3.03 Births & Birthdays

Herman: Babe, your mom is pretty hot. Why does she walk around in her bathing suit all the time?

Rose: I just got back from fishing and I’m confident, not flirty so you better not try anything, idiot!

Helen: Well I’m pregnant, Herman, so stop looking at my mom!

Herman: Oh… Haha, of course babe. I was only joking!

Helen: I thought so!

Sadly, as much as I would love them to get married before the baby comes, winter is here and that’s storm season. Theres thunder storms almost everyday, randomly.

Herman is mad he can’t oogle Rose anymore so he breaks the stove. Rose, who was out fishing, has to come home to fix it.

Helen gets big really fast and shes miserable. She’s always sleepy, always hungry, the house can’t be clean enough for her.

Helen: It would help if SOMEONE would stop staring at my mom!

Rose doesn’t help the situation by fixing the bathtub in the nude.

Rose: its the best way to fix things! Haven’t you heard of naked yoga?

Helen needs two break through for work. She finally got to level 5 and we’re working on level six now. I want indoor plumbing! Helen, ever so grumpy, refuses to fish for long and will wander into the water if I don’t watch her.

What are the safety regulations on this one?

Helen: As long as I don’t use the blowtorch its fine!

Helen: If you move the whatajig to the whosmawhat and connect them with a rod, we can contact aliens and get this baby out of me!

We literally can’t go to hospitals till generation six or so. You’re carrying generation four.

They’re actually making a satellite. They did well so the machine gets a little pat.

With her tasks done for the day, Helen does a little magical cleaning. I think it’s hilarious that shes cleaning with magic in a science facility.

When she comes home, she takes a bath, gets some sleep and wakes up at 2am, starving again.

Helen: Is there only one in there? I feel like I’m as big as the house.

It better only be one. At this point I’m scared for the birth.

Rose: Have some bread (:

Herman: okay?

Rose has level 5 baking skill because when I don’t watch her, she bakes. She’s honestly a werido on her own. I love her.

Helen: Noooo! I have work in 3 hours!

We can make it Helen!

I place the bassinet and she waddles off to her room while Herman freaks out. I don’t think he’s ready to be a dad!

Helen gives birth to a healthy baby girl! Yes! We got a girl! Her name is Katharine! She’s named after Katharine Burr Blodgett who invented “invisible glass”! I guess I should tell you that Helen is named after Helen Frankenthaler who was a famous American painter.

Yeah, I have a naming theme. Kat’s child will probably be named after someone famous in her line of work. I’m not that creative.

Helen tucks baby Kat back into bed and kisses her head. She’s off to work!

Her first task is to read a book. Guess they know she literally gave birth an hour ago and needs a little sit down. That’s nice of them.

Then she has to prevent abductions, which I agree with. No abductions please!

She rounds out that day with a little analyst. She’s a good scientist. She has all ten breakthroughs now and tomorrow she’ll probably go to work by herself so I can focus on Herman and his skills.

When she does get home, I realize another thing is going on today. It’s Rose’s birthday! Noooo! I’m not ready!

Rose: Sweet freedom!

Yes, you’ll be free to be as weird as you want baby!

Rose: ouch my back!

Not so fun being an elder is it?

She gets a make over and of course, shes a gorgeous elder. Honestly, I love her sm. It makes me really sad to see her as an elder. Her time is limited!

Herman is a good dad. He takes care of the kiddo while Helen gets some sleep. She doesn’t sleep long though because I want to run to the magical realm to look for more artifacts.

One quick google search later makes me realize i have to duel for them. Crap. I never have luck with this. Helen wins her first and loses 6 more times in a row. Crap, this won’t be as easy as I thought.

Next time, I don’t know what happens! This is as far as I played. Kat will become a toddler for sure though!

3.02 Science & Magic

Helen: Give me a crystal or I’ll infect you and your family!

Coworker: Take it and go!

Helen then shoves her hand into a glowing hole looking for a cure to her ongoing disease.

