0.1 So It Begins
0.2 The Logically Insane
0.3 Elephant in the Room
0.4 Look at the Sparkles
0.5 All The Birthdays
06 Bad Dog
0.7 Not Again
0.8 No More Surprises Please
0.9 Oh Let Me See!
0.10 Bye Bye Generation One

1.1 A Pattern Emerges
1.2 Invisible Cake or Not
1.3 Where My Luck Fails (Again)
1.4 Fruit Salad! (Yummy Yummy)
1.5 So, So Miserable
1.6 The Bedtime Wars
1.7 Failing in Earnest
1.8 Happy Deathday!
1.9 Don’t Be A Punk!
1.10 Wrapping it Up
1.11 So Much Fluff


2.1 I Was Promised Ice Cream
2.2 New Additions
2.3 Comfortable Hardwood Floors
2.4 Grieve It To Me Baby!
2.5 It Hurts to Exist
2.6 These Fish-Ghosts
2.7 The Power of Puppies
2.8 Finally Got One!
2.9 Finally Got Him!


3.1 No Fits, No Sits
3.2 Raspberry Is Best!
3.3 I’m the Worst
3.4 Back in Action
3.5 Freestyle


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