Sneak Peek

So I know, I know. I said new chapter Monday. But, I need to play more to get enough pictures. Plus I’m having too much fun to sit down and write  a chapter! Man I missed these guys! So, I decided to post a few sneak peek pictures of what you can expect. I’m loving this graphics btw! Everyone looks so good!


and yes, they get a new house in a new town! Its all gonna be shown off soon! I can’t wait, I’m so excited to show you!


The Good & The Bad

Good news! Tomorrow is the day my brand new computer gets in!

Bad news! I have to work most of the day tomorrow and then the next two days as well.

More good news! I should have off on New Year’s Day to play around with my new computer! And I won’t be hung over because I decided I’m not going to go out and get smashed like I usually do. I might go out for a drink, but this is a no smash zone this year.

So expect more chapters Monday-ish. The Dewdrops are probably going to be the ones that I test drive this baby on so I’ll see you all then!

Worst Simmer Ever

Geek & Sundry bts sorry erika samurai

Its been a while i know and I’m super sorry about that. My computer is kinda…not doing well. Alot of time I start up sims and it crashes within 30 minutes and I get like 10 pictures and have to start all over.

Good news is, that I really AM getting a new computer this time. I order my new baby Friday when I get paid. With all luck they’ll be here within another week and I can get back to the Dewdrops and Rippers. Man do I miss them. The Rippers have enough pictures to get them another chapter, I just haven’t posted it (oops) but the Dewdrops? They’re running on hard times.

Anyway, I will be back – with more chapters….And maybe a new legacy?

Maybe. Who knows.