1.05 Last Call

We start by noticing this cutie. I did take her into cas and add a face mask + eyelashes but. wow. I think she’ll do.

She’s got the last name Jeong. I imagine that must mean shes Venessa Jeong’s daughter. I didn’t see a man in the household so I don’t know who her father is. I guess I’d have to check with mccc.

Completely exhausted, Rose is sent out to meet her. Her name is Mindy.

Rose: I think shes really cute, can I keep her?

That’s the plan. Get her to girlfriend now. She ages up two days after you.

While Rose and Mindy chat, Nix comes home with her level 8 promotion. Yes, only level 8.

Are you &%%$& kidding me?! No! No I’m done! Also she just got home and she has to work again in 3 hours!

I turn my attention back to Rose and Mindy. Mindy makes… interesting faces but I still love her. She’s still a cutie.

Rose really seems to like her. They monkey around but it pisses Mindy off. She tries to run away. Rose runs after her, shoves a housekey in her hand and returns home to get some sleep.

She does her homework the moment she wakes up. Rose is dedicated for whatever reason. I guess I do like that about her.

She comes home in a mood after school and marches outside to sort that out. She jogs twice and writes her in journal once before she feels better.

She does look pretty happy jogging around.

Nix is forced once more to sit and read. She won’t get the skill point for 600 more years so I go back to ignoring her existence.

Mindy stopped by again. This time Rose is fully rested and ready for her. They go outside to look at the stars first. The goal is to get her to be the girlfriend. Rose ages up two days before her but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Rose: Hey, baby

Mindy: Nice ass.

They flirt aka Mindy compliments the ass that Rose did no work for at all. I don’t understand why they’re flirting like this for a long moment.

Ooooh… we’re glitched. Interesting way to hold hands girls. Rose, I don’t think arms work that way.

I have them move so their first kiss works right. They barely have any romance points so I’m surprised that Mindy lets Rose kiss her.

Mindy: I think I’m in love!

That’s the goal!

Rose: Mindy, will you be my girlfriend?

Mindy: Yes! Yes! Of course!

Afterwards, Rose runs inside to go to bed. Mindy sticks around and plays some chess and chats with Nix. She looks right at home already.

Before Rose goes to bed, she sneaks in a flirty painting. It goes next to her dog and cat(?) one.

Woohoo! Level 9!

And he finishes the charisma skill! Woohoo! +1 point! He’ll age to elder when Rose turns to an adult but he’ll still go to work and get that last promotion!

Akira has done his job and completely one skill!

With that done, we try to max out fitness really quick! He only has like two days till he ages up!

Mindy stops by everyday. She skips school to take a mud bath in our awful bathtub. I’ll probably buy (or make) a slightly better bathtub when Rose takes over.

I checked on Mindy’s parents and uh… Vanessa also has a second child with Mortimer’s son. Guess she really likes the Goth family.

Rose comes home in a fit again. She’s sent out jogging until she feels better.

Winter hits in true the day before Rose’s birthday. Instead of skilling, Nix is outside shoveling snow. How useful.

Meanwhile Rose falls on her ass when just trying to come home from school.

Rose: Hello Darkness, my old friend-

Oh and I checked the funds! Thats another point!!

And then… this happens. Akira wakes up in the middle of the night to do this. I actually shouted nooo! I’m not ready!

But it also means that Rose ages up as well! She comes out to the same spot her dad was in and spins!

Rose: Woah!

Rose Riley is our sim for generation two! She’ll be marrying Mindy when she ages up. She’ll also be doing the painting skill (which already level 7), the painter career and mastering handiness. She did alot as a child but she has alot more to go as an adult!

Her traits upon aging. Shes not… a great sim. I love her anyway.

She is great in this regard though. Look at all them traits!

With that, we’re wrapping up generation one! Nix and Akira still have some things to do but I think we can get them done! I’m confident (maybe foolishly so haha).

1.04 Almost There!

We’re getting close to the end of generation one. Rose is pulled in all direction. Right now we’re focusing on getting her gardening to level 5 and then her fishing. Cooking is off the tables. The books take forever. I’m holding out for Akira to finish his job.

