What Ever Happened to the Dewdrops?

Hey guys, long time no see! Well, maybe some of you have seen me liking your posts, maybe not. I’m not sure. Anyway, its been like two or so years since I’ve posted. I’m sure some of you might have been wondering what ever happened to the Dewdrops.

Just a forewarning; this is some personal stuff. Just an explanation why I “disappeared”. Some of its strange and a little messed up (to me but hey) so…you were warned;

Long story short, I moved to a new apartment. My new computer broke during the move – it was a hardware problem and I’m not so savvy at hardware problems. I’m more of a software type of person. I started saving up money for it.

Then…well some REALLY messed up stuff happened in my life. Not gonna go into deep detail, but I found out I was pregnant…four days before I had the baby. Yeah, I know. Messed up, but I literally had NO symptoms of pregnancy (except exhaustion and how was I supposed to know that didn’t mean I wasn’t just overworking myself?). All the money I had saved for my computer went to paying my bills during the time I was recovering. My daughter was adopted by a lovely family due to circumstances (and not having ANY time to prepare for a baby). I’m not worried about her – that family adores her and she’s going to have the best life. Its still a little shocking to me that I even HAD a child. I’m in therapy, due to postpartum depression + general trauma from the delivery. More money spent. Less money to fix computer. I recovered physically, I went back to work, money started flowing in again.

I work retail and one of my regular customers and I got talking. I mentioned I was looking for a good place to fix my computer. She told she’d fix it for free. Like what. I give her the computer, she fixes it. And huzzah I have a computer again….but I lost all my saves and games that were on it before. I had not backed them up.

So all the Sims 3 legacies I had going on are now gone. Including the Dewdrops. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’ve made the decision to stop playing Sims 3 as well. It doesn’t run well, it takes up alot of room. Not like I can get those saves back anyway.

I’m not sure if I’ll post any Sims 4 stories…but I might. Who knows? Depends on how much free time I have in the future.

Anyway, to anyone who read this messed up, torn up post. I thank you. And I thank you for reading the Dewdrops to begin with. If I choose to make more content in the future, I hope to see you there, if not, I know I’ll still be fans of everyone else out there. Please stay safe and stay happy.

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Another Stall

Okay, its not a stall. I’ve just been playing another legacy. One that I hope to begin to record soon. Its a Through History legacy and I absolutely LOVE that challenge. I’ve completed it once already in my spare time and figured it was time to make an actual legit legacy for it. There no blog for it yet but considering that I’m already well into generation two in my save file…well…One can bet that it’s not far.

I leave you with some previews. 🙂

Sneak Peek

So I know, I know. I said new chapter Monday. But, I need to play more to get enough pictures. Plus I’m having too much fun to sit down and write  a chapter! Man I missed these guys! So, I decided to post a few sneak peek pictures of what you can expect. I’m loving this graphics btw! Everyone looks so good!


and yes, they get a new house in a new town! Its all gonna be shown off soon! I can’t wait, I’m so excited to show you!

The Good & The Bad

Good news! Tomorrow is the day my brand new computer gets in!

Bad news! I have to work most of the day tomorrow and then the next two days as well.

More good news! I should have off on New Year’s Day to play around with my new computer! And I won’t be hung over because I decided I’m not going to go out and get smashed like I usually do. I might go out for a drink, but this is a no smash zone this year.

So expect more chapters Monday-ish. The Dewdrops are probably going to be the ones that I test drive this baby on so I’ll see you all then!

Worst Simmer Ever

Geek & Sundry bts sorry erika samurai

Its been a while i know and I’m super sorry about that. My computer is kinda…not doing well. Alot of time I start up sims and it crashes within 30 minutes and I get like 10 pictures and have to start all over.

Good news is, that I really AM getting a new computer this time. I order my new baby Friday when I get paid. With all luck they’ll be here within another week and I can get back to the Dewdrops and Rippers. Man do I miss them. The Rippers have enough pictures to get them another chapter, I just haven’t posted it (oops) but the Dewdrops? They’re running on hard times.

Anyway, I will be back – with more chapters….And maybe a new legacy?

Maybe. Who knows.

Back in Black?

Hey guys, did you forget about me? I would have forgotten about me by now.

I wanted to make a quick post to update you on the posting situation: Basically, I’ll be posting again (finally). I am borrowing my neighbor’s internet though so I’ll only be able to post during certain times until I get my own. That being said; No I haven’t gotten my new computer yet, I’m hoping to get it early next year.

And I also have some sadish news. It seems I’m not done being a nomad yet. My roommate, whom I’ve been very good friends with for just about forever, has gotten a new job…an hour an half away. The job I’m trying to get is an hour away and thus we’re moving. Again. Within the next six months. I’m so tired of moving ;o;

I’d like to say I’m “back to a regular posting schedule!” to you guys, but the truth is, I have no idea when I’ll be able to regularly post/write again. But I am determined to finish the legacy at least.

On that note, I’ve been changing the graphics – or I began to before I disappeared – for the download page. The Chapters page is going to get a facelift as well. I’m planning on basically trying to improve the look/layout of the blog really. So I hope you guys like the changes and that it makes things easier to look at/navigate.

And to brighten up the post, I figured I’d post a picture of my cat because hey! Kitties! 2015-11-26 09.38.40

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate!) and has a wonderful day! c:


Where I’ve Been…

Hi Guys, Izzy here. I’ve been away a long, long time. I bet you guys were mystified where I went? Or maybe you just assumed that I was just gone. In truth I have had an abundance of personal problems that have plagued me the last few months.

Not going to make a long story longer, but I am moving. I’ve been working hard in the last few months to ensure that I would not have to move, but sadly, it seems that was a effort in vain. Still, I do plan on beginning to publish chapters again at least.

I haven’t had time to play but I’m going to make time today. Hopefully today or tomorrow I can get a new chapter or two up for you guys. Sorry I’ve been gone but it feels good to be back! 🙂