A Time Waster, A New Legacy

Hello all! I hope you are well. I have decided to once again try this legacy thing. This time with just a regular old legacy. Meet William Hanlow,  my newest founder and a sweet boi who wants to master all the instruments.


Anyway, if you wanna read his legacy you can find it right here, at the Hanlow Family Legacy blog I made. Only one post is up so far, but I’m working on making a few more. It should give you an idea of what to expect. Anyway, be safe everyone. Have a good day!


Through History Legacy

I went ahead and made a blog for it. You can read it here. I can also say that more Dewdrops are honestly coming soon! I just need to sit down and edit the photos…since I’ve finally started doing that. I might focus on the Bloodstones a bit but again, I really love this challenge. Its literally my favorite one.

Versatile Blogger Award

Oh wow, I got a award and I’m able to post about it! A big thank you to Jenn, who has written so many grand Sims Legacies I can’t list them all, for nominating me.

The rules: 

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Share the award on your blog
3. Share seven random facts about yourself
4. Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they have been nominated

Okay seven random facts go!

  1. I’m a real big nerd for video games of all sorts. Right now I’m still obsessing over Undertale…but Sister Location came out and well…
  2. I finally tried Sims 4…and like it! But don’t expect a legacy any time soon
  3. The first Sim Legacy/story I read was actually Boo’s Boo Boos by Jenn. It actually inspired me with a goal to someday write up a Legacy of my own. 🙂
  4. I have two cats; Nyan and Chara.
  5. I work as a manager at pharmaceutical retail chain and love my job.
  6. I’ve been playing Sims since I was a wee bitty child, though Sims 3 is my favorite to play
  7. I’m twenty-four. I don’t think I’ve ever said my age before so there it is aha

I’m supposed to nominate 10 blogs, but most everyone has already been nominated. I don’t want to annoyingly tag a bunch of people who have already done it – but I will say that every blog I follow is awesome. I am going to tag one person though because their blog deserves so much more hype. As for the rest of you, if you haven’t had a Versatile blogger award yet, I’m sayin’ ya do now, because you’re awesome :0

Now go read some more awesome Sim Stories
I’m just gonna list some here, without annoyingly taggin people who have already done one.

We’re All Mad Here – Echo Weaver
Paint The Town – Jenn
Young Forever –  somebodysangel13
Berries of Insanity – ChazyBazzy
Vinson 2.0 – Jenn
I Hope to be Surrounded by Idiots – autumnrein
Pink’s Madness – pinkfiend1
Rourke Epic Legacy – somebodysangel13

Okay yeah, I read alot of stories by somebodysangel13 and Jenn. But they’re good I tell you! Simply amazing! Go read all these stories if you haven’t already! You won’t regret it!

Another Bump In the Road…

So hey guy. My next post was SUPPOSED to be introducing the new legacy I was starting, but I guess that’s not in the menu anymore. Now I’m posting to say that I will be on hiatus from today until I get a new laptop. Long story short; I let my mother borrow mine, she let the cat use it for a jumping board and now I have a broken screen. Awesome. So I’m taking this moment to just say ‘Screw it, time for a new, more powerful laptop anyway’. The one I’m using, as I’m sure you noticed has very crappy graphics. It’d be nice to have a computer that can handle alot of CC and take some nicer pictures for you guys. Maybe I’ll forsake the lappy and go with a desktop? Not sure yet. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know.

As a final note, I’ll at least post a picture of the founder of my future legacy. It’ll be played mostly during the breaks in Dripping with Idiots so I won’t touch that save file. Hopefully next time you see her, she looks much more fabulous with much better graphics!


See you soon guys! (I hope!!)

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to wish you a happy holidays and merry christmas! Hope it was wonderful and you’re all about to feast with family, friends and loved ones. I don’t have a pretty picture, like I was hoping to (my computer has been quite evil lately) but I wanted to at least make a post to wish you a good holiday season.

Thanks for being awesome!

From Kailee and her kitty crew