When she gets home, its time to flirt with Herman more. I want them to be dating already, as I want a kid soon.

They finally get to their first kiss, which is rather sweet honestly.

They’re now dating! Yay!

So now I can store the one bed that Herman was using and they can sleep together. No woohoo tonight. I want to try to get to level 5 of the scientist career before we try for a baby.

She’s still collecting outside of work btw. Here she is as the Oasis Springs park doing her rounds again. I think we’ll complete the My Sims collection first.

Whenever she’s home, shes all over Herman though. He loves it. He still hasn’t had a makeover surprisingly. He probably won’t get one till the kid is born.

They live close enough to the waterfall for some action in it.

It’s harvest day again but I don’t care. Mindy is going to work anyway. She’s a bee’s leg away from her promotion! In case you’re wondering, my seasons are set at two weeks but idc. I’m keeping them at it. It’s how I personally like to play.

Mindy gets home in time for dinner! She comes home with the level 10 promotion! Whooo!

Everyone eats together, though both Helen and Rose stand for whatever reason. There’s plenty of room on the table but okay, I guess.

Nix comes out to enjoy a holiday with her family. She meets her future grandson-in-law and sobs. I don’t think she likes him.

Also, Herman is doing flower arranging. He’s bad now, but I know you can rake in money with them later.

Helen finds herself in a cute little grove in Glimmerbrooke.

I was going to make Herman a mermaid (and I still might) but for now, Helen is going to take the first step into the supernatural.

She meets a sage and makes them love her as soon as she meets them.

She gets that temporary mote sight.

Other girl: This hair is broken and is on most female npcs!

It doesn’t take long to get motes. I honestly want her to be a spellcaster because of science and magic, get it? Haha, I’m funny.

She gives her motes to the sage. I don’t remember her name because I don’t think I even checked.

Just like that, Helen is a sage!

She goes to start the magical artifact collection before she comes home. She comes here like once every other day to try and get more items.

The room for Herman is used to make an inaccessible cellar. I needed a place to store the collectables that wasn’t the inventories. It’s easier for me to keep track, surprisingly.

When Helen gets home from her adventures, its talk like a pirate day. Rose enthralls her with a tale of the high sea.

It doesn’t last long though as its finally Mindy’s birthday! She did alot in her life! Honestly, shes one of my favorite spouses!

She turns into an elder while her wife watches sadly. Mindy is now uncontrollable and I wonder what she’ll get up to without my say so.

One makeover later and she’s an extremely cute elder. I love her sooo much. I’m so sad to see her like this.

Helen practices her magic the next day and despite her not having a promotion, I start to think about a baby anyway.

So we do just that!

Rose: I heard you two are openly trying for a baby

Herman: uhhhh

Mindy: Babies! I want to meet my granddaughter before I die!

Mindy runs to work to escape her mothers. All she really gets done today is making a tainted serum.

She forces her coworker to drink it and now he hates her. She didn’t get a promotion.

Anyway, with that, I’m gonna call the chapter. We are now caught up to how far I’ve played. I’m going to play more today and tomorrow and try to bust another chapter out in the next few days!

3.01 Further Down We Go

Helen: I can’t believe we’re here! And that I stalked my future husband!

Herman: You what now?

That’s right, her first step to adulthood was stalking down Herman and forcing him to move in with her.

She talks up the benefits of being a legacy spouse once more.

Helen: Honestly, we have so much money, I don’t think you need to work! Like, maybe craft stuff and top a skill, but not work!

Honestly, I mean enough that if he doesn’t have a job, he better do three. Rose did like 5 and she had a job and family.

He agrees to move in with her but not to flirt with her. Hes not unflirty. He’s just a jerk. I send them home and let them adjust there.

I have them work on getting their friendship up and yes, they are still eating food that Nix had cooked LOL

Helen: You gotta accept my flirts sometime! We need to have a kid.

Herman: But I’m paranoid about having a kid!