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1.03 Time Crunch

Last time the only child and heir to the legacy Rose was born, aged from a tip-top toddler to a child and started school where she makes friends all day. This angry little girl is one she brought home. One of three during the week. Girls and boys candidates for spouses. And no matter how angry this one is, I like her.

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1.01 Another One

Hello. Its me again. Sims 3 isn’t working and I was craving a good old EPIC Challenge so I’m doing the Sims 4 one instead. This is Phoenix “Nix” Riley. I know I could have remade Izzy for this but at the same time, I don’t want to do a story. I just want to have fun. Hope you guys have fun too.

Anyway, Nix is Neat, Cheerful and Loves the Outdoors. Shes our founder and shes not the prettiest sim I’ve ever made. Shes mostly the result of hitting the random button 600 times.

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2.02 Everyone’s Princess

Sandra is getting better at sculpting. She’s working with ice now. Where did she get that chainsaw I wonder?

But she’s said she’s felt a little sick lately. I think it might be the new fridge.

Shes apparently really sick because shes puking every two or so hours. I feel bad for her but I’m not sure what I can do for her. I just try to bring her some peppermint in from the garden.

She keeps trucking on her sculptors though. She really likes working with ice. She wants to be an Ice Personality I heard her say.

And then we found out that shes pregnant! I’m over the moon! We don’t care if its a boy or girl as long as our baby is healthy.

I’m pretty upset that Benny and Sandra are expecting already, but that’s what I get for clicking risky woohoo exactly one time. Benny is barely anywhere in his career. Oh well.

She told me when I got home from work. I about cheered when I heard the news

“What are we going to name them?” I asked her but she only chuckled.

“We’ll decide when they’re born!”

Excited for our next picture to be with our child, we ran down to town hall to document our family’s growth.

I didn’t realize before I wanted another picture that Midnight Hollow didn’t have a festival ground. RIP my memory for sims 3.

But with our family growing, I figured it might be about time to go from dating to married with Sandra. She was over the moon, of course. She had wanted this since we were still ten years old. So we finally did it! We’re engaged!

“This is the happiest day of my life” and it was true

“Mine too!” Sandra could barely hold back tears.

We got married later that afternoon, with only my parents present.

In front of the lake was where we exchanged our vows, dressed casually, as warranted the occasion. She was about to burst at the time and couldn’t do anything more.

After the wedding it was time to get upgrading all of the “bathroom”.

It didn’t work out that way of course because that night, Sandra went into labor!

“Oh Benny, you came to be with me for the birth!”

“Sandra! You’re having a baby!”

“Oh, right! Ah! It hurts!”

“Holy Watcher!”

She gave birth to a healthy girl, who was a ghost like her mother! We named her Eloise.

Can someone remind me if you only get the +3 per type once or the +3 every time an occult joins the family. I’m sorry, I have the big dumb.

I use my mystic daddy powers to see what she actually looks like.

Everyone loves her, especially dad. He getting old – hes 104 already! I hope hes around for a long time yet.

But soon enough it was time for her to grow older. I hated setting my baby on the floor but..

She grows up especially adorable!

Shes a ghost-vampire due to being born on the full moon. I won’t be counting the vampire part, unless I have her turn her spouse. Who knows.

Shes my little princess. Her favorite color is Hot Pink just like grandma.

Even when mom and dad flirt, their eyes are on our princess. Shes adored by everyone.

Even if shes a bit of a brat sometimes.

We all work together to teach her everything. Shes particularly close with her grandmother.

Though I try to be a good father.

And Sandra is an excellent mother.

It gives me time to go out and about. Today I hit up the museum.

To upgrade this bathroom. Hey, it helps me get my handiness skill up! Its important!

Dad tries his hand at sculpting.

And he even found time to help me build the princess her own room! I can’t believe how well hes doing for an 106 year old man!

He managed to finish his sculptor and we use it to display one of his trophies.

I wish he’d make more so he and mom stop… uh using my wardrobe for… activities. Especially while I’m sleeping!

So tired of mom and dad using MY room, I got some new things for them to do. A drum set and a chess table.

I also finish teaching Eloise to talk. She was so tired of it by the end.

“And the claw came for princess Eli!”

“Nooo! Gwampa!! Save me!”

At least mom and dad are still in love; they still wish they could have had more than just me. I sometimes overhear dad saying they still have time. But that’s all for now! I think I hear Eli crying. It must be time for her birthday!

