday! Noooo! I’m not ready!

Rose: Sweet freedom!

Yes, you’ll be free to be as weird as you want baby!

Rose: ouch my back!

Not so fun being an elder is it?

She gets a make over and of course, shes a gorgeous elder. Honestly, I love her sm. It makes me really sad to see her as an elder. Her time is limited!

Herman is a good dad. He takes care of the kiddo while Helen gets some sleep. She doesn’t sleep long though because I want to run to the magical realm to look for more artifacts.

One quick google search later makes me realize i have to duel for them. Crap. I never have luck with this. Helen wins her first and loses 6 more times in a row. Crap, this won’t be as easy as I thought.

Next time, I don’t know what happens! This is as far as I played. Kat will become a toddler for sure though!

One thought on “3.03 Births & Birthdays

  1. hey to anyone reading this! apparently i lost the email that goes with this account and therfore lost it forever. wordpress customer service isn’t helping me and claims theres nothing they can do so i went ahead and made a new account. you can find it here: https://wolfiesboolpropchallenges.wordpress.com/
    the challenge will be heading onwards there! thank you for reading and sorry for the change!


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