What Ever Happened to the Dewdrops?

Hey guys, long time no see! Well, maybe some of you have seen me liking your posts, maybe not. I’m not sure. Anyway, its been like two or so years since I’ve posted. I’m sure some of you might have been wondering what ever happened to the Dewdrops.

Just a forewarning; this is some personal stuff. Just an explanation why I “disappeared”. Some of its strange and a little messed up (to me but hey) so…you were warned;

Long story short, I moved to a new apartment. My new computer broke during the move – it was a hardware problem and I’m not so savvy at hardware problems. I’m more of a software type of person. I started saving up money for it.

Then…well some REALLY messed up stuff happened in my life. Not gonna go into deep detail, but I found out I was pregnant…four days before I had the baby. Yeah, I know. Messed up, but I literally had NO symptoms of pregnancy (except exhaustion and how was I supposed to know that didn’t mean I wasn’t just overworking myself?). All the money I had saved for my computer went to paying my bills during the time I was recovering. My daughter was adopted by a lovely family due to circumstances (and not having ANY time to prepare for a baby). I’m not worried about her – that family adores her and she’s going to have the best life. Its still a little shocking to me that I even HAD a child. I’m in therapy, due to postpartum depression + general trauma from the delivery. More money spent. Less money to fix computer. I recovered physically, I went back to work, money started flowing in again.

I work retail and one of my regular customers and I got talking. I mentioned I was looking for a good place to fix my computer. She told she’d fix it for free. Like what. I give her the computer, she fixes it. And huzzah I have a computer again….but I lost all my saves and games that were on it before. I had not backed them up.

So all the Sims 3 legacies I had going on are now gone. Including the Dewdrops. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’ve made the decision to stop playing Sims 3 as well. It doesn’t run well, it takes up alot of room. Not like I can get those saves back anyway.

I’m not sure if I’ll post any Sims 4 stories…but I might. Who knows? Depends on how much free time I have in the future.

Anyway, to anyone who read this messed up, torn up post. I thank you. And I thank you for reading the Dewdrops to begin with. If I choose to make more content in the future, I hope to see you there, if not, I know I’ll still be fans of everyone else out there. Please stay safe and stay happy.

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