2.01 I think Abductions are BROKEN

I’ve always wanted a guitar. I’m not exactly great with it, but I’m getting there. I’m Benny and I’ve taken over the family’s journal. Mom says it has to get to ten generations. I guess I have to just get through my own.

I already have a wife picked out at least. Sandra is a ghost but shes so pretty. She moved in with me on her birthday after she aged up to an adult and I couldn’t be happier.

I want to be a rock star so Sandra decided she’d be a stay at home sculptor. Shes read books on it and she loves the idea. It can’t be so hard, she figured. I encouraged her though I think it looks pretty hard to do.

On her first try, she managed to make a chair! I was pretty proud of her, but not as proud as she was of hereslf.

I practice with my guitar everyday. Dad loves watching me but he doesn’t have much else to do anymore.

Him and Mom are still completely in love. They’re always kissing and running to their bedroom to… “cuddle”. Gross, I know. But at least they’re happy.

Sometimes dad even forgets to run inside to the fridge to get a bite to eat. I caught them outside kissing and after dad complained he was starving to death. He always forgets to take care of himself.

Sandra is a bookworm, so I’m glad Mom got that book shelf a while back. We built onto the house so we made Sandra a little reading cubby. She wants to get a new couch, but we just haven’t had the spare funds recently. We spent alot on the upgrade to the house.

Especially the new kitchen. Mom got a free fridge from work but we still spent a ton on the whole remodel,

Sometimes when I get home from work, I can’t help but smooch my beautiful girlfriend. That’s right, we haven’t even gotten married yet. I want to get a jump on my career before we do. Sandra doesn’t mind. Shes happy to wait.

We’re waiting to have a baby too. Shes a little impatient about that, but she understands. I have alot to do, we can’t have a baby right away.

At least we can have family dinners now. Even though dad scarfs his food and leaves and mom like to question Sandra endlessly about when she can expect her first grandbaby. I just ignore mom anymore, I wish Sandra would too instead of stalling.

Graduation came and went for Sandra and I. It was fun I guess. Neither of us got Valedictorian though which is weird. I was the top of my class!

We got a degrees though. I was voted most likely to have a large family (wow I hope thats wrong) and Sandra was voted the most likely to write a bestselling novel. That’s… also very wrong. She doesn’t write at all!

We finally finished moving the garden outside. Its not such a big part of our lives anymore so it can be outside. We don’t need it inside!

That night, I saw the bright lights that dad always goes on about. I got curious and went to inspect them.

Before I knew it I was being abducted! Dad was right! Aliens do exist!

I was pissed! How dare they abduct me! I yelled at the alien and ran inside, promising to never be attracted to strange lights again!

When I told Sandra at dinner about my night before, she just thought I read it all in a book and had a bad dream! So much for supporting me through whatever I’m going through! I just dropped the subject and didn’t say anything else about.

Even if she doesn’t believe me about being abducted, its alright. I’m making good headway in my career and I think its finally time to start thinking about marriage! I set up a arch out back in preparation.

For now, I’m just working on my painting. Soon I’ll propose. I’ll have to do it on a date to make it a real surprise for her!

1.06 The Next Step

Benny’s next order of business was to visit a certain ghost girl who had also aged into a teen. Sandra was her name and she was a beautiful girl. Benny said she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

I didn’t ask for too many details since it wasn’t really my business but I guess they really like each other. Benny wouldn’t really answer my question if he thought he loved her but he did insist she was his best friend.

He did ask her to be his girlfriend, in front of her father and baby sister. A little strange, but Benny can be strange.

Life at home was not nearly as exciting as Benny’s new romance was. Just alot of chores as usual.

Of course, Silas tried to ensure that I experience my share of romance. He’s such a good husband. I love him so much.

Its nice that Silas is especially attentive since Benny is almost never home anymore. He’s always at Sandra’s house. That’s fine, but it does get lonely around the house.

He did his homework over there most of the time even! He used to always do his homework after school. But, if Benny is happy I suppose I can’t be upset about his relationship. They both seem smitten with each other.

At least Benny is often home for dinner. I bring dishes home from the restaurant most days anymore. I brought back curry this day and didn’t think anything of it.

