Mods I Use

This is just a simple page for those who would like to know where I get my mods as well as to give a huge thank you to those who made the mods. So here we go;

Pretty Mods
Paint Stroke (Hair Mods)
Lunar Eyes (Default)

Nraas Mods
I personally use Story Progression, MasterController, Hybrid, Woohooer, Career, Traveler, PortraitPanneler  and Register. To find out what all these mods do, head over to the site and check them out. Most are very useful.
Nraas Home

Other Mods
I use lots of mods and I’ll be the first to say that. Here are some other mods I use. Most of them are from the awesome creators on ModtheSims so be sure to give them props.

User-Directed Scolding/Punishment Tweaks (So I can decided when to punish my kids and not let Sims tell me how to raise them)
Children of the Full Moon (Gives a random chance to children born on the Full Moon being born a random Supernatural Type)
LLAMA Traveling Edits


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