Helen: You’re paranoid about everything!

Everyone is drawn into Mindy’s circle when she practices her piano. She’s on level nine of her career and she just needs to finish the piano skill!

Herman, since he doesn’t have a job, does all the laundry himself.

While Miss Helen plays chess to finish out her logic skill. I want her to master another skill but not sure what yet. Maybe Gardening?

Her first day of work comes and she gets her stuff done fast so she can gather for the rest of the day. We are trying to complete as many collections as possible before the challenge is over. We have seven more generations but why stress?

Early the next morning, before work she heads to the park to wait out 5am when all the loot respawns. She fishes and gets a sad buff because shes hurting her fishy friends. Ugh. She only gets a few maps and fossils we already have. Collecting stuff is hard.

When she gets home, she misses the ocean so she’s allowed to go for a quick swim. This Child of the Ocean trait makes her very, very needy and particular. I really hope no other heirs or kids get it. I don’t want to live on the island forever after all.

Also, apparently Rose decided to max another skill on her own time. So, huzzah?

Herman: I can max dancing too!

I think everyone will max dancing now that theres a radio in the house. They’re drawn to it.

Oh and he begins exploring the cave. Not sure about it really or the mural next to it but eh, let’s see if we can complete it.

Nothing like chatting up your long dead grandmother at 2am when you have work in a few hours. It just makes sense.

Helen is directed away from grandma to play some more chest. I guess ghosts carry deadly diseases because she’s infected after her bath.

At least she finishes another skill and gives us another point!

Another day at the lab. I love this career. It used to bore me but its much easier than the detective or medical careers.

She orders her co-workers around a lot. This guy is the son of Don. Yes, that Don, clearly.

We have to work on the rocket today and Helen is stunned by this advanced technology that the lab has been hiding!

Helen tries her hand at making something cool to bring home.

She makes this and has a goal to view it so she does. And then we never take it home.

More collecting because can literally not get enough. The metal and crystal collections are nowhere near complete and I’d love to finish them with Helen.

These two still talk, though they haven’t begun flirting yet as I’m trying to make out their friendship bars and hope that will help them get along better.

Mindy is still plugging away at the Piano skill. It takes forever and her elder birthday is getting closer and closer.

It also doesn’t help that she and Rose literally cannot keep their hands off each other.

They’re talking in the background while Herman does nothing useful.

Herman: I’m taking out the trash!

Not really useful bub!

Mindy’s older sibling died (Cassandra Goth) and shes in mourning. Rose helps her calm her emotions thanks to her one trait. Its not permeant and Mindy is sad two hours later.

Helen: I’m sick but its time for baby! We have to flirt!

Herman: You’re throwing off my groove.

Helen doesn’t care about Herman’s groove and flirts anyway.

Flirt accepted! Yes! We’re finally getting somewhere with them!

Flirting is interrupted by Mindy finishing the piano skill and Helen having to go to work.

I think we’ll end the chapter for now. Mindy is level 9 in her career and is like 4 days from elder. Helen is level 4 in her career (started at level 3 because of school) and is having trouble with breakthroughs since she hates to fish. Herman doesn’t have a job and I think he’ll make flower arrangements and garden. Rose as at the top of her career +2. She makes like 5,000 dollars every time she goes.

2.04 Catch & Release

We start with an unknown butt. Its Helen! She had her birthday and I completely failed to get a picture of her blowing out the candles or spinning. She’s embarrassed about her bad fashion sense and won’t look at the camera.

Once she’s cleaned up, she looks at the camera finally and she’s gorgeous! How am I getting this lucky?

I gave her the Angling Ace aspiration, not really thinking about it. Also, every npc seems to have a future cube? Why?! Stop! Put those damn things down!

Mindy is a hair’s breath away from completing her guitar skill. After that she’ll focus on piano.

And there we are! Another skill done for the family!

Helen practices her logic skill. She doesn’t need any for her career or for her goals so she’s just vibing. I figure she’ll also do handiness because her mother will pass all her upgrade parts to her, not that its alot.

Since she has nothing to do, its a Saturday and she hasn’t met a single teen I like at school, I send her to the park where she can play chess and I can watch for teens. After a lot and I mean a lot of time (nearly six hours in game), this fresh piece of meet begins to walk by. This is Herman Benali. He’s the son of Kayla Flemmings and Salim Benali who were married and have four kids. He’s the youngest and two days away from young adult. He’s seven days older than Helen but…

Eh… He’s cute with a good linage.

Helen stops playing chess to run over and say hello to this cutie. She talks him up while he looks mildly interested.

The two of them try to cloud gaze but a cat sits at Helen’s feet and meows until they both get annoyed. Herman leaves soon after that but they’re friends so I’m sure we’ll see them around.

Helen goes home and Rose trades her. She’s here to catch some rare fish! We don’t get an angler fish but we do get a bat fish and vampire squid.

Helen: Mom, I met the most handsome man the other day!

Mindy: Well I heard hes a young adult in a few days so you gotta wait!

Helen: ):

Meanwhile Rose is doing the Angling Ace aspiration and is nearly done. She just fishes alot anymore, traveling to other areas when Mindy and Helen aren’t home. She barely goes to work. She topped her career a while ago and I just must not have had fraps on so I didn’t get the screenshot. She has like 8 or 9 vacation days saved up though so she uses them to do other things.

Rose: I thought I only had to do Handiness and Painting and I was done? Why do I have to do Fishing too?

You can’t just slack like your mother. Keep going.

Helen even joins her sometimes, considering her own asperation is Angling Ace.

Almost a family portrait. Except Mindy is behind Helen.

Oh and here was the moment in game that I realized Rose was Patron of the Arts +1. I finally threw down a radio but I chose a sort of old fashioned one, for all things considering. Electricity still isn’t a thing for the family after all.

This man comes into our house?

I don’t even know what the hoot you’re talking about bub. How do I get Eco Friendly appliances? I don’t understand.

Another night of Rose just hanging out with the fishes.

But she manages this and completes the Angling Ace Asperation! Woo! Not that I get any points for it haha.

When she gets home, I finally realize she and Mindy aren’t married. Time to fix that before their daughter becomes an adult.

Rose proposes in their house. I shoulda had her do it on the beach. You can see Helen doing her homework in the background and everything.

Mindy, of course, accepts. Since we can’t use phones yet, we can’t have a party so…

The two get cute little wedding outfits and are married outside.

And now they’re back to being unable to keep their hands off each other. They’re always distracting each other with kisses, hugs or requests to woohoo.

They talk about woohoo so much, Rose tries to give Helen the Woohooo Talk and embarrasses them both, which I personally found hilarious.

Someone aged up into a handsome adult. I can’t wait to make you over Herman. You’re gonna be even more handsome when I get done with you.

He and Helen refresh their friendship so when the time comes, they can move right to romance.

He stays a long time and its nearly time. Rose appraises her future son-in-law and decides he might be good for her baby girl.

At 8am the next day, we skip the school bus and trade it for candles on a cake. Its finally time for Helen to take over. I don’t miss her blowing out the candles this time.

With a big spin she leaves teendom behind!

And theres our generation 3 heiress; Helen Riley! I simply cannot wait for her generation! I *love* the scientist career its so much fun! Anyway, with that, this generation concludes and I can play again! Yay!

2.03 A New Home

Welcome back and welcome to a new house! We’re now on an island, in the tropics. We only have three rooms here, but honestly, thats fine. It cuts down on room in the house.

Here’s an overview of the house. Its on the wrecked ship lot. I just deleted the ship and left all the plants everywhere because I couldn’t landscape to save my life.

Little Miss Fish runs right out in the ocean as soon as I set her free. Shes so happy.

What I wasn’t expecting was Mindy to run out into it as well. Well I believe its summer anyway, so it makes sense.

Helen has alot of nightmares. Good thing Grandma’s ghost is there to clear up the monsters under the bed.

But apparently it just makes Helen terrified? Can sims die of fear? I should probably research these things.

The wiki had nothing for me. Kids probably can’t regardless.

She still goes and talks to her mom for a little reassurance. Mindy comforts her and tucks her back into bed.

In the morning while doing her homework, Helen manages this! Nice!

Mindy comes home for work and – MINDY WHAT ARE YOU WEARING YOU HAVE A CHILD????

Mindy: I have a side gig as a strip-


I used MCCC to change her clothes before Helen could come back from using the bathroom and return to work on her project. Apparently, the game has dipped into some of my cc that i don’t want to talk about but oh my god. i got rid of the cc and things returned to normal.

Mindy is punished further by being forced to do the laundry. She grumbles and moans about it until she sees a lady throw trash on the ground. Right in front of us! WTF?!

Mindy chased her down and gave her a piece of her mind. This is the Riley’s island now and we demand cleanliness!

And then Mindy’s father dies. Both Mindy and Helen are out of sorts because of it. Even though Helen had never met her grandfather.

Theres not much time to be sad though, that same day its Mindy’s adult birthday!

Shes more than happy to embrace this next step in her life though. Even with some new aged skin, she looks great.

Meanwhile Rose comes home from work with some disease. I hate that you can’t send them to the doctors for this crap.

Nix comes to visit! Rose runs over to her mother and talks her ear off. Mindy eats and waits her turn. As soon as shes done, she chats Nix up too. These ghosts will never fade at this rate.

But at least the next day we get this! YES! We need cooling in the house really bad due to the freaking summers in the world they’re in. They’re always overheating!

Her painting, handiness and job soon to be done, Rose needs things to do. So shes going to master fishing and expand the fishing collection. Our goal is to have at least 5 collections done and fishing is one that can easily be done in two or three generations if we stay on it. Helen probably won’t fish because she’ll get a bad buff for it every time.

She makes time for her wife at least. Wait, I actually don’t think they’re married yet at this point! Only dating! Either way, she and Mindy are still very much in love.

MIndy’s mother comes by and Helen runs out to greet her famous grandmother… Only she can’t even properly say hi to her because shes a celebrity. Thats kind of dumb.

She comes in to say hello to Rose though. Seems Vanessa can speak to the family all she likes, I just can’t make them talk to her :/

Mindy manages to get a few games of chess out of her grandmother though!

Rose spends 90% of her time fishing and only comes home a few days later for her birthday. She doesn’t look very excited though, does she?

Rose: I wish I didn’t have to do so much stuff anymore!

Wish denied!

She doesn’t look any different! But that will wrap up this chapter. The next is the last for this generation and I can play again! I should post it tomorrow!

2.02 The One Where Everyone Cries Forever

Mindy finally meets her daughter almost two full days later. She cuddles her once and then ages her up. Thanks for helping Rose, Min.

She looks just like Mindy, I think. Maybe Rose’s eye shape? Its so hard to tell with toddlers but she has Mindy’s eyes and hair color!

Don’t talk about the 5 please. She rolls Charmer which has to be my least favorite toddler trait.

First thing is first, potty training!

By the time her little butt is raw from being glued to the potty, the princess is hungry. She gets some of her grandma’s gourmet food and loves it.

Nix is honestly addicted to making food. Its all she does, so there should be food to last the rest of Rose’s generation. If we’re lucky, it’ll last into Helen’s!

Its the middle of the night when Akira rises and gives me the saddest look. His time is up. I was honestly so upset.

Grim comes and give Akira his final rights. He died as he lived; stinky.

RIP Akira Riley. You were a hell of a spouse and you fathered a beautiful daughter. Your legacy will live on.

Hes moved outside where his flag sits proudly on his grave. I want to put things on the graves of everyone that relate to them. I can’t remember who gave me that idea. I want to say it was SomebodysAngel? I think it was in her EPIC challenge?

Mindy gives Helen a bath. She’s a stinky toddler. Despite having her potty at level two, she never wants to use it.

She works on communication next. She talks to, hugs and what’s thats the cat until its maxed.

Mindy now needs piano for work. I believe shes at level five of her career. Jingle Jammer? Anyway, her fingers dance across the keys and Nix comes to listen. Shes getting up there. She wasn’t much younger than Akira.

In fact, the next day after using the “bathroom”, Nix suddenly feels weak in the knees. Her time is up and shes going to join her beloved Akira.

Grim takes her right there, crossing another off his endless list.

Mindy is the only one home other than Helen and shes napping. Rose is at work. She doesn’t plead for Nix, its her time and Mindy knows it.

Heres to an amazing, if not slightly frustrating, founder. You will be missed Nix.

Poor Helen is miserable as a toddler because of her grandparents going. She has trouble skilling because of it. I try to make her but she just wants to cry all the time. I get a little frustrated with her but what can you do? The day that Nix died was her day to turn into a child so at least she won’t mourn for long.

Rose comes home and her emotional control kicks in, making her feel fine instead of sad so shes back to woodworking.

Mindy was friends with both Akira and Nix, so shes mourning them pretty hard but she has work to do so shes put back to the piano.

Rose tries to comfort Helen as much as shes able but honestly, its hard. The bed shes sitting on was Nix’s bed at the end. I got rid of the double bed and gave her a single since Akira died. She got to sleep in it once.

Speaking of, Akira pops back in to say hello! Rose runs over and chats with him. Akira was her BFF.

Here’s Helen’s skills upon aging up. Its not as good as I wish it would be but… It is what it is. She had a hard time being a toddler. Both her grandparents died. I’m not too upset. She tried her hardest.

With Helen on the verge of tears again, shes taken to the cake. I missed the blowing out the candles shot, I suck, I’m sorry.

I think she looks alot like Mindy, but shes really cute! She gets a lazy day outfit.

The five is gone when I take her into cas so don’t at me. But she gets child of the ocean trait. Great… so shes going to be sad no matter what because she constantly wants to be in the ocean.

Sad sad she is. Her grandmother died and there is no sea to be found. She just cries alot.

Rose, always in the red, goes back to woodworking. Shes very close to finishing Handiness so I’m pushing her for that last mile. Then we have everything done for this generation, Rose just needs to complete her career. I think I’m going to skip the busking mini-points.

Also I got snowy escape and these lifestyles are hilarious to me. Of course shes going to be a technophobe! Theres no technology in this house!

We end the chapter with this. I can’t stand it! Next chapter we’re moving!

2.01 Onwards and Upwards

Sorry about the delay! The cord to my computers external hard drive was damaged and wouldn’t you know it? Thats where I keep my sims and editing materials. There was literally nothing I could do. I had to wait to get a new one, but now that its fixed, I can keep going with this legacy. Also, I may have already finished generator two and am grounded from playing till I catch up with writing (: anyway, enjoy!

We start with a house, not just any house. Its the house Mindy lives in. Since we can’t have her come to use, we must go to her.

Rose quickly tells the young adult Mindy that shes coming home and that’s that. Shes snatched from her house without another word.

Noncommittal. A great trait for legacy households and spouses. Genius would be more fitting for her child but that’s fine.

Rose also begins her career. Since she had an A in school, she starts at level 3 which is great! She honestly needs all the boots she can get!

Mindy, post-adult makeover. I love her. Shes such a cutie.

She’s going to be a musician so she gets started right away! Guitar in hand, she begins praticing!

Whenever one of the ladies is a in a bad mood, they get to have a little bit of woohoo. They honestly love to jump in the sack together and I have to keep them busy so they keep their hands off each other.

Mindy and Rose are so cute together that I’m basically crying. I think they’re my favorite couple that I’ve ever had in the Sims. They’re so deeply in love, pls help.

Akira is still around of course. Apparently the elders can do an action called “Reminisce” on the rocking chair and its really cute.

I maybe have snorted and laughed so hard from this. Apparently, Akira’s life was horrible. Sorry that Nix wasn’t a good wife I guess?

He was so angry he wandered off in the middle of winter to talk to those people. I had Rose run out and collect him when he turned blue but otherwise, let him have his fun.

We have a creativity room. It was Rose’s room when she was a child but now just stores most of the paintings we keep along with Mindy’s instruments. Right now she only have a guitar, of course. I honestly don’t remember the Entertainer career very well so I’m just playing it by ear rn.

Akira comes home pissed and stinky from work. But thats fine!

He’s a grand marshal now! Wahoo! That means we can have a kitchen and Nix can finish her stuff!!

A kitchen! Wooo! Get in there Nix!

Rose finishes Painting and Phoenix finishes both Gourmet Cooking and Cooking. I’d have her do baking but theres just not time. She ages up in a day. Sorry for forgetting to take the picture of her finishing regular cooking but! Wooo! Thats +3 points for us!

Also, I might add, its Winterfest. Heres Nix preparing a grand meal now that Akira is home with that promotion.

Or maybe shes’s preparing it now? Anyway, Father Winter is here and everyone swarms him for gifts.

Despite there being enough chairs, Mindy chooses to sit across the room. Despite that, the family has a nice Winterfest Eve.

Seeing the terrible tub, I’m reminded that Rose needs to get started on her Handiness skill already! She’ll make the new tub, the better one, herself!

But first, we have the first actual birthday in the legacy. Our founder herself has baked the first cake!

She blows out her candles and I have a moment of sadness because I honestly love Nix. Shes about to be uncontrollable ):

And now shes one super cute old lady (:

After her makeover, shes even cuter. I love her sm.

Her first action? Built a snow pal. Well, its still a pretty cute action to be fair.

Rose: And now the legacy is in my hands!

That it is, Rose. Are you ready for it? I know you can do it!

Mindy is here to help, of course. Shes a good spouse and she always practicing on her guitar without my say so.

Rose gets promotions pretty fast, to be honest. She has responsible so she works hard by default.

Oops, guess Rose and Mindy had a little too much fun. Rose is on the all strawberry diet now.

Mindy isn’t super excited but that’s okay! She has three days to get excited! Its a little earlier than I would have liked, but I’m not going to fuss.

Nix wants to learn a new skill so she steals Mindy’s guitar and tries to become one with the wall.

Rose is chained to the woodworking table. She spends her entire pregnancy there. She hates it, honestly. Shes always in the red but its fine. Its mostly from her fun being tanked.

She spends so much of it there, that I take no other pictures for her pregnancy than the one above. Here, shes in labor.

I get her old crib out and throw it into her and Mindy’s room. As you can see, I finally colored the house since she maxed her painting. It only took me like two sim weeks.

She gives birth to a girl we name Helen. Please don’t @ me about the five. Thats the number I uses for my fraps capture and I didn’t notice that it was there until Helen was a CHILD. So… yeah. I’m an idiot.

Mindy freaks out about Rose being in labor but its already too late. Helen has been born! Our matriarchy continues!

With that, I’ll end the chapter here. Honestly, Rose’s generation felt so short to me. I didn’t take a million pictures like I did for Nix’s. So I’m sorry if the chapters/generation are shorter!

1.05 Last Call

We start by noticing this cutie. I did take her into cas and add a face mask + eyelashes but. wow. I think she’ll do.

She’s got the last name Jeong. I imagine that must mean shes Venessa Jeong’s daughter. I didn’t see a man in the household so I don’t know who her father is. I guess I’d have to check with mccc.

Completely exhausted, Rose is sent out to meet her. Her name is Mindy.

Rose: I think shes really cute, can I keep her?

That’s the plan. Get her to girlfriend now. She ages up two days after you.

While Rose and Mindy chat, Nix comes home with her level 8 promotion. Yes, only level 8.

Are you &%%$& kidding me?! No! No I’m done! Also she just got home and she has to work again in 3 hours!

I turn my attention back to Rose and Mindy. Mindy makes… interesting faces but I still love her. She’s still a cutie.

Rose really seems to like her. They monkey around but it pisses Mindy off. She tries to run away. Rose runs after her, shoves a housekey in her hand and returns home to get some sleep.

She does her homework the moment she wakes up. Rose is dedicated for whatever reason. I guess I do like that about her.

She comes home in a mood after school and marches outside to sort that out. She jogs twice and writes her in journal once before she feels better.

She does look pretty happy jogging around.

Nix is forced once more to sit and read. She won’t get the skill point for 600 more years so I go back to ignoring her existence.

Mindy stopped by again. This time Rose is fully rested and ready for her. They go outside to look at the stars first. The goal is to get her to be the girlfriend. Rose ages up two days before her but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Rose: Hey, baby

Mindy: Nice ass.

They flirt aka Mindy compliments the ass that Rose did no work for at all. I don’t understand why they’re flirting like this for a long moment.

Ooooh… we’re glitched. Interesting way to hold hands girls. Rose, I don’t think arms work that way.

I have them move so their first kiss works right. They barely have any romance points so I’m surprised that Mindy lets Rose kiss her.

Mindy: I think I’m in love!

That’s the goal!

Rose: Mindy, will you be my girlfriend?

Mindy: Yes! Yes! Of course!

Afterwards, Rose runs inside to go to bed. Mindy sticks around and plays some chess and chats with Nix. She looks right at home already.

Before Rose goes to bed, she sneaks in a flirty painting. It goes next to her dog and cat(?) one.

Woohoo! Level 9!

And he finishes the charisma skill! Woohoo! +1 point! He’ll age to elder when Rose turns to an adult but he’ll still go to work and get that last promotion!

Akira has done his job and completely one skill!

With that done, we try to max out fitness really quick! He only has like two days till he ages up!

Mindy stops by everyday. She skips school to take a mud bath in our awful bathtub. I’ll probably buy (or make) a slightly better bathtub when Rose takes over.

I checked on Mindy’s parents and uh… Vanessa also has a second child with Mortimer’s son. Guess she really likes the Goth family.

Rose comes home in a fit again. She’s sent out jogging until she feels better.

Winter hits in true the day before Rose’s birthday. Instead of skilling, Nix is outside shoveling snow. How useful.

Meanwhile Rose falls on her ass when just trying to come home from school.

Rose: Hello Darkness, my old friend-

Oh and I checked the funds! Thats another point!!

And then… this happens. Akira wakes up in the middle of the night to do this. I actually shouted nooo! I’m not ready!

But it also means that Rose ages up as well! She comes out to the same spot her dad was in and spins!

Rose: Woah!

Rose Riley is our sim for generation two! She’ll be marrying Mindy when she ages up. She’ll also be doing the painting skill (which already level 7), the painter career and mastering handiness. She did alot as a child but she has alot more to go as an adult!

Her traits upon aging. Shes not… a great sim. I love her anyway.

She is great in this regard though. Look at all them traits!

With that, we’re wrapping up generation one! Nix and Akira still have some things to do but I think we can get them done! I’m confident (maybe foolishly so haha).

1.04 Almost There!

We’re getting close to the end of generation one. Rose is pulled in all direction. Right now we’re focusing on getting her gardening to level 5 and then her fishing. Cooking is off the tables. The books take forever. I’m holding out for Akira to finish his job.

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1.03 Time Crunch

Last time the only child and heir to the legacy Rose was born, aged from a tip-top toddler to a child and started school where she makes friends all day. This angry little girl is one she brought home. One of three during the week. Girls and boys candidates for spouses. And no matter how angry this one is, I like her.

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