Of course, it’s hot enough to make actual steam come out of your ears! Me and Silas suffered from it though Benny seemed unbothered. He’s lucky to be a kid.

I wonder if the heat didn’t have something to do with Silas’ weird dreams again. The next morning he was talking about aliens abducting him again.

Time passed quickly for us; soon it was time for Benny’s prom! He looked very dashing, though sadly Sandra couldn’t go with him. He was pretty disappointed but things like that just happened sometimes.

He won prom king though! I’m so proud of him!

He did have fun at prom, despite missing his girlfriend. He even brought back a lovely photo for us to add to the collection!

Silas, not to be outdone, got “abducted” again that night. I wonder what his obsession with aliens is?

Benny began to paint the aliens his father described. I thought it was enabling Silas and his tales, but Benny said it would probably help him. Either way, I couldn’t stop either of them so I let it go.

Why am I freaking out? I got promoted! I’m at the top of my career! I can’t believe it! Now just to save up some money to remodel the house! Dreams really can come true!

The men of the house are, of course, no help. Of course, I’m happy Benny is spending time with his father. He spends far too much time fishing or with Sandra anymore.

What have I been doing? Learning recipes of course! I’m just finishing up the final one here. Ambrosia! It might come in handy someday.

It’s finally time for my part of the story to end. It’s Benny’s birthday. He’ll take over the legacy and the family journal. He has alot of work to do but I’m already so proud of him.

He makes a wish! His last act as a teen!

My baby boy is an adult! He’s Perceptive, Athletic, Brave, Lucky and Grumpy. He wishes to be a Renaissance Sim. I wish him good luck!

And yet… I think we all know what he’s going to do in a few days. Hope the cake doesn’t go bad in his pocket!

1.05 Moving

Something was wrong with Sunlight Tides. I felt like I was reliving days over and over again. Things hardly changed.

Some things managed to change. Comet managed to age up!

He turned into a handsome stallion

Silas got started training him right away. he didn’t even use a saddle as he was trying to keep Comet comfortable! He’s so thoughtful!

Benny was a little hard worker! He stayed after school most days to do his homework right there.

When he got home, he was always painting. We tired to keep a couple of them to encourage him to do more.

Silas and I kept working on our little garden. With Benny older now, we had to grow more food to ensure that we all ate well.

Then… things just went wrong. We had to leave the island suddenly, without warning. We even had to leave the horses behind. I’ll never regret something so much. Starlight was left with Silas’ ex-girlfriend, who promised to take care of them as we left, heading to the mainland.

We ended up in a town called Midnight Hallow. Benny asked me why we had come there, why we left the island and the horses behind.

“We had to. I’m sorry.” I couldn’t explain it to him. I could barely explain it to myself. We just had to go.

We adjusted quickly, thankfully. We managed to bring most of our belonging with us and found a cute little house we moved into. It was a simple place, but it was ours.

Benny adjusted after he was able to paint again. It made him feel better. I’m glad. I didn’t want him to be upset with the move. He’s already upset enough about leaving Star and Comet behind.

We even make time to spend together here. There seems to be so much more time to do that. Even if two of us are reading books and Benny is doing his homework, it’s still nice.

Benny is also making new friends! He met a… ghost girl by the name of Sandra. He seems to really have taken to her.

Using some of my mystic mom abilities, I see that I am right and she’s beautiful! Wonder if he’ll bring her home for dinner when he’s older?

But while I was busy questioning Benny about his new friend and her ghastly family, Silas… well he had a birthday while out on a jog! I’m the worst wife ever!

He became the most adorable old man though! I still love him with all my heart, even if he has a few new wrinkles!

But after Silas became an older gentleman, he began to tell… stories. Mostly of aliens coming in the middle of the night to take him away. They’d lure him with bright lights that he could never resist.

He speaks of the aliens he’s bested while in their ship.

But in the morning, I only find him splashing around in the lake near our house. I can’t tell if he’s lying or telling the truth but whatever is happening to my dear Silas, I hope it resolves soon.

He still helps out around the house though, so I suppose I can’t complain.

Time passed and soon it was Benny’s birthday. I couldn’t believe it! My baby was going to be a teenager! I remembered to pick up a cake from work this time.

Sparkle time! Wonder what he wished for?

He looks alot like his father I think. Happy Birthday Benny!

He picked up a new hobby – fishing! He seems to really enjoy it! He spends hours out there fishing for his next catch!

He also helps out in the garden! He uses the fish he catches to help with the garden. Our plants are growing better than ever because of Benny. Maybe I should have been fishing this whole time.

He loves the garden so much he even does his homework in it! He’s a strange boy but he’s my boy.

Hopefully he won’t drop the ball as much as me though! I forgot about my own birthday!

But I became a pretty good looking old lady anyway! At least I didn’t miss Benny’s birthday!

1.04 Lucky


Benny is the cutest child. He’s just so sweet. He reminds me of a dream I had, one where I was crazy and had like six kids.


Benny doesn’t even fuss when I put him on the potty. He’s a good kid.


We got started on learning to walk right away! I didn’t take work off after his birth due to Silas being home most of the time. He promised to take a break from racing to help take care of Benny.


Starlight didn’t seem to mind. She just ran around the yard more, chasing her ball around. That was always something she did when we couldn’t ride her as much. We still paid her plenty of attention, of course.


I, of course, was making friends with the neighbors during this time. They were so… kind to bring me over to their place.


I just hope that they don’t come back to visit anytime soon. I don’t think my stomach can take it.


I did take a little time off from work after Benny’s birth. I spent the time during his naps reading books and getting a little better at cooking. Silas seemed to appreciate that.


We also took a day to go to the festival grounds and get our picture taken. Things sure have changed since the last time I got a picture taken! Now I’m married and have a son!


Silas, of course, is a good father. I love getting sneak pictures of him teaching Benny to do something. He’s teaching him to talk here. Benny’s first word was mama! Guess Silas isn’t happy to lose our bet.


Of course we still try to spend some time together with just us. He’s the best partner I could ask for.


Benny is a good kid too. He hates being put down for bed, but he always tells me good night. I know how lucky I am.


Can’t say the same for poor Starlight, whose stuck sleeping in the rain. I gotta build her a barn when I get some extra money, the poor thing.


As Benny got better with his talking and walking, I bought him some toys. Since he’s the only baby I’m going to have, I’m going to make sure he’s raised right!


And what a cutie he is. I’m pretty happy he got my pink hair. Wonder what the chances are of him passing it down to his child as well?


But way, way too soon it was time for Benny’s birthday. Silas managed to snatch him up before I could!


Silas helped Benny blow out his candles.


I couldn’t believe my baby was already going to be a child!


With that, the sparkles surrounded him. Benny was super excited, of course.


As excited as he was, he doesn’t really look it now that he is a child. He dressed in his favorite color; lavender. Seems familiar honestly…


At least he seems to be happy to have cake!


Benny quickly picks a hobby and that’s painting! My baby wants to be an artist!


With all the excitement lately, I think I’m coming down with something. Actually, alot of people I know seem to be sick lately.


Silas tended to Starlight while I napped. They’re best friends now! I think that’s awfully sweet!


And then a little cutie wandered up to our house! There aren’t many strays in this town so I was excited to see this one!


Silas was too so he instantly began to try and befriend her. I think he was planning to bring her inside.


He even got out some old toys he had laying around to play with her. Sadly, she ran off before he could invite her in. I hope we see her again!


I, on the other hand, was not feeling much better. I was constantly tired. I guess thats what happens when I don’t get enough sleep. Maybe I was working too hard.


At least Benny helps us with the garden now! He’s a big help around the house.


He seems to like tending the garden. He spends hours everyday tending to it. He’s a good kid.


Him being such a good kid gives me and Silas more time to spend together. Yeah, our house is a little bit of a mess behind us, but we’re making the best of it.


Then we were blessed with more good news – Starlight had a foal! A little boy who we called Comet.


I’m unsure if we’re going to keep Comet yet or not but he is a stunner, isn’t he? I suppose we have time to decide!

So a quick note at the end of the chapter: sims 3 has been rotten to me and keeps crashing. I’m not sure if its the world or the horses. I’m going to be moving them so in the next chapter they’ll be in a new world. I’m not sure which one yet and I haven’t booted up the game yet to even move them. But, I’m hoping a different world fixes the crashing problem with this save. If not, I’m not sure what to do. Anyway, I hope the next chapter can come much sooner! Thanks for reading (: